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If not, please refer to my post about Cupcakes and I’ll pretend we are still friends.  JUST KIDDING.  We are still friends.  You’re just that friend that I sorta wanna shove around a little because I USED to be just like you, until I hit my thirties and quit smoking.  Now, you are still eating delicious treats and looking 15 and I grow saddle bags if I look at a cupcake without doing an hour of cardio, and I don’t even have any kids yet.  I’m screwed.

The bonus, the silver-lining in this curse as I shall call it from here on out, is that there is hope and if I stop being a complainer for 5 seconds, I can actually still have the best of both worlds – hot bod, while eating cupcakes. It’s just not as easy as it used to be and it’s gonna take some elbow grease to get back to what I used to be.

Cue, my newest, most favey-est find below.  Can’t wait to start getting their posts in my inbox!

Any healthy/exercise site that has “Keeping a Lid on the Junk in the Trunk” as their tagline is awesome in my opinion and the exact type of place I need to be visiting for tips during my upcoming journey. Fit Bottomed Girls launched in 08′ and offers a TON of stuff to help woman, girls (and boys even!) better their health through exercise and good eating.  From DVD reviews, to fitness news, “tidbits on healthy food” and “fitness humor“, Jenn and Erin pride themselves on their honesty and “tell it like it is” attitude.  Sound like my kind of girls.

BONUS! Got a new baby-bump or lil’ one in tow?  Check out Fit Bottomed Mamas - their new sister site that launched in 2010.




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So, I’ve been really good lately by not indulging in my cupcake obsession.  When I say “really good”, I basically mean, that I’ve been replacing my cupcake fix, with other holiday treats, including, but not limited to, Thanksgiving pies and Christmas cookies.  The thing about Boston is that there are some pretty fantabulous Cupcake joints around here, and those cupcake joints have little mouths that whisper to me in the night.

They say things like “hurry up and get here to try our new winter flavors” or “stop being such a goodie-two-shoes and just get your butt over here already”.  Seriously, they do say those things to me and I’m finding it harder and harder to control myself given the circumstances.  I know, I know, I’m SUPPOSED to be thinking about eating my Superfoods and other healthy stuff. Fine.  I’ll hold off for now.  But, just for ol’ times sake, I’ll share one of my favs just in case you ever find yourself in Beantown and a bonus who delivers nationally, just in case you are already super-skinny and can eat whatever you want.

Sweet cupcakes use ingredients like “Callebaut chocolate, Madagascar bourbon vanilla, and Bensdorp cocoa”.  Um, how can you not want to get there as fast as humanly possible to taste their cupcakes which are fresh-baked every a.m.  They have locations all over Boston (Harvard Square, Back Bay, Newbury Street and Downtown) so it’s virtually impossible not to find one close to a T stop.  I love the special menu selections for all four seasons and a special menu for Valentine’s day.  Some of my favorites are ORGANIC KARAT, MAPLE CRANBERRY and DARK CHOCOLATE.  Best way to eat em?  Me and the hubby like to get 2 each and then split them all in half so we can taste 4 new kinds at a time.  I can’t believe I just admitted that. (Photo courtesy of Sweet Cupcakes:  Photo by Eric Levin/Elevin Studios)

Crumbs Bake Shop has been around since 03′ after it was first opened by Mia & Jason Bauer in the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

My friend Jamie and I grabbed a couple of cupcakes from Crumbs last time we visited them in New Jersey, and I found it nearly impossible to pick just one flavor (they have over like, 50).  I love the catchy names like “Arte Lange“, “Baba Booey” and “Squiggle“.  Best part – they deliver to YOUR door, and mine, ut-oh…

Be sure to check out Crumbs Signature size cupcakes!

(Photo courtesy of Crumbs Bake Shop:  Kid’s Favorites Taste Pack)


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Happy day after Thanksgiving.  I’m writing to you about 55 pounds heavier than I was before this wretched holiday arrived.  Shout out to the Pilgrims and Wampanoag Native Americans for this gloriuos day!  Alright, alright.  It’s not THAT bad, but every Friday after Thanksgiving, I avoid the Black Friday craze and instead, stare at my new belly roll in disbelief.

In honor of the new leaf I will turn over on Monday – the one for which i will morph into a person who eats healthy and exercises regularly,  I bring to you five “superfoods” – that will help you shed some of those extra turkey L-B’s.


BlueberriesBLUEBERRIES:  The bloobs are only 80 calories per cup and are packed with fiber (4 grams to be exact).   According to, they help flatter your figure by filling you up, so instead of grabbing a handful of potato chips, grab a cuppa blueberries instead. 

