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[ 2 ] July 31, 2012 |

Hello world!  It’s almost crazy that I still know how to type, since I’ve been M.I.A. for 8 thousand years.  Sorry for the lapse in posts (and thanks for all the fun emails inquiring as to my whereabouts!).  To answer the question inquiring minds are dying to know:  I’m not dead

I did die originally, but when I got to the pearly gates, they turned me away because I was already way to angelic for heaven.  So, I flew back down to earth and tried to haunt some people to prove the heavens wrong, but I apparently suck at haunting….soooooo…um….yeah.  Here I am.  Back to bloggin!

No, seriously.  The real  reason I’ve been off the grid is because I’ve been workin’ my butt off in my “big kid job” (and also gallivanting around the North East visiting with friends & family)  Worse – I’m STILL havin’ some technical diffs with this thing, which (although annoying) has prompted a much-needed overhaul for my little piece of the blog-o-verse.  This of course means that I’ll be holding off on fun posts for another week or so, so I can get this baby back on the up and up.

Some things you may notice and other things you may not.  But, the goal is to (a) make writing posts easier (and funner..yeah, that’s a word) for me; and (b) super-duper easier (and funner) for Y.O.U to find stuff while yer’ visiting, which of course, will make you never leave my side, ever…never…never, ever.  We’ll always be BFF’s.  Right?

So,  I’ll see ya in a week or so.  Until then, have fun laughing at this hysterical pic of my cat.  If this doesn’t make you laugh, we’re totally breaking up.  Tootles!




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[ 2 ] July 18, 2012 |

I’m a wack-job today.  But first things first:

My husband’s ringtone for his alarm in the morning is “Eye of the Tiger”.  Eye of the freaking tiger.  You’d think this would get you all ramped up and ready to go for your day, right?  But, no.  Oh, no.  Not for this girl.

At first (like 3 years ago) it was kinda cool…a nice lil’ motivator for waking up and starting your day with fire!  But, now…every time I hear that dumb song, it means I have to open my sleepy eyes & peel myself outta bed.  And, by that time the only exercise I want to be a part of involves me, standing in the Karate Kid pose, drop kicking that dumb song across the bedroom (of course all of this happens in slow motion while this song plays in the background…You’re the best, around!  Nothin’s ever gonna keep you down).

In all fairness, I can’t totally blame the man for this.  As he pointed out with disdain last night before fallin’ asleep, I have SEVERAL alarms that chime in the a.m.  Starting at 6:17.  Yes, exactly seventeen minutes after six. Why?  I really don’t know.  But it doesn’t matter for that long, because the next alarm goes off at 6:30, 7:00, 7:15 and 7:45 (just in case I don’t hear the first 5,000 alarms, I suppose).  But at least my alarms don’t try to be something they aren’t.  They are your old, average run-of-the-mill morning alert signals…no frilly songs, or lyrics, or promptings to be the “eye” of anything.  So, there.

This mindless babble does in fact have a point, which goes a lil’ somethin’ like this- when I heard “Eye of the Tiger” this morning and realized I actually had to get out of bed, I was effing P-O’d -  Grumpy Missgrumperton, Rudy Mcrudypants, Hater Mchaterson.  MAD at the world and that ridiculous ring tone for disrupting my beauty sleep after a very long, and draining yesterday.  The “mood” lasted for several minutes until breakfast happened and husby of the year cleaned the ENTIRE kitchen, and then I got happy.  But that was WAY short-lived because we already ate all of the bananas and it’s only Wednesday. Why wouldn’t that put me over the edge? My current state of mind is actually pretty darn good and quite frankly, I have no explination for this surge of joy.  Are ya pickin’ up what I’m putting down? I’m cerifiable.  Oh, speaking of bananas…


 Um, I’m sorry but I can’t stop staring at the picture to the right, wondering how many minutes flat it would take me to eat all seven jars of these “ready to eat cakes” .  Banana Chocolate Fudge, Banana Peanut Butter, Banana Salted Caramel…I just fainted.

Ok, I’m back…Banana Toasted Coconut…and don’t forget the cheesecakes (including Banana Gingersnap, Banana Strawberry, Banana Tirimisu)!  I passed out again.

Thanks to Bananappeal, we (me and you, and your friends, and my friends, etc) can enjoy “all-natural, ready to eat, banana based” sweet goodness whenever the heck we want.

