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Hap-hap-happy Friday!  Wow, I haven’t done a list of 5 awesomes in like, a year.  Well, today’s list of 5 awesomes is inspired by my belly, which is not only the bane of my existence, but also the driving force for most of my decisions in life…

Hubby:  Wanna meet me for drinks after work? Me:  Sure, as long as there’s gonna be food there.

Hubby:  Wanna work on home improvement projects with me today?  Me:  Sure, as long as there’s gonna be food there.

Hubby:  Wanna get a lil’ frisky in the kitchen? Me:  Sure, as long as there’s gonna be food there.

Poor guy. My belly doesn’t discriminate.  I mean, it’s not like it only gets excited when I’m at a breakfast, lunch or dinner table.  Pretty much every situation you could imagine in life, fuels the “bells”.  Which, is precisely why I’m on a stupid diet for the rest of my life and is precisely why today’s list of awesomes is “naughty food candy” for my deprived innards…the kind that I could only eat if I had pica…which, I sorta wish I had right now given the below…ugh.


Breakfast is Served Candle from God Blessed Shop on Etsy  for $27 bucks

Um..yes.  I’ll have the waffle, smothered in blueberries, syrup and butter, with a side of eggs and an extra order of bacon.  Hashbrowns on the side.  Don’t screw it up.

 Find it:  here




Mac and Cheese Noodles with Ramekin – Unscented Candle from KOKOCandles (handmade candles for the non-boring) for $28 bucks

 I’m pretty sure I just licked my computer monitor.  Yup, I did.


Find it:  here







Beeswax Variety 4 Pack (Assorted Piece Japanese Sushi Gift Set) from Double Brush on Etsy for $8 dollas and 25 cent.

A sushi candle?  With chopsticks?  Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto.


Find it:  here







Wild Cherry Cheesecake Jumbo Cupcake Candle from Sugarville Candle Bakery & Boutique for $18 bucks

Stop.  Just stop looking so much like a real cupcake.  I think I might be having heart palpitations.  Remember this scene from Dirty Dancing (at minute 208) ga-gung…ga-gung…ga-gung.. Yeah, my heart is beating just like that.  And, I also have spaghetti arms.

Find it:  here




Scented Wine & Champagne Glass Scented Candles from Vat 19 for $20 bucks


I’m pretty sure these candles are saying “I’m here to party”.  And, that’s awesome because they are candles and candles don’t usually talk or party as far as I know.

Find em:  here





Tootaloo!  Enjoy the long weekend.  Hopefully, it’s Wax-tastic.  Ha ha.  I kill myself.

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