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HEY BODY? I OWN YOU! (It’s a list of 5 awesomes!)

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Soooooooo.  Somethin’ has happened to me recently.  Not quite sure if aliens or Muppets flew in from space and came to me in the night, but SOMETHING has happened, and I’m not sure how to describe it.  I might have been abducted.  I can’t confirm it.  Can you?  Either way, all I know is this: I think I might be a healthy person now.  I mean, officially.  Yeeeeeeeep, yip, yip, yip, yip…yeeeeeeeeeeep.

The quick background is this (who are we kidding, there is never anything “quick” about what I say):  for 99.9% of my life, I have lived impulsively, doing what I want, when I want, because I wanna.  It’s just how I’ve been since I was a little girl.  I’m not an evil person or anything like that (god, I make myself sound like Satan spawn).  No, No.  Not that.  I just like to beat to my own drum.  I like to try things “because I can” and I almost always think of the consequences after the fact.

As I’m sure you can imagine, as I (cough) officially reach my middish-thirties (ok, fine…exactly in the middle thirties), my body is like “hey lady, um…ya think maybe you…I don’t know, stop acting like a savage?”  At any other time, I would’ve been like “um, hey body – shut it and eat this entire bag of potato chips”…but not this time (hence the Muppets from Space theory).  I’ve changed (well, sorta..kinda).  Whoa.  Did I just use four thousand parenthesis in that paragraph? Why yes.  Yes I sure as heck did.  Let’s just go with it.

So, what’s changed?  Well, about a week or so ago, I read an article (probably planted in my iPad by the aliens) and it led me to start diggin’ about living a natural / organic / cleaner life. And, as much as I wanted to ignore it, pretend I didn’t see it, launch my iPad at a wall, I couldn’t shake this :

(check out the full chart via, here)

Yicky.  Ew.  Poop.  I mean, I for one, cannot look at the list on the right without thinking that it just cannot be good for my self, my future little selfs, my future grand selfs, and their future grand selfs, infinity.  I will tell you right now that I will probably never become a “die-hard” at this because; (a) I’m fairly flighty and, what’s that word again?  Oh yeah…IMPULSIVE, and (b) I will probably need…no, scratch that, REQUIRE the occasional MacDonalds and/or Chipotle fix.  But, I have made the decision (a fairly serious one at that) to make some hard-core changes with what I put in and on my body (95.5% of the time) and I’m super excited about this lil’ experiment of both my will and my health.  Below are 5 things that are helpin’ me to become an organic/natural smarty pants (feel free to join in on the madness!).  Wish me luck!

1. HELP GUIDE.ORG:  This site has been super-duper helpful in breaking down the organic vs. non-organic process, Gerber-style. It’s also the joint that gave me that spooky chart I referenced up above. The “Understanding Organic Foods Labels, Benefits & Claims” section was particularly paramount in making me realize that I am a walking science experiment.  If you’re lookin’ to get some good info, this is a fab place to start.  Find it:  here.

 2. HEALTHY BITCH DAILY:  Um, this has become one of my newest, faviest blogs to follow for info on everything from food, health & info on doin’ the sexy deed, to fitness tips and advice on how to be a “Skinny Lush“.  Mostly I triple-dog-heart them because they speak my language!  I love how they present info in a sarcastic/funny, yet super informative way.  It’s as if they looked me up and said “how ever will we present this wealth of information so that the weird girl will understand it” and then they created the blog, all for me.  Really, though – It’s the “brainchild” of  Kim Barnouin who wrote a couple of books, like “Skinny Bitch:  Ultimate Everyday Cookbook” and “Skinny Bitch:  Book of Vegan Swaps“.  I think I’m gonna shell out some dough and buy these books. I’m not planning on goin’ vegan any day soon or anything, but I do like to spice up life with a couple-a vegan recipes here and there.  Bitchin’.  Find it:  here.

3. ENVIRONMENTAL WORKING GROUP’S (EWG) SKIN DEEP COSMETICS DATABASE:  If I’m 100 percent honest, I sorta kinda always knew that there was some nasties in most of the stuff I put on my body to look & feel purty.  But, I NEVER knew how bad some of it was until the alien abduction (and this awesome database).  Although it will be impossible for me to revamp my entire closet of beauty goodies overnight, I will be slowly weeding out some of the bad stuff I’m currently using and introducing products that are made from natural and organic stuffTime for 8 new jobs.  This database really is pretty dope if you have a sec to check it out.  You can type your brand in the search box and it tells you all of the ingredients and what those ingredients mean to your current health and future.  It also gives them a score, falling between 0-10Um, yeah.  Many of my daily products are in the 5-10 range, which pretty much means I should be glowing (like neon, glow).  Find it:  here.

4. BOSTON ORGANICS: I’m including Boston Organics on this list for all my Boston friends, and also as a reference of something cool you can do in your own neck of the woods, either via a CSA or a group like these guys.  I really like the idea of getting a box of fresh organic & mostly locally grown produce each week (a) because I love to receive boxes of cools stuff (especially food); and (b) it’s a great way to get out of what I like to call the “fruit & veggy” funk.  You know, when you buy the exact same produce every week because your programmed for it.  Anyway, totally stoked to get new, organically grown stuff to try.  If you are a Bostonian and your interested in Boston Organics, check em’ out.  They even send recipe ideas and tips on storing your loot.  I’m in sweet, sweet love with them.  Oh yes, I am.  Find it:  here.

5. ORGANIC.ORG:  This site is equally cool if you feel like starting your own personal organics movementEverything you need in one place to learn about organic living, including product reviews, store locator, tips for organic babes & kids and more.  It’s a super-easy read if you lose focus easily like me.  Lots of purty colors & pictures.  Find it:  here.

Ok, I have to go hug a tree and smooch a bunny now.  Have a fab weekend and don’t forget to enter the current Marie Dean Hair & Body Products giveaway ;)

(Muppet Martian photo via Muppet Wikia) (disclaimers)

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