Syyyyyke. We can’t gorge ourselves on bananas and naughty just yet. According to their Facebook page, they are currently “unavailable” while they handle some “business maintenance”.   Not sure what that means, but I’m going to be praying to the cake-in-jar gods that it happens sometime soon, even though they don’t exactly meet my new eatin’ criteria.

In the meantime, feel free to stalk them along with me at their freaking insanely cute website, Facebook & Twitter pages.  I’m just gonna call them and hang up repeatedly until someone answers.  Hopefully they don’t have caller I.D.

Yey for Banana madness!


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HEY BODY? I OWN YOU! (It’s a list of 5 awesomes!)

[ 1 ] July 13, 2012 |

Soooooooo.  Somethin’ has happened to me recently.  Not quite sure if aliens or Muppets flew in from space and came to me in the night, but SOMETHING has happened, and I’m not sure how to describe it.  I might have been abducted.  I can’t confirm it.  Can you?  Either way, all I know is this: I think I might be a healthy person now.  I mean, officially.  Yeeeeeeeep, yip, yip, yip, yip…yeeeeeeeeeeep.

The quick background is this (who are we kidding, there is never anything “quick” about what I say):  for 99.9% of my life, I have lived impulsively, doing what I want, when I want, because I wanna.  It’s just how I’ve been since I was a little girl.  I’m not an evil person or anything like that (god, I make myself sound like Satan spawn).  No, No.  Not that.  I just like to beat to my own drum.  I like to try things “because I can” and I almost always think of the consequences after the fact.

As I’m sure you can imagine, as I (cough) officially reach my middish-thirties (ok, fine…exactly in the middle thirties), my body is like “hey lady, um…ya think maybe you…I don’t know, stop acting like a savage?”  At any other time, I would’ve been like “um, hey body – shut it and eat this entire bag of potato chips”…but not this time (hence the Muppets from Space theory).  I’ve changed (well, sorta..kinda).  Whoa.  Did I just use four thousand parenthesis in that paragraph? Why yes.  Yes I sure as heck did.  Let’s just go with it.

So, what’s changed?  Well, about a week or so ago, I read an article (probably planted in my iPad by the aliens) and it led me to start diggin’ about living a natural / organic / cleaner life. And, as much as I wanted to ignore it, pretend I didn’t see it, launch my iPad at a wall, I couldn’t shake this :

(check out the full chart via, here)

Yicky.  Ew.  Poop.  I mean, I for one, cannot look at the list on the right without thinking that it just cannot be good for my self, my future little selfs, my future grand selfs, and their future grand selfs, infinity.  I will tell you right now that I will probably never become a “die-hard” at this because; (a) I’m fairly flighty and, what’s that word again?  Oh yeah…IMPULSIVE, and (b) I will probably need…no, scratch that, REQUIRE the occasional MacDonalds and/or Chipotle fix.  But, I have made the decision (a fairly serious one at that) to make some hard-core changes with what I put in and on my body (95.5% of the time) and I’m super excited about this lil’ experiment of both my will and my health.  Below are 5 things that are helpin’ me to become an organic/natural smarty pants (feel free to join in on the madness!).  Wish me luck!

1. HELP GUIDE.ORG:  This site has been super-duper helpful in breaking down the organic vs. non-organic process, Gerber-style. It’s also the joint that gave me that spooky chart I referenced up above. The “Understanding Organic Foods Labels, Benefits & Claims” section was particularly paramount in making me realize that I am a walking science experiment.  If you’re lookin’ to get some good info, this is a fab place to start.  Find it:  here.

 2. HEALTHY BITCH DAILY:  Um, this has become one of my newest, faviest blogs to follow for info on everything from food, health & info on doin’ the sexy deed, to fitness tips and advice on how to be a “Skinny Lush“.  Mostly I triple-dog-heart them because they speak my language!  I love how they present info in a sarcastic/funny, yet super informative way.  It’s as if they looked me up and said “how ever will we present this wealth of information so that the weird girl will understand it” and then they created the blog, all for me.  Really, though – It’s the “brainchild” of  Kim Barnouin who wrote a couple of books, like “Skinny Bitch:  Ultimate Everyday Cookbook” and “Skinny Bitch:  Book of Vegan Swaps“.  I think I’m gonna shell out some dough and buy these books. I’m not planning on goin’ vegan any day soon or anything, but I do like to spice up life with a couple-a vegan recipes here and there.  Bitchin’.  Find it:  here.

