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I’d like to start off by saying that I hope you had a big, fat, holly-jolly, MERRY CHRISTMAS!  No seriously, I hope that you gained as much weight as I did in the last day or so.  It’s borderline repulsive.

To those of you that don’t partake in this joyous celebration of dear, sweet, six-pound, seven ounce baby Jesus and cookies, I wish you had (or will soon have) a very happy “{insert celebratory day here}” too!

I’ll admit that in that wish, I hope that you too gain 5 million pounds eating whatever it is you eat when you celebrate “{insert holiday}”. But, enough with the merry- happys, I need to get straight to the honey –

Thanks to Santa (and my awesome sister-in-law) I now hold in the palm of my hand, the
Perfect Storm” of awesome.  I’m not kidding you.  Someone out there in “idea land” somehow knew that I want to  make 2012 my bitch by having the hottest bod ever and also get presents while doing so.   Hold on to your pants people, I bring to you, the one…the only…the super-cala-fragali..whatever…ignore me.  I’m still on a sugar high!  Check it:

Switch2Healthbelieves the best motivation to getting active, is a nice Reward in the end…”.  Um, yes and yes.  The S2H Replay looks like a watch, but is secretly this exercise-tracking, point-generating machine that encourages you to stay on that New Year’s resolution diet and also be rewarded with cool things to do it.  Again, I’m going to say, “yes please”.  In a nutshell it works like this:  You wear the S2H Replay wrist band and do some stripper pole dancing or cardio or what-not.  After the wristband calculates 60-minutes of exercise, you get a unique code that you take online.  That code gives you your Rewards points, you get cool stuff.  Right now, the cool stuff looks like discounts off and some gift cards, which only seem attainable if you’re an exercise maniac (which I am not…at least at this present moment).  But, I’m pretty sure they are adding new rewards vendors (i.e. I saw iTunes and Sports Authority gift cards floating around in the rewards database without any info yet).  Best part:  It’s only around $25 bucks and you can purchase whatever color wrist “skins” you’d like for around $3 bucks each (I have blue and pink).  In my mind this is totally worth it – I mean, you were going to be exercising anyway right?  Why not get presents while you put yourself through exercise hell tryin’ to be one of those girls.  Find it:  Here.

Hey, 2012…FYI I’m commin’ to getcha.  And also, Happy Birthday Mom.  I LOVE YOU!


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