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This just in…I made my first “virtual” enemy yesterday and have since been “blacklisted from the internets” as a result of my horrible up-bringing.  Wah.  The only good thing that came out of it is that I finally found out who my real parents are. And, this totally explains why I sniff my food before I eat it and obsessively lick my paw.

I don’t think I’ve gotten in to it with anyone like that since…um…the sandbox?  I think I pissed off another kid by flashing a dirty look at her pound puppy…then, she called me a poop-head and it was on.  That must be when my real parents tossed me in the woods for dead.

Thank god for my wolf mom and dad and thank god for this KICK ASS letterpress company, who has put an ear to ear grin on my face ever since I got the news.  I mean, I”m a lover, not a fighter (unless your a spider and then I’m totally gonna shank your ass when you’re sleeping). Fellow pack members, I present to you:

Bruno Press has a GREAT story (in addition to some hilarous cards and such).  Mary C Bruno took the company over after her “pops” suddenly passed away in 2003.  He was a free-lance designer with a love for letterpress, and she, was lucky to have spent a ton of time printing with him and learnin’ the biz.  She’s fostered her shop ownership journey with a “lot of blood (from linoleum block carving), sweat (from pushing deadlines), and tears (from missin’ my pop).”    I connect with her journey in a lot of ways and that’s pretty darn Awesome, darnit.   Below are two of my fave cards.  Check it:

#083 Mint for $4 bucks (find it:  here)

and, #007 Love You Dammit (find it:  here)

and, of course, #151 Won’t you Join my Pack (shown at top of post…find it: here).  If you wanna put a smile on your face, check out more of their great designs here.

Ok.  I have to go howl at the moon now. Bye.



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  1. Mary C Bruno says:

    I freakin love this, you are awesome and I am totally following your blog now. I think I know how to do that. Glad you found me!!!

    • Jenny says:

      Awe. Thanks Mary! That makes my day ;) I really do LOVE your stuff (hilarious!) and connect with your story. My dad owned a die-cutting & specialty finishing business (foil stamping/embossing) my whole life, and I worked with him as a 5 year old, while in college and helped him run it for a couple of years as an adult, running presses, makin’ dies, etc. He too passed away suddenly in 06 and in addition to missin’ him like crazy, I totally miss the smell of the shop (but not the papercuts!).

      Glad you are following ;) Welcome to the madness!

  2. Cynthia says:

    I’m a big fan of Bruno Press! In fact, I’m a big fan of her “Big Fan” cards. Definitely check them out – there’s something for everyone…and her shop is really fun to visit too.

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