3. ENVIRONMENTAL WORKING GROUP’S (EWG) SKIN DEEP COSMETICS DATABASE:  If I’m 100 percent honest, I sorta kinda always knew that there was some nasties in most of the stuff I put on my body to look & feel purty.  But, I NEVER knew how bad some of it was until the alien abduction (and this awesome database).  Although it will be impossible for me to revamp my entire closet of beauty goodies overnight, I will be slowly weeding out some of the bad stuff I’m currently using and introducing products that are made from natural and organic stuffTime for 8 new jobs.  This database really is pretty dope if you have a sec to check it out.  You can type your brand in the search box and it tells you all of the ingredients and what those ingredients mean to your current health and future.  It also gives them a score, falling between 0-10Um, yeah.  Many of my daily products are in the 5-10 range, which pretty much means I should be glowing (like neon, glow).  Find it:  here.

4. BOSTON ORGANICS: I’m including Boston Organics on this list for all my Boston friends, and also as a reference of something cool you can do in your own neck of the woods, either via a CSA or a group like these guys.  I really like the idea of getting a box of fresh organic & mostly locally grown produce each week (a) because I love to receive boxes of cools stuff (especially food); and (b) it’s a great way to get out of what I like to call the “fruit & veggy” funk.  You know, when you buy the exact same produce every week because your programmed for it.  Anyway, totally stoked to get new, organically grown stuff to try.  If you are a Bostonian and your interested in Boston Organics, check em’ out.  They even send recipe ideas and tips on storing your loot.  I’m in sweet, sweet love with them.  Oh yes, I am.  Find it:  here.

5. ORGANIC.ORG:  This site is equally cool if you feel like starting your own personal organics movementEverything you need in one place to learn about organic living, including product reviews, store locator, tips for organic babes & kids and more.  It’s a super-easy read if you lose focus easily like me.  Lots of purty colors & pictures.  Find it:  here.

Ok, I have to go hug a tree and smooch a bunny now.  Have a fab weekend and don’t forget to enter the current Marie Dean Hair & Body Products giveaway ;)

(Muppet Martian photo via Muppet Wikia) (disclaimers)

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[ 12 ] July 12, 2012 |

Let me first start off by telling you that the succulent smell of my hair is making me want to ingest stuff I’m not supposed to eat.  You might wonder how this is different than any other day in my life (remember this, and  that time I wanted to eat everything in my kitchen and yours? ).  But, it is.  Right now, at this very moment, I’m 150% intoxicated by the smell of my Marie Dean Coconut Detangler & I sorta fear that I might not be able to control myself.  Let me set the stage for ya:

About a month ago, I received an email from Adriene (the fancy lady behind Marie Dean Hair & Body Care) & she offered to send me 3 free products to try/review (and even somethin’ super dope to give away to one lucky 5-style reader)…soooooo, you might wanna keep readin’.  Anyway, I was totally stoked to try some new hair products as I was burning out on what I had.  Mostly though,  I was really hoping they’d be awesome, because it would totally suck to have to write an ick review after receiving such a generous freebie.  Thank god, they are (you know, pretty darn awesome).

Marie Dean only uses high qual “naturally focused” ingredients that nourish your skin & hair (be sure to check out their Face Care, Body, Men’s and Mommy & Baby/Kids products too).  Their products are made by hand, “using luxurious ingredients such as organic botanical extracts, exotic butters and highly moisturizing fruit and vegetable oils rich in vitamins and minerals”.  Everything is mineral oil-free, petrolium-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free and sulfate-free.  Um, SCORE!

I tried the Papaya & Mango Conditioner first, and totally effed it up right off the bat.  I blame it on the temporary insanity that was invited by the absolute divine smell of this stuff.  Oh, and it also looks like cupcake frosting, so that didn’t help my cause.  Any way, I used WAY  too much of it and grew impatient before the 15-30 minute time frame your “supposed” to let it marinate on your locks.  Result – totally greasy, sticky dread-locks.  I have a ton of hair but its super fine and hates to be told what to do.  Thankfully, when I tried it a second time, I did it the right way and my mane complied.  Result – Silky, smooth & shiny hair that made me want to strand myself on an island with nothing, but my hair, my Papaya & Mango Conditioner and my sniffer (find yours here for $18 bucks, and don’t forget to enter the coupon code “5stylehigh” at checkout for 15% off storewide!* Whaaaa-hut?  Yup, I said it.  Coupon.).

