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I’m a wack-job today.  But first things first:

My husband’s ringtone for his alarm in the morning is “Eye of the Tiger”.  Eye of the freaking tiger.  You’d think this would get you all ramped up and ready to go for your day, right?  But, no.  Oh, no.  Not for this girl.

At first (like 3 years ago) it was kinda cool…a nice lil’ motivator for waking up and starting your day with fire!  But, now…every time I hear that dumb song, it means I have to open my sleepy eyes & peel myself outta bed.  And, by that time the only exercise I want to be a part of involves me, standing in the Karate Kid pose, drop kicking that dumb song across the bedroom (of course all of this happens in slow motion while this song plays in the background…You’re the best, around!  Nothin’s ever gonna keep you down).

In all fairness, I can’t totally blame the man for this.  As he pointed out with disdain last night before fallin’ asleep, I have SEVERAL alarms that chime in the a.m.  Starting at 6:17.  Yes, exactly seventeen minutes after six. Why?  I really don’t know.  But it doesn’t matter for that long, because the next alarm goes off at 6:30, 7:00, 7:15 and 7:45 (just in case I don’t hear the first 5,000 alarms, I suppose).  But at least my alarms don’t try to be something they aren’t.  They are your old, average run-of-the-mill morning alert signals…no frilly songs, or lyrics, or promptings to be the “eye” of anything.  So, there.

This mindless babble does in fact have a point, which goes a lil’ somethin’ like this- when I heard “Eye of the Tiger” this morning and realized I actually had to get out of bed, I was effing P-O’d -  Grumpy Missgrumperton, Rudy Mcrudypants, Hater Mchaterson.  MAD at the world and that ridiculous ring tone for disrupting my beauty sleep after a very long, and draining yesterday.  The “mood” lasted for several minutes until breakfast happened and husby of the year cleaned the ENTIRE kitchen, and then I got happy.  But that was WAY short-lived because we already ate all of the bananas and it’s only Wednesday. Why wouldn’t that put me over the edge? My current state of mind is actually pretty darn good and quite frankly, I have no explination for this surge of joy.  Are ya pickin’ up what I’m putting down? I’m cerifiable.  Oh, speaking of bananas…


 Um, I’m sorry but I can’t stop staring at the picture to the right, wondering how many minutes flat it would take me to eat all seven jars of these “ready to eat cakes” .  Banana Chocolate Fudge, Banana Peanut Butter, Banana Salted Caramel…I just fainted.

Ok, I’m back…Banana Toasted Coconut…and don’t forget the cheesecakes (including Banana Gingersnap, Banana Strawberry, Banana Tirimisu)!  I passed out again.

Thanks to Bananappeal, we (me and you, and your friends, and my friends, etc) can enjoy “all-natural, ready to eat, banana based” sweet goodness whenever the heck we want.

Syyyyyke. We can’t gorge ourselves on bananas and naughty just yet. According to their Facebook page, they are currently “unavailable” while they handle some “business maintenance”.   Not sure what that means, but I’m going to be praying to the cake-in-jar gods that it happens sometime soon, even though they don’t exactly meet my new eatin’ criteria.

In the meantime, feel free to stalk them along with me at their freaking insanely cute website, Facebook & Twitter pages.  I’m just gonna call them and hang up repeatedly until someone answers.  Hopefully they don’t have caller I.D.

Yey for Banana madness!


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  1. Courtney Tucker says:

    That was great, and funny, lol the song would drive me mad too!
    I enjoy reading what you write, the style of it, I mean, really nice and different!

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