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[ 1 ] December 31, 2011 |

What an incredibly awesome year I’ve had.  I got to travel all over in search of a new job for my man after he got his official title of “doc”.  I got to keep the bestest job on the planet and set up my office in our new city of Bahston.  I got hitched to my soul mate, had some bittersweet goodbyes, fantastic visits home, and created some amazing memories.  Life is good.

Here’s a snap-shot of  my world in 2011:


This lil’ dance move took place right outside St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Apparently, I was taken over by the holy spirit!

Then, we took a stroll through Central Park.  Don’t mind the 32 feet of snow behind us.


If you zoom in real close, you can probably see the pres standing in one of the windows flipping us the bird.

In other news… the D.C. landscape matched my umbrella,  so I made my man take a million photos of me standing in it.  He probably would’ve rather shot himself in the foot.

For his troubles, we did something more his speed, and hit up the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History (say that five times fast).

I’m pretty sure that other museum patrons hated us, but we had a blast!




I spent one last weekend before I become a “Mrs. Dr.” with my bestie in Nawlins’.  Here, I got bourbon-faced on shit street and held a baby alligator.


We DIY’d the whole sha-bang, starting with the invites.  This was such an unforgetably loving and fun day.  Everything turned out just the way we wanted it to, from the hand stamped bamboo cutlery to the wiffle ball game in the back yard.



(the year I make my bitch)











Happy New Year!


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[ 0 ] December 30, 2011 |


DATAMANCER:  I’m not even sure how I found this website, but when I did, my inner nerd did cartwheels. So, this guy “Doc” (Richard Nagy) owner of this freaking awesome personal art site, creates the most fantabulous steam punk ”things”.  I seriously want to buy all of his stuff.  My faves are his custom computer keyboards.  I don’t like to use acronyms, but OMFG.

The “Scrabble Keyboard” is killer and perfect for me and my fellow word game dweebs .  Some of his stuff is on hold or not for sale at the moment, but don’t fret (ha ha, I said fret), he has a lot of great stuff that IS for sale, like “The Industrial” (pictured up top), which I’m totally Jonesin’ for.  You can also buy DIY kits too and then you can, um…do it yerself.   Be prepared to spend some dough to get one of these $1,000+ worth of dough.  I’ll probably get a part-time job doing something inappropriate so I can afford one  (just kiddin’ Mom).


SUGAR LANE BAKESHOP:  I’m pretty sure that I can’t get through one single post without talking about food or cookies or cupcakes.  I guess if I want my inner nerd to stay plump and happy, I gotta do it. Anyways..

If you know me at all, you know that I love all things history.  I also love telling the truth, like my good ol’ buddy “Honest Abe“, who is sitting on my shoulder right now in a girly angel outfit telling me to fess up and let you know that the “me loving history” part of this paragraph is a total lie.

My bad. I just couldn’t figure out any other way to possibly lead in and tell you about these hysterical (and historical) “Abe Lincoln Sugar Cookies“by Sugar Lane Bakeshop on Etsy.  For around $35 buckarooni’s you get 1 dozen of these hand painted Abraham Lincoln heads.

Abe Lincoln once said: “Hold on with a bulldog grip, and chew and choke as much as possible” – I’m not advocating choking or anything, but you (and your history lovin’ inner geek) should totally purchase these cookies and eat the hell out of them.

Number 3.14159265…:

THINK GEEK:  If you are looking for the perfect “congratulations on your Nobel Peace Prize” gift, you gotta get it at this haven for awesome nerd stuff.  I have bought many things here for my nerdy soul mate and some of my nerdy pals (I’m a nerd too, so I can say that without it being rude, FYI).  Anyway, Think Geek started back in the 90′s I think, as a “way to serve a market that was passionate about technology, from programmers, engineers, students, lovers of open source, to the masses that helped create the behind-the-scenes Internet culture.”  Or in layman’s terms, “Geeks”.  They have a huge selection of stuff for geeks of all ages  – even, zygotes and fetuses.  Whether your geek is into Zombies, Legos, bacon or science, it’s all here. In one spot.  Make sure you see if they have any coupon codes on RetailMeNot before you hit the “buy” button.  I don’t think I’ve ever purchased anything full price at this joint.  Happy shoppin’!


