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Oh, snap – this is about to get awesome for all of us.  Like “product review for me” and “giveaway for you” awesome.  So, like a bazillion gazillion years ago…ok, fine it was only officially two months ago.  Well, like two insanely long months ago, I posted about one of THE awesomest places to get officey stuff in the whole entire solar system (check out my original brag sesh here). I mean, I’m pretty sure that if Aliens had offices they’d hop on the milky-way and ride it all the way to See Jane Work to score some stylin’ office products, and then of course, they’d rub it in their alien friend’s faces.

But, guess what?  Aliens have absolutely nothing to do with this post.  Just keep reading.

In addition to all of the fantastic products sold online, a brand new line of See Jane Work desk accessories have just been made available at Office Depot!  Werd.  If you know anything about how See Jane Work was born, you know that it was a result of  Holly Bohn being tired of the same old’ run of the mill office products in the big supply stores (Holly, by the way, is the amazingly stylish and smart woman behind the See Jane Work brand). Now HER stuff is lining THEIR shelves.  I love how things have a way of coming full circle and creating a great partnership.

 So, Holly had a chance to read my initial post and as a thank you, sent me a humongous box of goodies from the new Office Depot line so that I could give my office a lil’ face lift. I want to point out that although she sent me these sweet treats, there weren’t any crisp million dollar bills slipped inside the products or anything.  She realizes that I’m a “say it like it is kinda girl” and put her products in my hands for a 100% honest review. And that my friends, says a TON about how tall she stands behind her stuff.

Photo Color Disclaimer:  Life wouldn’t be life without a lil’ disclaimer, so here’s mine. I have an awesome camera.  Apparently, the lighting in my loft is not so awesome though and that is annoying.   Note that these desk accessories are a gorgeous ”Plum” color (most accurately portrayed in the “humongous box of goodies contents” image above.  Just think Eggplant and you’ll get the gist).  I have no clue what happened to the coloring in the rest of the pics.  It’s not the product.  Just my dumb lighting, FYI.

First, let me tell you that although these are “faux” leather, they feel and look like the real deal. Faux-sho.  The stitching is flawless and the color really pops.  If the lighting in my apartment wasn’t so lame, you’d see what I mean about the color popping statement. But, we’ve already gone there, so let’s just move on.

 I usually go for the less expensive desk accessories, since the richy lookin’ stuff is way outta my league.  BUT, the awesome thing about this eco-friendly line is that it is totally affordable.  So, you can look like you’re rollin’ in the dough without having to get 3 part time jobs actually “rolling dough” to afford it.  Cha-Ching!  Visit your local Office Depot to see the mix and match varieties and prices.

As I was movin’ stuff around in my workspace, I realized that sometimes it’s just a matter of gettin’ rid of the clutter and showcasing a couple of great pieces (check out other great tips like this via the “Learn” section at the SJW website).  Anyway, I finally sorted through a bunch of unread mail and did some filing.  As a result, I was able to showcase the Plum Faux Leather Pencil Cup and Letter Tray with a couple of presents my hubby has gotten for me (Letterpress L-O-V-E and the killer desk lamp and owl accessory plate).  No, you cannot have him. He’s all mine.











When all is said and done, I think the hutch area is my favorite though.  Before my “humongous box of goodies” arrived from See Jane Work, it was obnoxious and missing something:

I added the Plum Faux Leather Desk Valet and filled it with some matching designer file folders from SJW, along with a big “J” in case I forget what letter my name starts with.



I also added 3 Plum Faux Leather Magazine files on top of the hutch to balance things out.  The Magazine Files were great for uh…magazines…but, they were also good for shopping catalogs and notebook storage.They were definitely not a good hiding place for my 25-pound Maine Coon kitty though. Really urge you to never-ever try that.

And, viola! Now it actually looks like a grown up works in this space!

I still need to get a couple of additional things to clean up my shelf (kinda, sorta seen here to the right of the hutch).  I TOTALLY plan on snaggin them from See Jane Work and signing up for the “Jane’s Rewards Program“, which I just recently learned about.  The rewards program  not only gives me points for every dollar spent, but also gives me extra points for reviewing products and telling my BFF’s.  Why wouldn’t I?  Well, I would  (obviously), but why wouldn’t you? Quite honestly, I still have no clue why people don’t take advantage of these great rewards programs offered by companies like See Jane Work.  It’s such a win for the person buying the stuff.

Why you ask? Here’s why:  The company sellin’ the stuff gets valuable info about the products they are selling so that YOU are always getting their very best, and YOU get points to get money off the stuff you are buying.  I mean, you were going to buy the stuff anyway!

Sometimes I find myself steering clear of programs like this because I’m certain there is a catch.  But in this case, no one is trying to brainwash you into something you don’t want to do.  Someone (See Jane Work) realizes your time is super valuable and is just trying to “help a sista’ out” for “helpin a sista’ out”, if you get my drift.  I for one, plan on letting her help me save all the money she wants!

But, that’s not the best part.  The best part is that Holly was SO generous that she has another “humongous box of goodies” just like mine waiting for one lucky winner and the giveaway starts NOW!  The prize includes:

1-Plum Faux Leather Pencil Cup

1-Plum Faux Leather Letter Tray

1-Faux Leather Desk Valet, and

3-Faux Leather Magazine files!

I’m also throwing in 1-$25.00 Gift Card redeemable at See Jane Work so you can buy some cute lil’ accessories to jazz up this great desk accessory set.  YEY!

Just click the “Read the rest of SEE JANE WORK {IT} AND GIVE {IT} AWAY” link below to enter for your chance to win this sweet prize package valued at $128 bucks.

The lucky winner will be announced on or about January 24th, 2012 .

Good luck!

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