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Me again.  Remember when I just told you, I’d be blasting you with updates today since I’ve been uber-busy becoming a new home owner?  Well, I was serious.  Here’s the latest on my Foodzie Box love.  You can learn all about this insanely awesome food box subscription in my previous posts:

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Someone Fed Water to My Foodzie Box

The Food Has Arrived

I won’t lie.  When it comes to scrumpdiddallyumptious treats for my belly, I’m a total floozy, with super loose morals.  I get so intoxicated by the treats my Foodzie pals send me each month (at a small cost of $29 bucks a pop), that I completely forgot to post my goodie-lists from December, January, February AND March.  Whatever, I was probably in a food coma or something.  Either way, below are the boxes I’ve received as of late.  Note that this is particularly torturous because I’m on this dumb diet and can’t have anything awesome.  Ok, here goes.  Mangia!

P.S.  If you sign up for Foodzie (it’s free), I’m 99% sure you can reap the INSANE discounts on all of the products I’m about to jones-on.  I put a “find em: here” link, just in case you want to check out the other great products these food making foolios make.

The circa Dec. 2011 “Stocking Stuffer Favorites” box was utterly snacktastic! Here’s what we got:

Butter Crunch from p.o.p. candy in Santa Monica, CA:  If I could eat this as my only source of food for the rest of my life I would.  It was that good.  Find it:  here

Blueberry Acai Gummies from Bissinger’s in St. Louis, MO:  I haven’t quite gotten into the Acai craze.  In fact we tried a cleanse with it once and it was the worst.  But, I will say that these yummy gummie Pandas were absolutely delish.  And, I mean, they are pandas.  Awesome.  Find it:  here

Old Fashioned Butterscotch Candy from Zeke’s Candy in Cedarville, Ga:  YUMMO. Find it:  here

Chocolate Sun Cups from Seth Ellis Chocolatier in Boulder, CO:  I would love to tell you how fab these were, but my husby thought it would be fun to eat all of them without letting me try one.  I’m thinkin’ that means they were great!  Find it:  here

Florentines from Clarine’s Florentines in Berkley, CA:  I honestly don’t remember eating these.  It could have been because I demolished them in like 4 seconds flat.  Either that, or they never saw my lips because they saw the man’s belly first. hmmmm.  Find it:  here

Sesame Ginger Popcorn from 479 Popcorn in San Fran, CA:  Popcorn+Ginger=my soul mate.  Loved em’.  Find it:  here

Put Your Money on Honey” Caramels from Droga Confections in San Fran, CA:  Shout out to San Fran for the go od stuff!  I/We loved these.  Blogged about them here.

This “Jump Start Your New Year” box could not have come at a better time.

Pacific Sea Salt & Cinnamon Crunch from Somersaults in Sausalito, CA:  These are so tasty!  I even got a bag of them in my Birthday gift bag from my love ;)   Find em’:  here (and also at Wholefoods).

Sea Salt & Nibs Bar from Madecasse in San Francisco, CA:  I adore chocolate & salt teamed up in a bar.  find it:  here

Sun-Ripened Pu’er Tea from Five Mountains in San Fran, CA:  Haven’t tried this rich, dark Tea yet.    find it:  here

Quite Cheesy Kale Krunch from Alive & Radiant in Emeryville, CA:  This was actually quite appetizing, despite the fact that it was probably the home to an Octopus before it hit my lips.  AND, it really does taste cheesy, but guess what?  No cheese!  Find it:  here

Vanilla Blueberry Energy Bar from Bearded Brothers in Austin, TX:  LOVE the packaging and texture of this chewy bar made with organic dates, almonds and bloobs.  In fact, I just put them on my “to order” list.  Find em’:  here

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil from Kelapo in Tampa, FL:  find it: here  I’m on a HUGE Coconut Oil kick right now, so this was used up right away!  I’m ingesting it, and applying it to my skin and hair topically and the results are A-mazing.  We’re also cooking with it in place of other oils.  I’ll be bloggin’ about my experiences with it soon.  Until then, read about it here via Jenna Marbles blog (or here, if you want the censored version).

Roasted Almonds from Stackhouse Orchards in Hickman, CA:  Um, if you don’t like almonds you’re weird.  Unless your allergic, and then you’re not weird.  If you find em’:  let me know.  I can’t find em.

The smoochy-lovebird box (aka, the “Movie Night Box”) from Feb is what turned me on to my new obsession:

Heirloom Popcorn from Tiny But Mighty in Shellsburg, IA:  I love fresh popped corn so much that I asked for (and received) a beautiful red air popper, which I use all the time.  These itty bitty poplets are TO DIE FOR.  No seriously, I would probably throw myself  in a piranha tank for these babies.  True story – I just ordered 6 bags, but now have 8.  Funny story, but  more on that lates.  Find it:  here

ZZang! Bar Original from Zingerman’s in Ann Arbor, MI:  I haven’t tried this guy yet due to the dumb diet of 12′.  Find it:  here

Black Ace Red licorice from Moon Dance Baking in Rohnert Park, CA:  We ate these in one sitting.  Probably the reason why a diet was necessary.  They were divine.  Find em’:  here

The Lovelies from Droga Confections in San Francisco, CA:  Hey!  I just realized that these guys are the same dudes that make my favey “Money on the Honey” chocolates I just mentioned!  Neat.  Flavory cali raisins with dark E. Guittard chocolate coating.  Reason #2 for diet.  Find em’:  here

Chai Cola from Taylor’s Tonic in Santa Cruz, CA:  surprisingly palatable given that its black tea based.  Actually, almost tasted like a normal soda-pop!  Find it:  here

Peanut Butter Cups from joycup in Coyucos, CA:  Although I can’t confirm or deny this, but I’m pretty sure the man I married, ate these up before I tasted them too.  Find yours (before your better half eats it up without sharing): here

Gummy Bears from Surf Sweets in Wheeling, IL:  “Gummy Bears!  Bouncing here, and there, and everywhere…” – Remember that show?  These, as are all gummy-esque candies, were heavenly.  Find em:  here.  Hang ten.  Letter’ rip.

And lastly, but certainly not least (since I am lucky enough to get a Foodzie box every single month!), the “Brooklyn Box”, inclusive of all things made in the city with the famous bridge.  Most of these have not been tasted yet, FYI.

Beer Truffles from Nanu Chocolates:   Find them:  here

Bacon Fat Old Bay Peanuts from Ovenly:  The fact that this has the words “bacon” and “fat” make these the best peanuts ever made, ever…forever.  Find them:  here

Organic Dried Mangos from Peeled Snacks.  I’m basically addicted to these, in all varieties.  In fact, I just ordered $50 bucks worth so that I can nosh on them daily, as part of my snack.  Read all about that, here.  And find these:  here.  I’m pretty sure if you get these, you will be addicted and insane about them, like moi.

“The King” Bar from Liddabit Sweets:  Fun name alert!  I wanna eat this now, and might possibly quit my diet for these peanut butter nougat, banana ganache & brown sugar butter cookies housed by milk chocolate.  Find yours: here.

Red Onion Rosemary Crackers from Z Crackers:   These were absolutely luscious with roasted red pepper humus (which, by the way, I never tasted in my life until last week and now I get the shakes if I don’t have it.  Strange. ).  Find em’:  here

 Farmhand’s Choice Granola from Early Bird Granola:  You know what they say, about the “early bird getting the worm”…um, yeah. I lost where I was goin with that one.  Either way, Granola is the grooviest.  You should get some.  Find it:  here

And that’s that.


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