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I won’t lie.  I’d love to throw 3,000 pillows at the lottery dudes for getting my so amped up for a big win and then crushing my dreams, in like 2 seconds flat.    BUT, since I’m much more poised and professional than that, I will instead brag about an awesome company I found in my search to deck out my new pad (which, I will be officially moving into in 8 days and around 5 hours or so, FYI). Ladies and gentle men folk, put your hands together for:


“They are called throw pillows for a reason”. 

Ha ha.  LOVE THIS and love the throw pillow designs from Pillow Flight.  In the search for awesome accents for our new living room I have come to  realize that I have MAJOR style A.D.D.

Alright, let’s be honest.  I’m A.D.D., period.  But, it has really reared its ugly head recently as I attempt to come up with a design/look/style for our new digs.  Cue, Pillow Flight.

I’m in love with this lil’ Etsy shop for a couple reasons:

#1 – Selection.  They have a huge selection of stuff to pick from, most of which includes interchangeable styles & patterns.  This is particularly handy for a weird like me, because I don’t have to hop from site to site to get a variety.  It’s all in one place. Boom.

#2 – Price Although they are certainly not the cheapest place I’ve come across, the pricing is pretty reasonable for custom pillows (especially if purchasing “pairs”).  I mean, have you ever searched for throw pillows online?  I’m sorry, but I’m pretty sure I’m not going to sell my soul to the devil any time soon, and I’m certainly not going to sell my soul for a $300 throw pillow either.  I have morals, people.  I’d rather spend the extra dough on a new outfit or a case of cupcakes or somethin’ like that.

What was I talking about again?  Oh, yeah..Pillow Flight, duh.  Here’s some of my faves.

Ikat decorative pillow cover, navy, yellow & red for $28 bucks.

This 18×18 decorative pillow cover has a coordinating natural woven backing. It’s double stitched (yey for durability!) and overlocked to prevent the fray.  Zip close.  This is great for covering a ratty old pillow that you hate.

 Find it:  here



Decorative Pillow Cover, DwellStudio, Bella links in citrine yellow, trellis pillow for$26 bucks.

This guy looks like linen via it’s designer cotton slub fabric by Dwell Studio.

Find it:  here

Coordinating Black & White Lattice Pillow available here for $26 bucks.


Pair of Decorative pillow covers, Turquoise bamboo lattice, trellis pillows for $52 buck-a-roonis

These 18 x 18 babies are made from Robert Allen Designer home decor fabric.  I dig em’.

Find em’:  here




Happy Pillow Shopping!


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