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Yesterday we received our very first “Tasting Box”, a positively GENIUS idea from Foodzie who is the company responsible for this super fun subscription.  It finally arrived after about a month of accosting the mailman on a daily basis, wondering if he had my treats.  Poor guy trembles when he sees me these days.  Seriously, he does.

Anyway – I  have to say that I am SO excited to share this with everyone and anyone that will listen.  I accidentally stumbled upon the Tasting Box subscription when I was on a desperate search for the bestest ever Matron of Honor gift last summer.   As an FYI, she didn’t get this box as her gift.  If it was a monthly subscription box filled with Mountain Dew and Doritos it would have been a no-brainer, but this wasn’t her cup of tea.  So instead, we decided to get it for ourselves and it’s like Christmas for our bellies.

 So, for $19 bucks per month, here’s what was packed inside our first “Fall Harvest” tasting box with a cute little note from “Emily and Rob” explaining what we got (tasting updates are shown in green) :

Pumpkin Spice Caramels from Avenue Sweets in Salt Lake City, UT (We at these in about three minutes flat, so I would say they were a hit)

Persimmon & KumQuat Fruit Leather from LA Vigne Organics in Fallbrook, CA (Great packaging, but I’d rather eat a bicycle tire)

Gravenstein Apple Juice from Nana Mae’s in Sebastopol, CA (Very apple-y – and tasty, although we’d have to drink this in small doses to avoid a disgruntled stomach)

Pumpkin Seeds Sea Salted from CB’s Nuts in Kingston, WA (Not the worst things we ever tasted, but not the best either. For some reason, we keep eating them though, so that must count for somethin’)

Maple Syrup Grade A Medium & Grade B from Ben’s Sugar Shack in Temple, NH (My man made ma a delish french toast breakfast, which was complimented just perfectly with this syrup.  Buddy the elf would approve.)

Apple Cinnamon Bar from Off the Farm Foods in San Luis Obispo, CA (If the whole entire box was filled solely with these Apple Cinnamon Bars we would be two happy foodies.  Absolutely awesome and a definite future purchase for us)


The bonus is that we can purchase any of the items in our Tasting box through Foodzie’s website.  And, we even got a coupon code for free shipping.  Let the tasting begin!



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