Fun Fact about Blueberries:  The annual harvest of North American blueberries would cover a four lane highway from Chicago to New York if spread out in a single layer.”


BroccoliBROCCOLI:  Thanks to Livestrong, I now know (and, you now know) that Broccoli is super duper high in fiber and low-cal. Broccoli is also overflowin’ with folic acid, antioxidants, Vitamin A and Vitamin C.  As a tool for weightloss, its really filling and is a great sub for starchier, high-cal sides, like, um…french fries.

Fun Fact about Broccoli:  Cali produces almost all the broccoli sold in the US of A.


Gluten free buckwheat pastaBUCKWHEAT PASTA:  I once read in Glamour Magazine that Buckwheat is a good alternative to regular pasta.  Since Buckwheat fills you up it’s hard to pig out on it, like you might on the standard stuff.  Plus, it’s high in fiber and packet with lots of protein unlike other carbs, so it’s a great replacement when your body needs a pasta fix. 

Fun Fact about Buckwheat:  It’s not a wheat at all.  Buckwheat is actually related to the rhubarb family.


LENTILS:  According to Self,lentils are a bona fide belly flattener”.    When you eat them, you are preventing insulin spikes that cause you to generate excess fat, primarily in the AB-igails. 

Fun Fact about LentilsApparently they were used as an aprhodisiac by ancient Egyptians. Hey girl, heeeeeey.


yogurtYOGURT:  Lots of studies have found that adding dairy as part of a low-cal diet, may give you an edge at achieving weight-loss. WebMD talks about a study that looked at obese adults which showed that the yogurt eaters in the group lost 81% more belly fat.  Plus, yogurt is super-tasty and if you get an awesome flavor like Dannon Light and Fit “Strawberry Cheesecake” you feel like you’re eatin’ dessert. 

Fun Fact about Yogurt:  The name “Yogurt” comes from the Turkish word “yogurur” which means “long life”.  Um, maybe instead of looking for the fountain of youth, we should just eat a lil’ yogi.

Alrighty, I’m off to cram all of these ingredients into a smoothie and get my skinny on.  I’ll let you know how that works out.

(Blueberry Photo Credit:  Chris Nixon on Flickr) (Broccoli Photo Credit:  Rick Harris on Flickr) (Buckwheat Pasta Photo Credit:  Ann@74 on Flickr) ( Lentils Photo Credit:  acavoulacos on Flickr) (Yogurt Photo Credit:  veer66 on Flickr) (disclaimers)




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I’m sorta OCD. Well, it’s never been an official diagnosis, but I tend to develop issues with confusion when things don’t follow a certain path of symmetry or color scheme.  I’m weird.  When me and the Scientist first decided to shack up, it was one of the first things we learned about each other – he is function and I am style (although, the reason for my style is for purposes of being able to function, so I guess I’m function too).  Shhh.. Don’t tell him that.  He’s the guy that has to make sure that if you are reaching for your toothbrush in the bathroom, there is a proper distance from mouth, to hand, to brush.  And, I’m the girl who says, just put it on that shelf, because the toothbrush handle color matches our color scheme so it’ll look purty there.

Take my home office for example (yeah, baby…this is where the magic happens).  Lot’s of containers, “baskety-things” (as he would say) and color coordination (you’ll see why I’m saying that some day when I show pics of the rest of the loft).  This is how I do it.  And, I couldn’t do it without companies like the one I’m about to gush about – who in my big fat opinion should be on the favorite list of every trendy, fab, stylin’ workin girl out there.

This company is the cat’s meow, first-rate, a-plus in my book and super cute ta boot.  Founder/Creative director Holly Bohn came up with the idea of miss Jane (a fictional character) after being frustrated with the drab colors available at the big office supply stores.  Since stylish office supplies were proving tough to find, she created See Jane Work “The Destination for Office Style + Organization” and now you can find all your chic (and functional) office goods here too.  Be sure to click on the “Look” button for inspiration!

Here are a couple of my favs:

Galison Pencil Cup for $7 bucks

These are so fun!  Lovin the pink/orange combo.

Find it:  Here






Skull Crossbones Tray for $20 bucks

I always take my earrings off if I have a conference call.  I need this to set them in, so I stop losin’ em.  This is goin on the wish list.

Find it:  Here





Frog Tape Dispenser for $12 bucks and fitty-cent

Because it’s absolutely imperative to have fun no matter what your job title is.

Find it:  Here







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