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It’s time for a little confession.  There are some basic things in life I really just don’t care about – Take the movie Star Wars…I mean, I honestly never gave a poop about this movie, and really, still don’t if I’m honest.   I guess if you’re a “trekky” (wait that’s Star Trek…um, “Star-warsian?”), I guess if you’re a Star-warsian, you automatically know that Luke Skywalker is NOT Princess Leia’s boyfriend (learned that when I tried to surprise my hub with Luke and Leia wedding cupcake toppers).  You will also know that “Hans Olo” is not Han Solo, who is the dude that IS Leia’s main squeeze.   I only know this because when I asked my Star-warsian lover man if they were boyfriend/girlfriend, he said “eventually yes”.  My assumption is that I’m probably supposed to know what “eventually yes” means, but I can’t even begin to get into that at the moment.  Why you ask?  The Doppelganger.  I was quite sure that a Doppelganger came from Star Wars, but literally just realized that “a good example for a Doppelganger is from the Spiderman Universe” and now my head is spinning.

And yours is too.  The moral of this insanely long babble-fest is that I found something freaking AWESOME that has absolutely nothing to do with Star Wars, but everything to do with the Doppelganger.  I wish you could hear me say that word “awesome” right now, which is in a semi-opera-ish singing voice, because it’s AWESOME!  If you have a pet, and you want something totally nerdy, cute, fun, (did I say, “awesome”?), conversation-worthy, etc, look no further.  Well, look further.  I mean, the awesome that I’m talking about is only a few sentences away.

This artist (Amelia Santiago) makes sculptures (Doppelgangers!) of your dog, cat, chicken, pig, horse, hamster, or whatever via a technique called “needle felting” using wool fiber (100% wool fiber) .  Can you say, insanely talented?  I can.  INSANELY TALENTED (okay, I yelled it).

 Amelia works from photos that you send and then creates these fabulous masterpieces of awesome.  You’ll have to dig into your piggy bank for one of these guys though – they are not cheap and they shouldn’t be.  The time and effort that goes into these pieces of art is worth the $250+ you’ll pay to have one living in your home. Just go to this website and browse the photos in the gallery for like, a gajillion examples of real pets standing next to their Doppleganger created by Amelia. I’m pretty sure, you won’t be able to help yourself and will buy like five-hundred of them.  This goes on my wish list fo’sho.


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