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Hola!  Hope your Friday is fantastic so far.  My Friday started out just swimmingly!

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5:00 a.m:  Cat does moonwalk on cat-mom’s face til’ she wakes up.

5:02 a.m:  Cat “touches” cat-mom’s cheek and when there is no evidence of life from cat-mom, inserts claws.

5:25:  After meowing at the ceiling for 20 minutes, Cat stands on bedside table and attempts to pull a full size painting off the wall.

So, this got me thinkin’.  Being a cat is freaking awesome.  I mean, what better a life:  Wake up, cause mayhem, sleep for 15 hours, eat lasagna (sorry, that’s Garfield), eat kibbles, play with toy mouse, sleep, vomit, ruin couch, sleep, wake up cat-parents, scratch stuff…this is THE LIFE and also, my inspiration for today’s list of awesomes:


Cat Version:  Prank your parents by demolishing the TP

(Video via youtube: Cheirogaleidae)

Human Version:   Prank your co-worker by setting office traps

Cubicle Warfare:  101 Office Traps and Pranks for around $11 bucks

Find it:  here






Cat Version:  Fall asleep in mid-conversation

(video via youtube:  thebrushborder)

Human Version: Fall asleep in a meeting

Ostrich Pillow which is PRICELESS

Find it:  here




Cat Version:  Face scrubbing with electric toothbrush  (obviously)

(video via youtube:  420newman)

 Human Version: Face scrubbing with Wasabi (obviously)

3-month “Crush on You” Scrub of the Month Subscription for $55 bucks

Find it:  here




Cat Version:  High Tech Huffin’

(video via youtube:  thecatdiaries)

Human Version: Sticks in a jar


Clear My Head Herbal Inhalation for $18 bucks


Find it:  here



Cat Version: A lil’ Goldfish Murderin’.

(video via youtube:  JOEBREPO)

Human Version:  A lil’ cupcake murderin’

DIY Cupcake Kit from Sweet Avenue Bake Shop for $15 bucks

Find it: here




Clearly, I need a good nights sleep.  I promise to keep the cat videos to a minimum from here to eternity.  Happy Friday!





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