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Valentine’s day is the craziest day on the planet. More crazy than my birthday probably and that day is a pretty big deal.  Have you ever gone into a grocery store on v-day?  Disgusting.  It’s like cupid hemorrhaged ten years worth of hearts and flowers and chocolates and fluffy stuffed things in the produce department.  Men are frantically running around with enormous teddy bears and heart-shaped boxes. Small children with chocolate stains on their mouths are screaming in despair.  It’s mayhem.

Ok, I will admit a small truth above lovey-dovey day.   I’m a total sucker for a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a cute lil’ plushy.  If my man had to subject himself to that scene to get it for me, I’m a pretty lucky lil’ lady.

Here’s the thing though:  did ya ever notice that there aren’t any girls running around cupid’s lair in a frenzy?  You probably haven’t seen or 1.5 at best. Maybe, it’s because we spend days and days and days thinking up the most romantical gift ever.  We spend hours hand writing 142 reasons we love them (yeah, I did that once), and we wrack our brains to try to find the words for the poem we wrote about the first day we met (I’m pretty sure I didn’t do that, but you probably did).  We put thought, and heart, and soul into our man and then we present it to him with a box of chocolates (of course we got those in December when the Valentine’s stuff first hit the stores since we are smart like that).  It’s beautiful what we do…and, I’m so sorry to say, probably not really what our guys had in mind.

Sure, they are mushy and gushy too.  The toughest guy is a softy, don’t be fooled.  BUT, I’m pretty sure that every time that holiday rolls around, he is begging the love gods to convince you to get him something awesome in replacement for that stupid stuffed frog thing holding out a heart that says “I’m leapin’ with love for u”.  It’s super cute to you and me, and well probably the secret-hiding mushy, gushy man you know and love, but nine times out of ten it ends up on a shelf or in the dog’s mouth.  Wah.

So, I propose this:  Tell your man how much you love him EVERY day.  Or maybe, every other day, or every two days as to not become irritating.  Stick a love note on his pillow or in his briefcase.  Wrap a bow around his fave candy bar and leave it somewhere he’ll notice it.  Then, on Valentines Day, get him something he wouldn’t expect, like a stripper (cue imagery of guy reading this screaming: “Don’t be kidding!  Don’t be kidding!”).  Relax fella.  No one’s getting a stripper this year.

Just spice it up a little bit.  Think about something he would think is totally cool, but would never ever buy for himself.  Then buy it and present it to him naked.  I assure you that he’ll be down  on one knee (if yer’ single) and/or doing the laundry, taking out the garbage and feedin’ the kids (if yer’ already hitched).  Here’s 5 things to get the creative juices flowing:

 One:  For the Stylin’ Horror Buff:

Red Tales From the Crypt Handpainted Custom Shoes for $78 bucks

from InkHeart Custom Kicks & Caboodle on Etsy

Find it:  Here





TWO:  For the Sexy Scientist Chef

Molecular Cuisine Starter Kit for $60 bucks

from ThinkGeek

(who I gushed about in the “swooning nerds” post)

Find it:  Here





Three: For the Guy that Likes to Drink Sudz from a Cool Glass

Recycled  Stone Brewery Beer Bottles, Mixed set of four for $36 bucks

from Bottlehood on Etsy.

Find it:  Here





FOUR:  For the Dude that Loves Gifts for his Belly:

Totally fun gift alert!!!!

Visit Chocomize and make him some custom chocolate bars!

Be creative & make it cute like this Smores bar for around $6 bucks or the Fresh Face Forward bar for around $7 bucks (both available: here). 

from Chocomize



FIVE: For the Man that Likes to Say it on His Chest

BustedTees Shirt of the Month Club:  3 month subscription for $50 bucks

available at BustedTees

Find it:  Here





P.S.  The awesome “Let’s Make Out” oatmeal and fuchsia, 16″ recycled felt applique pillow is available here for $99 bucks via Alexandra Ferguson.  It’s perfect for valentine’s day or any day really.  Love it. She’s got great stuff.  Check her out!



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