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I find myself in a bit of a dilemma on this fine rainy Monday.  Actually, a couple of dilemmas:

Dilemma #1:  I don’t know about  where you live, but it’s been raining in Boston for like, a year straight now and I’m about ready to take a bridge.  I’ll admit, that normally I’m one of those nut jobs that actually likes the rain.  I don’t have seasonal depression disorder and, more times than not, I find myself getting more annoyed with the bright-ass sun, then a couple-a lil’ sprinkles of water on a gray day.  BUT, this is F-ing ridiculous.  So,  how might I go about kicking the rain in the face?  Accepting suggestions -  Starting…now.

Dilemma #2:  I’m pretty much obsessed with any sort of dried fruit that comes in a bag these days.  As long as it’s just fruit..without any sugar, or shmooger, or added “this and that”, I’m good to go.  Yeah.  I’m a fruit in the bag stalker…I can admit that.  The problem is, that I’ve recently found a fruit in the bag that looks soooooo much like it needs to be in my belly.  BUT, it’s made for kids, which means I have to get pregnant first or steel a baby if I want to eat it.  I’m no expert or anything, but I’m pretty sure that qualifies as a dilemma, with a capital “D”.

Here’s what’s got my ovaries screamin’:

I’m in love with Little Duck Organics already, and their itty-bitty fruit delights haven’t even graced my lips yet.   The only thing that would make them better, is if the fruits were shaped like actual rubber duckies. Here’s what lured me in.

You’ve heard of our crazy delicious tiny fruits right”?  Ummm…yes.

“Dominating the Playground.  Killin’ it at Snack Time”.  I wanna dominate the playground!!  I wanna kill it at snack time!!

Making all the other kiddies say Heyyyyyyy”.  I wanna make the kiddies say “hai!!”.

I mean, come on. You’re hooked too now, right? Yeah, I don’t blame ya. Little Duck Organics Tiny Fruits are 100% real fruit.  They have no added sugar (or zombies apparently) and are suitable for kids 6 months+ (and also adults who are 420 months and up).  Here’s what’s got me salivating:









They are sold at a bunch of different stores on and offline (see list here).  I found these at (gasp!),, and I ordered the hell out of em’ (find em’:  here for $4.29 /each). They actually have a pretty dope coupon right now, which only costs you $11 bucks (if you order) 3 bags (free shipping, if you order a bunch of other stuff under $50 from any of their sister sites).  USE CODE:  LUCKYDUCK

As an FYI, I ordered two of each flavor.  The Apple & Banana, Blueberry & Apple, and Strawberry & Mango.

And, now I have to get the hubby to knock me up so I don’t feel like such a dork.

Ok, Bye.



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