The Sweet Milk Moisturizing Deep Conditioner had an even longer “marination period” (30-60 minutes!).  So, instead of panicking about spending a whole entire hour nourishing my hairs, I savored some much-needed “me” time…you know…gave myself a mani/pedi, plucked my brows, stared at my new forehead wrinkles & gave them the middle finger.  Good times ;)

This stuff smells like christmas cookies.  So, um…how hard do you think it was not to stuff my face with naughty food during my pamper fest? Pretty hard, FYI.  All in all, I was thankful that I waited the full hour (and thankful I didn’t stuff my grill with cookies) as I was actually able to smooth out my naturally obnoxious waves.  I was so excited, I tried to recreate one of those hair commercials in my bedroom – you know, by whipping my glossy locks around to a technoesque theme song, while gushing about my perfect hair in a sultry voice…but, then I almost passed out. Soooooooooooooo…..yeah (find yours here for $22 buckaroonisDon’t forget the 15% off coupon!*).

Since this “leave-in” detangler arrived into my life just one short month ago, I’ve used it quite frequently.  I heart the way the brush slides through my hair and savor the hints of “island” I notice throughout the day.  Sometimes, I pretend I have to go to the bathroom and instead open up the shower curtain, lay in the tub fully clothed, and sniff it to delirium.  Ha-ha.  That’s a lie.  But it could be a truth.  That’s how crazy I am for this stuff (find yours here for $16 doll-hairs  if you want a 15% off discount, you know what to do!*)

Ok, thanks for listening…um…bye.

JUST KIDDING!  I’m not a TOTAL wack-job!

Enter below for your chance to win your very own Conditioner Gift Set valued at $50 (courtesy of Marie Dean Hair & Body Care)!  The Conditioner Gift Set includes three, 6oz jars, including the Apricot Mango Leave-In Conditioner (Apricot Mango Scent), Coffee & Kokum Moisturizing Deep Conditioner (Vanilla Scent) and the Sweet Milk Moisturizing Deep Conditioner (sweet honey scent).

Enter now through July 18th and on or about July 20th, one (1) lucky 5-style-high reader will be chosen at random.  And she (or he) will then be able to brag about their awesomely shiny, and delightfully smell-drunk hair ;)   Hooray!

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[ 4 ] July 9, 2012 |

Awwww. Sweet, sweet wedded bliss. Today, my husby and I are celebrating our very first wedding anniversary. One whole entire year of me leaving socks in the bed and him stinking up my life with his man smells.  Despite the fact that he should’ve given me a bedazzled gas mask instead of a purty ring, I really did marry THE BEST man in the whole world, hands down (back off bitches!).

He really is a saint for putting up with my laundry list of weird-ness.  I mean, if you’ve read any of my other posts, you know what I’m sayin’.  It’s amazing he can even understand my language.  But then again, I have to contend with creepy science talk and nerdy movies like Tron, so I’m pretty sure I’m winning.

Anyway, I was lookin’ back at some of our wedding pics and it reminded me of the fun we had planning the big day.  And, when I say “FUN” I mean, ”Holy Crap, trying to plan an entire DIY wedding is almost as hard as presidenting the U.S of A”.    I can say that I absolutely LOVED everything about my wedding day.  But, like marriage, it didn’t come without a poop-load of hard work (and MONEY!).  Um, are you even allowed to say marriage and poop-load in the same sentence?  I don’t know.  Either way, since it’s weddin’ season (and since I totally forgot to post a list of 5 awesomes on  Friday), I thought I’d share an impromptus list of  awesome ways to DIY the big day without breakin’ the bank.  Enjoy!

1. MAKE YOUR OWN INVITES: I love when I get an invite with a little flava from the B & G. Our invites had lots of layers & details, and although they took 7 thousand years to make, they only cost us $48 bucks….that’s a total, my friends (excluding postage).


