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Given that today is Veteran’s day, I’ve been thinking about ways  to be thankful for what I have and supportive of those that are in need.   Then, I got to REALLY thinking and realized that although I’m pretty quick to lend a helping hand or make small donations here and there, I often get lost in my own world.  I mean, I will not hesitate to drop a hundo on a new jacket or pair of shoes.  That’s alot of money for 2 things I will probably only wear for a season, if that.  But, I’ve gotta be honest.  I LOVE shopping.  I love it.  I would maybe even date it for a little bit.  And, that’s grossy-josie.

So, being the “best-of-both-worlds” kinda girl that I am, I decided, I would make a conscious effort to shop products that donate proceeds to charitable organizations and share those finds with all my virtual friends, so that you could copy me and throw a lil love their way too.  I won’t pretend that I’m going to be doing this for every single purchase I make.  Then, I’d be a big, fat liar, which I’m not.  Ask anyone that knows me, I can’t tell a lie.  When I do, I tattle on myself within seconds of releasing said lie.  And now, I’m Babbling.  That, I do a lot.  True Story.


ONEHOPE Wine currently rocks my world.  I just bought a bottle of the 2009 ONEHOPE California Merlot Fight Against AIDS.  $3.00 of my purchase goes to the Fight Against AIDS and $1.90 goes to the Wounded Warrior Project.  I can’t wait to get it, invite some friends over to tell em’ about it, and toast to such a fantabulous organization.  I’m so in love with this because it started out with 8 friends who wanted to support a friend battling cancer.  Now, it’s served at the Grammys (what?) and has become “one of the most recognizable cause brands” in the U.S.  Guess, I’m behind in the times. Glad I’m on board now. So far, they’ve raised over $400,000 for several charities/organizations and that probably happens because they donate 50% of the profits.  Killer.  They have lots of great wines, gifts and donation options on their site.  Check em’ out here.

NUMBER 2:  SNIFF Pet Candles

This is so fun. The peeps over at Sniff Pet Candles created these candles especially for your pup.  The candles aromatherapy smells are blended to “promote your dog’s optimum health & well-being“.  I’m already jealous that you might actually have a dog that will totally dig this candle, and I do not. Wah.  The brand gives back to the doggy-verse by donating a portion of each sale to various rescue organizations and city shelters throughout the U.S. of A.  Since I’m a total child, I purchased the Fart & Away candle (hee-hee).  It says in so many words that it will deodorize after said Fart (hee-hee) and also help ease the belly of your dog.  Since we’ve already established that I don’t have one (a canine pet, that is), I’m going to test it and see if it works on cat farts (hee-hee) and man farts (hee-hee).  Visit the website here for more fantastically charitable products including “Day at the Hamptons” and “Friends to the Rescue.”

NUMBER 3: “Hoots for Hooters Owls for Charity” by Masked Rabbit Crafts & Design on Etsy

These lil’ owls are so stinkin’ cute I’m getting both of them!  One represents hope and the other represents peace.  The bonus is that  50% of the proceeds go to the Susan G Komen for the Cure foundation.  I have met so many strong woman who have battled this disease courageously and won.  And sadly, I am close to many near and dear to my heart that knew courageous woman who sadly lost.  Keep showin’ the love.  I know that I will.

NUMBER 4:  TheSparrowFund on Etsy

This is truly a thought-provoking accessory and a great conversation piece to spread the word about The Sparrow Fund.  These guys support and encourage families that plan to adopt in the U.S. & internationally.  I guess I never realized just how much money went into adopting a lil’ one.  The Sparrow fund helps families prepare via various educational training programs and tools.  And – Yey! This Romantic Holiday Wrap Bracelet – Paper Beads for Families will be living on my wrist as soon as the mailman gets here with it.  God, he hates me. Anyway – “The beads were created by refugee women currently living in Kenya, women broken from war and HIV, caring for orphans in their community, but made whole together.”  And, even better – one hundred percent of the profits (ALL OF IT!) supports adoptive families in Kenya and the U.S. via The Sparrow Fund. I’m proud to be a new supporter of this cause’ while sportin a pretty freaking awesome new piece of jewels on my “wing” (get it, sparrow..bird..nest. whatever.)

NUMBER 5:  Cookies for Kids Cancer

How scrumptious do these cookies look??  AND, believe it or not, 100 (yes, I said ONE HUNDRED) percent of the profits from these delicious treats go straight to fund pediatric cancer research.  Cookies for Kids Cancer was founded by two parents whose efforts for raising money for research, was inspired by their son Liam’s cancer diagnosis in 2007. This charity is particularly close to my heart and without you even asking me to, I’m gonna tell you why.  A couple of years ago, my father passed away from stage 4 esophageal cancer.  So, he always said that if he got sick from a disease, he’d grab his gun, steal a big boat and sail off into the ocean laughing the whole way (which has about the same meaning as “kids we are taking the dog to go live on a beautiful farm” if you know what I mean).  But, hearing you have 2 months to live, has a way of making you want to kick that diagnosis in the face and fight with everything you got.  And, he did.  The treatments this man went through to try to live were inconceivable, and trying on his frail body. So, I asked him one day, how he got through it.  It was a hard questions to ask your Dad, but, I needed to understand what transformed him.  Why didn’t he give up?  His answer was simple and will stay with me forever.  “Across the hall from me are “the kids”.  You know, the kids that don’t have any hair left and are just about as skinny as me.  I figure, if those guys can do it.  So, can I.  They give me hope.”   I had never heard my Dad talk like that.  He was the kind of guy that would stick a bucket on his head and dance around to make you laugh, but didn’t get too mushy unless he was throwin’ back a couple. So that was a really special moment.  And, for that reason, in honor of continued research to provide effective therapies to kids that give grown-ups hope, in memory of one kick-ass Dad, and one courageous little boy Liam, , I’m honored to support such a fabulous organization with my purchase of Liam’s Lemon Sugar Cookie.

Oh man, I feel like I need to say something funny now to lighten the mood.  Um, Ok:


I said, Knock-Knock.

I’m going to pretend the reason why you are not responding to my fabulous joke intro because you are off purchasin’ each of the awesome goodies i just shared above. Sweet.


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