aKNITomy (Knitted biology):   I’m totally in love with this shop even though the thought of dissecting a little innocent creature repulses me.  But, somehow, Emily Stoneking’s fuzzy dissections make me melt.  I mean, take a look at these:


You can snag the “Easter Bunny donated his body to science” dude for $125 bucks and the “Knitting in Biology 101” frog for $95 bucks.  Um, hello?  Valentine’s Day and Easter are just around the corner and you need to start thinking about an awesome gift to get your Scientist-y soul mate.  P.S. If you can’t stomach fluffy gutts, you should totally check out her other totally cute creations at her other Etsy shop:  The Crafty Hedgehog”. I need to have all of  her knitted treats in my possession immediately.  Please, and thank you.


NERD APPROVED:  I literally just stumbled upon this site for the first time today and can’t wait to tell my man all about it.  Nerd Approved is “a website dedicated to all things weird and interesting in the world of gadgets and toys.”  They say, “If it’s nerdy and entertaining, you will find it here.“   Really, this site is great and I’m pretty sure I’ll be referencing them again in the near future.  You can find reviews and links to nerdy products by clicking on the “Approved Products” tab.  You can find cool images and other fun stuff like this by subscribing and/or clicking the “Misc. Nerdiness” tag:

(‘The Real Karate Kid” via Nerd Approved)

I’m thinkin’ you should probably check all of these sites out before this little girl comes to your house and Mr. Miyagi‘s your windshield.





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[ 0 ] December 28, 2011 |

Boo!  Hiss! I really didn’t get a puppy.  Poor Harley is still patiently waiting for a fluffy, slobbery brother or sister, as we continue to ruin her life by affixing reindeer antlers and such. I mean, I’m not an expert or anything, but I’m pretty sure that look has “devistation” written all over it.

The good news is, that I’m not a complete liar.  I did in fact get a dog of a different sorta-kind.  Ladies (and gents) I present to you my newest, awesomest monthly subscription:

Update (2012) – Sad to say maghoud closed for biz-nass.  Boo hiss.

I got a Maghound subscription from my ma and pa in law!  It’s sorta-kinda close to getting a puppy right?  I’ve talked about Maghound before here and it’s been on the list of stuff I’m Jonesin’ for, but now it’s mine, all mine!  Yippee!

For those of you who are not aware of this gem, here’s the scoop:  Maghound is an online magazine subscription membership service.  What the “h” is that, right?  It’s awesome in the form of monthly paper presents, that’s what the “h” it is.  In a nutshell, you sign up and choose one of the tier packages available (i.e. 5 magazine titles for $7.95 per month), you get to choose, change and manage the magazines you get each month.

That’s only $7.95 for 5 titles, so you are literally paying $1 buck and fitty-nine-cent per month for each title. No seriously.  It’s that cheap and you get to pick whatever magazines you want and change them out whenever you want.  Don’t worry – you are not stuck with those reject magazines that no one reads anyway.  They have a great selection which pretty much includes all of the on-shelf magazines (from what I noticed).  I chose the 3 title package since I’m already getting some magazines in the mail from previous subscriptions.  For only $4.95 per month, I’m getting:

In-Style for my fashion fix









Every Day with Rachel Ray for my house-wifey/cooking fix









Shopsmart for my new and cool product fix









Um, how cool is this?  I love getting magazines each month, but it can get pricey if you order them separately. Plus, if you order something new and you get bored with it or want to change things up, you are locked in for the full subscription term.  With Maghound, you are not stuck and you can change it up as you like.  Can you say “AWESOME”?  I can.  Awesome.   Okay, gotta go feed the dog.  And, when I say “feed the dog” I mean “stuff my face with junk” before 2012 ruins my life by making me be healthy.



