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Here’s what’s about to go down:

Girl ditches diet, pretending she’s still a size zero and hops on the crazy train to the greatest event ever created, ever – Scooperbowl 2012.

Girl takes out 8 small children in a ravenous ice cream eating frenzy.  She tastes all 35 flavors in less than an hour and is named “Scooper Bowl MVP” (only later the title is revoked due to the “taking out 8 children” infraction).  Whatever.

Girl does exactly two hundred and one forward rolls to get herself back home, where she spends the next two days wanting to stab herself in the stomach repeatedly.

It’s going to be….wait for it………..disgusting.  You should probably join me or people will point and laugh at you.

Support the Jimmy Fund:  This fab organization has supported the fight against cancer in kids and grown ups at Boston’s Dana-Farber Cancer Institute since the 40′s. They help to raise the chances of survival in cancer patients around the world.  That’s pretty freaking awesome.

Please show em’ some love.  I mean,  if your lactose intolerant, you can still throw em’ a couple dollas .  K.  I’m off to make a fool out of myself for a good cause.

This one’s for you dad ;)


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