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Let me first start off by telling you that the succulent smell of my hair is making me want to ingest stuff I’m not supposed to eat.  You might wonder how this is different than any other day in my life (remember this, and  that time I wanted to eat everything in my kitchen and yours? ).  But, it is.  Right now, at this very moment, I’m 150% intoxicated by the smell of my Marie Dean Coconut Detangler & I sorta fear that I might not be able to control myself.  Let me set the stage for ya:

About a month ago, I received an email from Adriene (the fancy lady behind Marie Dean Hair & Body Care) & she offered to send me 3 free products to try/review (and even somethin’ super dope to give away to one lucky 5-style reader)…soooooo, you might wanna keep readin’.  Anyway, I was totally stoked to try some new hair products as I was burning out on what I had.  Mostly though,  I was really hoping they’d be awesome, because it would totally suck to have to write an ick review after receiving such a generous freebie.  Thank god, they are (you know, pretty darn awesome).

Marie Dean only uses high qual “naturally focused” ingredients that nourish your skin & hair (be sure to check out their Face Care, Body, Men’s and Mommy & Baby/Kids products too).  Their products are made by hand, “using luxurious ingredients such as organic botanical extracts, exotic butters and highly moisturizing fruit and vegetable oils rich in vitamins and minerals”.  Everything is mineral oil-free, petrolium-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free and sulfate-free.  Um, SCORE!

I tried the Papaya & Mango Conditioner first, and totally effed it up right off the bat.  I blame it on the temporary insanity that was invited by the absolute divine smell of this stuff.  Oh, and it also looks like cupcake frosting, so that didn’t help my cause.  Any way, I used WAY  too much of it and grew impatient before the 15-30 minute time frame your “supposed” to let it marinate on your locks.  Result – totally greasy, sticky dread-locks.  I have a ton of hair but its super fine and hates to be told what to do.  Thankfully, when I tried it a second time, I did it the right way and my mane complied.  Result – Silky, smooth & shiny hair that made me want to strand myself on an island with nothing, but my hair, my Papaya & Mango Conditioner and my sniffer (find yours here for $18 bucks, and don’t forget to enter the coupon code “5stylehigh” at checkout for 15% off storewide!* Whaaaa-hut?  Yup, I said it.  Coupon.).

The Sweet Milk Moisturizing Deep Conditioner had an even longer “marination period” (30-60 minutes!).  So, instead of panicking about spending a whole entire hour nourishing my hairs, I savored some much-needed “me” time…you know…gave myself a mani/pedi, plucked my brows, stared at my new forehead wrinkles & gave them the middle finger.  Good times ;)

This stuff smells like christmas cookies.  So, um…how hard do you think it was not to stuff my face with naughty food during my pamper fest? Pretty hard, FYI.  All in all, I was thankful that I waited the full hour (and thankful I didn’t stuff my grill with cookies) as I was actually able to smooth out my naturally obnoxious waves.  I was so excited, I tried to recreate one of those hair commercials in my bedroom – you know, by whipping my glossy locks around to a technoesque theme song, while gushing about my perfect hair in a sultry voice…but, then I almost passed out. Soooooooooooooo…..yeah (find yours here for $22 buckaroonisDon’t forget the 15% off coupon!*).

Since this “leave-in” detangler arrived into my life just one short month ago, I’ve used it quite frequently.  I heart the way the brush slides through my hair and savor the hints of “island” I notice throughout the day.  Sometimes, I pretend I have to go to the bathroom and instead open up the shower curtain, lay in the tub fully clothed, and sniff it to delirium.  Ha-ha.  That’s a lie.  But it could be a truth.  That’s how crazy I am for this stuff (find yours here for $16 doll-hairs  if you want a 15% off discount, you know what to do!*)

Ok, thanks for listening…um…bye.

JUST KIDDING!  I’m not a TOTAL wack-job!

Enter below for your chance to win your very own Conditioner Gift Set valued at $50 (courtesy of Marie Dean Hair & Body Care)!  The Conditioner Gift Set includes three, 6oz jars, including the Apricot Mango Leave-In Conditioner (Apricot Mango Scent), Coffee & Kokum Moisturizing Deep Conditioner (Vanilla Scent) and the Sweet Milk Moisturizing Deep Conditioner (sweet honey scent).

Enter now through July 18th and on or about July 20th, one (1) lucky 5-style-high reader will be chosen at random.  And she (or he) will then be able to brag about their awesomely shiny, and delightfully smell-drunk hair ;)   Hooray!

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