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[ 3 ] December 26, 2011 |

I’d like to start off by saying that I hope you had a big, fat, holly-jolly, MERRY CHRISTMAS!  No seriously, I hope that you gained as much weight as I did in the last day or so.  It’s borderline repulsive.

To those of you that don’t partake in this joyous celebration of dear, sweet, six-pound, seven ounce baby Jesus and cookies, I wish you had (or will soon have) a very happy “{insert celebratory day here}” too!

I’ll admit that in that wish, I hope that you too gain 5 million pounds eating whatever it is you eat when you celebrate “{insert holiday}”. But, enough with the merry- happys, I need to get straight to the honey –

Thanks to Santa (and my awesome sister-in-law) I now hold in the palm of my hand, the
Perfect Storm” of awesome.  I’m not kidding you.  Someone out there in “idea land” somehow knew that I want to  make 2012 my bitch by having the hottest bod ever and also get presents while doing so.   Hold on to your pants people, I bring to you, the one…the only…the super-cala-fragali..whatever…ignore me.  I’m still on a sugar high!  Check it:

Switch2Healthbelieves the best motivation to getting active, is a nice Reward in the end…”.  Um, yes and yes.  The S2H Replay looks like a watch, but is secretly this exercise-tracking, point-generating machine that encourages you to stay on that New Year’s resolution diet and also be rewarded with cool things to do it.  Again, I’m going to say, “yes please”.  In a nutshell it works like this:  You wear the S2H Replay wrist band and do some stripper pole dancing or cardio or what-not.  After the wristband calculates 60-minutes of exercise, you get a unique code that you take online.  That code gives you your Rewards points, you get cool stuff.  Right now, the cool stuff looks like discounts off and some gift cards, which only seem attainable if you’re an exercise maniac (which I am not…at least at this present moment).  But, I’m pretty sure they are adding new rewards vendors (i.e. I saw iTunes and Sports Authority gift cards floating around in the rewards database without any info yet).  Best part:  It’s only around $25 bucks and you can purchase whatever color wrist “skins” you’d like for around $3 bucks each (I have blue and pink).  In my mind this is totally worth it – I mean, you were going to be exercising anyway right?  Why not get presents while you put yourself through exercise hell tryin’ to be one of those girls.  Find it:  Here.

Hey, 2012…FYI I’m commin’ to getcha.  And also, Happy Birthday Mom.  I LOVE YOU!


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[ 2 ] December 23, 2011 |

We all know what the Mayans have been saying for, I don’t know, thirty million, trillion, zillion years?  Supposedly, in December of 2012, you, me and the rest of the world are going to bite the dust.  Now…I’m not going to necessarily say 12-21-12 is a sham for purposes of being absolutely terrified that someone above or around or below is listening and putting me on the naughty list.  But, what I am going to do is rally all my finest assets and make the year of 2012 want to start a long-term relationship with me.  And when, I say long-term relationship, I mean, 2012 is going to be down on 1 knee and virtually begging me to take it as my lover by like, March.  Ya never know – things might get so hot and steamy that a little “2013” pops out once December 21st roles around.  It’s going to be epic.  Care to join me?

Number 1:  Exercise Naked in your living room

 Flirty Girl Fitness:   I mean seriously, what better a way to get a fantastic cardiovascular workout, major toning of your BUTT-TOX and burn a whole lotta calories.  Gather all of the gift cards you received as early Christmas gifts and then sell them on eBay.  Once you’ve netted around three hundos, visit this website and get yer’self a Flirty Girl Fitness Pole KitWhatever you do, do not look at the girls on the website ad though.  SHIELD YOUR EYES!  Sadly, I didn’t shield my eyes and now I feel like Ursula from the Little Mermaid (but not for long!).  The kit has everything you need to become an “at home stripper” including the pole (duh), a bunch of DVD’s and even a pink feather boa.  Do this and 2012, will be throwin’ dolla’-dolla’ bills at you from all directions.  Win-Win (remind me to tell you who coined that phrase someday).