Invitation stock (in the clearance section on the end-cap at Target)/ Scrapbook paper, yellow yarn & mini vintage looking heart charms (Michaels)/ Kraft Paper inserts (the Kraft Outlet)

2. SKIP THE LABELS:  Although it burned from the depths of my soul, I promised myself I wouldn’t splurge on my dress and accessories.  I just felt that for 1 day, I’d rather not spend 9 million dollars for the name on a label, and instead, throw the money towards food & decor so my fave people in the world would have a legendarily kick-ass party.  There is no shame in buying a dry-cleaned, used dress like I did. I’m  also 99% sure I got my wedding shoes from a stripper store.   There’s no shame in that either.  Ha Ha.  I mean, the hub-t0-be wore bright yellow Pumas.

Shoes (My Diva’s Closet for $7 bucks, including shipping) /Flowers for Hair (My Diva’s Closet for $1, including shipping) / Dress – Dupioni Silk (OnceWed for $400 bucks used ($2,000 new)

3.  KEEP IT SIMPLE (STUPID)…WELL, SOME OF IT:   Flowers are SO expensive.  I mean, you can pretty much bet that you are going to need 8 jobs to pay for them, unless your Mom & Dad are payin’, and well there goes the inheritance. “We” had a BLAST putting all of the flowers together, from our bouquets to the centerpieces. Just make sure you pick at least 1 flower that has some “umph”, so that you don’t have to spend lots of dough on the fillers.  Oh, and make sure they are in season. Oh, and also take a class in floral arranging first, or you’ll want to drop kick your entire wedding & punch it in the face. Total cost for ALL wedding flowers, around $400 bucks.

Teddy Bear Sunflowers (via Whole Blossoms) /Fillers & Baby’s Breath (Wegmans).  Mason Jar Glasses & Soda Bottles (Christmas Tree Shops), Bottles & Jars (various Antique shops), Tin cans (um, eating soup like every other day for a year – although not pictured, we had tin cans, bottles & mason jars lined down each guest table.  That’s alotta soup).

4. IT’S ALL IN THE DETAILS:   Remember when I just said to “keep it simple”?  I take it back.  Splurge (with your time) on the fine details that make everything about the day YOURS (or just make it cuz’ it’s super-duper cute).  Instead of vintage china, buy some eco-friendly ”bamboo” plates and make your future hubby hand stamp all 150 of them with your initials.  Why buy super crazy expensive favors that your guests are going to trash (or “forget”) on the way out.  Make something they can stick in their belly (like S’mores) and fancify them with some fun packaging.  Unless you have 1 million dollars to buy the best wedding favor ever given.  Do that, if you can.


Lemonade Drink holder thingy (Vintage find) / Masons (Christmas Tree Shops) / Retro Straws & Cupcake wrapping (Layer Cake Shop) Escort Cards (Hand cut, pasted, matted, typed, etc by moi & hung on an old house shutter) / Disposable Bamboo plates & cutlery, like-linen napkins & tablecloths, doilies & wet naps for the BBQ meal (Wares Direct) / Rafia, stamps & ink (Michaels) / Craft Boxes, bakers twine (and inside, cello bags filled with Graham crackers, Marshmallows & Chocolate) (Save On Crafts - BEST store ever to buy craft/party stuff) / Desserts (hand-made by the best Momma alive)

5. TELL BRIDEZILLA TO TAKE A HIKE, BREATHE & JUST ENJOY IT:   There is no humanly possible way to ensure any wedding will be “perfect”, especially a do-it-yourself-er.  I mean, I completely forgot to make the iced tea and lemonade (thank god for beer & wine (and, helpful Aunts!).  The point is this:  When all is said and done, it is “just a day” – it’s a special day, yes.  But it’s “just a day”.  And it should be filled with laughter & love & you should be able to kick off your heals and get your feet filthy from dancin’ so hard. There is no greater feeling then lookin’ back on the day you said “holy crap, I can’t believe I’m doing this” & remembering it as the coolest, funnest, best day ever.  Happy Monday (and Happy 1st Anny babe!)


BONUS:  TRASH IT.  It’s just a dress.  Unless it cost like a million dollars.  Then, maybe you shouldn’t.  I have a fascination with Junk yards and old beat up rides.   So, there we went ;)

P.S.  All of the pics in this post are by the fabulous Dee of Dee Marie Photography.  If you have a need for pics for a wedding, engagement, new baby, new dog, new pair of shoees, whatevss…she’s your girl.  You’ll come out of it with some fantastic pics and a new friend ;) WOOT!


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