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It’s Halloween people!  If you think about it, Halloween is a fantastic holiday.  I for one am thrilled that some 16th century dude decided that October 31st would be the time of year to run around the streets of your neighborhood and beg for candy as a child, then grow up and run around the streets begging for sex, drugs and rock n’ roll in your most sluttiest attire  as a grown up (it happened that way right?).  Freaking GENIUS!

Here’s a look at our personal Halloween costumes of yore:

08′:  Here we have the extremely common “pillow fight girl” costume (the PFG, if you will).    I couldn’t believe how many PFG’s were hittin’ up the bars, circa 2008.  Um….it was PFG mayhem..people were absolutely not completely confused as to what I was.  Nobody told me my costume was the dumbest thing they ever saw.  Really, they all loved it.

Thankfully, my escort for the evening literally had the best costume (award-winning even) and homemade to boot.  This costume speaks for itself.  No need to play it up with fancy words.  Sadly, we had to let it go prior to moving to Boston this summer.  I’m sure it’s being worn daily in the hands of “Crazy Paul” (who thought it would be fun to show up at our garage sale at 6 am and shout racial slurs to our Jewish neighbor).  Classic.

09′:  I decided that I had to shoot for something more realistic and appealing for Halloween in 2009, so naturally I opted for the “Slutty Freddy Krueger”.  He (the guy that can’t just buy a costume in a bag from the store) made his Tony Stark light-thingy from my kitchen…with a Bunsen Burner and beakers and stuff.  I kid you not, I was receiving packages from China with parts this kid ordered for his costume.  It was hit, as usual.  I got hit on, and that was pretty cool too.  If you want to experience the thrill of being a slutty scary dude, you can find the costume at Spirit Halloween.

10′:  I guess ya really do live and learn.  Last year, I took a stab at making my own costume. I say “making” loosely as 75% of the costume was just stuff from around the house (cue, rubber gloves).  The Halloween hot shot though, he truly made his costume (based upon that Target commercial) – um, he even made special covers for his shoes..out of cardboard…Unbelievable. Whatever, my ski-goggles were totally swooned on all night long.  The upside of putting some effort into your costume though, is the winning awards part.  Here, we are giving our acceptance speech.

This year we decided not to dress up for All Hallows Eve (shoot!  I mean Halloween).   I know, “gasp” right?  Unfortunately we just have too much to do this year and no time to pull together something awesome (and when I say that, I completely remove myself from the “pulling together something awesome” part).  So, instead, we will be signing autographs in honor of last year’s big win. If you are wondering what that scene is going to look like, just picture a guy and a girl passing a notebook back and forth while practicing writing their name in cursive.  Hooray!

(Video Credit:  DoubleDDogs on YouTube)



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