Number 2:  Be GAGA-licious 

GAGA’s WORKSHOP: Here’s a thought: remember that money you spent on the stripper pole?  Well, since you got it from selling off your early Christmas presents on eBay, you should have lots of money in your bank account feeling lonely and useless.  A good way to make your money feel better, I think, is to put it to good work…for a good cause.  The absolutely awe-inspiring and talented Lady Gaga has the most magical partnership with Barney’s via GAGA’S WORKSHOP.  Check out all of the fabulous GAGA goodies and spend some money.  Why? -  25% of the sales from what you buy at GAGA’s WORKSHOP are donated to the “Born This Way Foundation” which focuses on youth empowerment and equality.  2012 will totally swoon when you practice this spirit of support by donating all year round.  Check out for an all-encompassing list of celebrities, the charities they support and link to all of the ways you can help too.

 Number 3: Be like Bethany and drink “wisely”

BETHENNY FRANKEL:  If I was a boy, I’d probably stalk Bethenny Frankel until she agreed to be mine.  But since I’m a girl, I’ll just stalk Bethenny Frankel until she agrees to be my mine.   I mean, this girl has it totally goin’ on.  In addition to being a strong and successful business woman and entrepreneur, she has a fantastic line of products that help you “Unleash Your Skinny Girl”.  A lot can be learned from this chicky – She’s a must read and must follow in my book.  Speaking of books – I have her book “Naturally Thin” by the way, and it’s a good read with lots of tips for a healthy lifestyle.  While you’re getting’ your learn-on reading some Bethenny, you might as well unwind with a lil’ beverage (and, I mean ALCOHOL).  Skinnygirl Sangria anyone?  For 132 calories per serving, 2012 will be like, “bow-chicka-bow-wow”.

Number 4:  Shop like you mean it and make an impact

FASHIONING CHANGE:  This is pretty awesome.  Fashioning Change is “dedicated to creating shopping experiences that give you fashionable eco-friendly and ethical alternatives to popular name brands…” I realize that may sound like a mouthful, but it’s really quite simple – via these guys, you can shop by brand, occasion, trend, personality, etc or use the Wear This, Not That™” feature. With this feature, a name brand look and its eco-friendly version are featured for around 5 days (love that number, right???). During that time frame, Fashioning Change donates a percent of the purchase to organizations that are working on human rights issues in the fashion industry.  So here’s what you do:  Ask 2012 on a date.  Then, log in and pick a brand to see what happens.  Probably a make out fest between you and 2012.

Number 5:  Laugh at cute animals

LAUGH AT CUTE ANIMALS:  I realize that I spend WAY too much time worrying about work and stuff and I need to let it go if I want to have a healthy mind, hot-bod and spirit.  So, in 2012 I plan on watching a whole lot more of Maru – a freaking hilarious furry little Scottish fold from Japan (photo credit to Cute Overload who I’m about to gush about).  If you are human, you will hysterically laugh at this cat. Wait, is there a chance non-humans are reading this?

 When I’m in a really pissy mood, I’ll lean on “FU, Penguin”, a place where animals are told “how it is”, and when I really want to unwind and let it go I’ll spend the day over at Cute Overload, which is basically the best cute-animal site ever created in my big fat opinion.  I will probably LOL a whole lot as I swoon over fluffys (god, I really hate saying “LOL”) and I might even make smooshy noises at my computer.  This will be the quintessential way that I will make 2012 my bitch.  In my opinion, you can take the biggest jerk-oid on the planet and stick a really cute creature in front of them and they are Jell-O.  2012 will be putty in my hands (Sinister laugh…).  Besides, once December 21st comes around, I’ll have, like, an arsenal of cute cuddly photos to shove in its face.  I’ll probably save the world that way.  No need to thank me now.


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