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Hi.  I’m Jenny.  I have a food addiction.

I have no plans of seeking treatment.  Is that bad?

Nope!  It’s not bad.  In fact, it’s awesome!  Especially when my addiction brings me healthy surprises like this, um…healthy surprise, from…Healthy Surprise (dot coooooooooommmmm)!  Okay, enough weird.  For serious – the awesome peeps over at Healthy Surprise recently sent me a box to sample, and they pretty much had me at “hello”.  This box was packed, and I mean overflowing with snacks, all of them “healthy” meaning they are always vegan and gluten free, probably kosher and organic, and never containing soy, GMO’s or MSG.  Bonus?  All of the snacks in the box are FULL-SIZE.  Disco!!

The box contained a few of my faves, coupled with some brand new snackities of which the hub and I are still knee – deep in sampling.  Here’s what we got:


  • Cocomo Joe Cocomocorn: I love, and I mean LOVE popcorn of all shapes and sizes.  I was slightly bummed that this coconut sugar/nectar variety wasn’t crunchier.  But, the taste was still pretty darn good, so I’m thinkin’I might just have gotten a bum bag.  Willing to go out on 1 more date to be sure.
  • Apple Pie Coco-Roons: I was thinking I might fill my bathtub with these.  Then I’d lock myself in my bathroom and see how long it would take me to eat them.  Probably about 4 minutes.  They are perfection.
  • Happy Hemp: Passport to happiness?  I’m in.


  • PitayaPlus Dried Pitaya: This superfruit hails from Central America where it is pollinated by Bats & Moths.  That’s kinda neat.  Haven’t tasted it yet, but I’ll keep ya posted like a note (you know, a Post-It note).  Ba-dum-dum.
  • barefruit crunchy cinnamon apple chips: Fan-freaking-tab.
  • Larabar Chocolate Chip Brownie: Hubby approved.
  • Hail Merry Orange Rosemary Pecans: I love Hail Merry snacks.  I love em’ so much I married em’.  True story.




  • Sun Biotics Organic Gourmet Probiotic Snacks Cheesy Almonds: Pending taste-test
  • Go Raw Organic Lemon Super Cookies:  I won’t lie.  I wanna love these, but I kinda-sorta despise them.  Hubby thinks they’re the awesomest so I still consider that a win.
  • Gone Nuts Spinach PestoI really wish I liked pesto.  It’s weird because I love basil.  Just not pesto.  Anyway – the husby said these were fantastic.  Fan-freakin’-tastic.
  • Home Free Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies:  These were insanely good.  I mean they are chocolate chip cookies so you can’t really go wrong.  But on the “awesome tasting dainty lil’ chocolate chip cookies” scale, these are like, a 47.  Just sayin’.
  • Thunderbird Energetica Almond Cookie Pow-Wow: Blah!  Sorry Thunderbird Energetica, I really did not like the taste of this bar.  Texture was a win.  But…eh. Wah.
  • That’s it Fruit Bars: These were the bomb.  The B-O-M-B.  Yea, I just said that (times 2). After taking my first bite, I searched the label high & low to find where the hidden ingredients were listed.  But there are none.  Just fruit.  That’s it.  And, that’s awesome.

Everything you need know about Healthy Surprise is below.  It’s totally worth getting one of your own, in my opinion.  Santa?  If you are reading this (and I totally know you are), we would like to add this to our Christmas list…ASAP.  You can leave it under the tree next to my puppy.


Healthy surprise sends you a box every month filled with the highest quality snacks that you are 110% guaranteed to love.


  • For the “Starter” box, you get approx. 16-20 servings
  • For the “Healthy” box, you get approx. 32-40 servings
  • For the “Large” box you get approx. 50-60  servings



 All snacks are vegan/ dairy /gluten /soy free!  Products contain no GMOs chemicals or “funny sounding ingredients”.  When avail. organic ingredients/snacks are chosen.



Don’t forget to check out a bazillion other cool subscriptions via my Insanely Huge Directory of Subscription Boxes.  Party!

Financial compensation was not received for this post.  A sample product was gifted from Healthy Surprise. The opinions provided in this post are solely my own.  For questions or concerns about this product, please contact the product provider directly. See additional disclaimers.



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