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Happy Wednesday ! This just in… I HATE typing that word (the one that starts with a “w” and has a completely pointless “n” thrown in the middle of it).  I never, ever, ever get it right.  Anyway,  I started drafting this letter to a super-duper cool website I stumbled upon recently.  What do you think?

Dear “awesome website that helps weirds like me find killer gifts for other weirds I associate with”,

Was wondering if you had any time to be my new buddy?  All that it would involve is a little TLC, including, but not limited to an occasional text message, hug or high-five.  In return, I will relentlessly follow your website, blog, Facebook fan page (especially, the photos) and also twitter feeds.  I will probably also brag about our best friendship to make others jealous, and on occasion, I may allude to a torrid love affair we are trying to make legit.  Thanks for your consideration,

love,thanks a bunch, TTFN,



I mean, I think it sounds pretty professional, but I’ll let you be the judge.  While you’re thinkin’ on it, here’s a sneaky peak of who’s about to get stalkerized:

I am so glad that I found Wantist to add to my gift finding “Stalk list”.  In addition to the site design being totally clean and eye-appealing, I really just love the way they lay everything out and make it super easy to find whatever it is you’re lookin’ for.  When you visit the home page, you can either select from the collage of available gifts (brought to you by this adorbs couple) or use the “I’m looking for {something i.e. “quirky”} for {someone i.e. “geeky”} feature.  Once you choose your criterion (smart word!) you get a page or in some cases, pages of images to choose from.

How awesome is it that you don’t have to read through anything if you don’t feel like it.   You just look at the hand-picked goodies and select the things that make your eyes boing out of your head, cartoon style.  This is perfect for someone like me who often suffers from “sensory overload” (I mean, my own posts send me in a tailspin sometimes).  Anyway – when you mouse over the image, you get the product description and price; and when you click on the image, you  get the link to buy it via the merchant sellin’ it.

Oh, and their blog is equally awesome, with posts that bring great gift ideas and gift-giving inspiration, along with some other cool features like “Give & Tell”,  “Gift It”, “Say It” and “Wrap It”.

So far, this site is unlike any other of its kind that I’ve visited personally, which is probably why I’ve taken the time to write such a thoughful “can I stalk you note” like the one above.  I sure hope they say “yes”.

In the meantime, here’s some of my personal faves so you can get your stalk-on too:



Using the “I’m looking for {something i.e. “quirky”} for {someone i.e. “geeky”} feature.



OCD Cutting Board for $25 bucks

There is nothing wrong with perfectly

symettrical carrots.

Find it via Wantist:  here


I found this gem via a simple browsing sesh.


Regretsy:  Where DIY Meets WTF for $12 bucks

…and now, I’m Jonesin’ for this. Need it now.


Find it via Wantist: here





Using the “I’m looking for {something i.e. “romantic”} for {someone i.e. “fun-loving”} feature.


Let’s Play Doctor!: Dozens of Sexy Games for $22 bucks

naughty..and also just in time for V-day, or sexy wednesday.

Find it via Wantist:  here




Fun for all!  Can’t wait to visit this guys again soon (presuming of course they forgo the restraining order after reading my note).


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  1. Jasanna says:

    totally just ordered the “let’s play doctor” book! it looks fun! :D

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