About the Awesome


You are here, because you have been secretly brainwashed and on the count of three…just kidding. For serious: The Mama Goods (formerly five-style-high) is a blog / website / portal to the unknown that compiles some of the coolest / trendiest / unique websites, products, subscription boxes, services & more and showcases them with a short review and funny anecdotes to create a “one-stop-shop” for awesome.  I also brag about my baby and showcase my superior parenting skills.  Ha ha.  Just kidding.  I have no clue what I’m doing!  Do you?


Awesome arrives to me in lots of different ways – in addition to a whole lotta’ diggin’ and lots of hours hunting (this is blood, sweat and tears people!), I hear about cool stuff via word of mouth from friends and colleagues and through the walls of my condo (just kidding, I’m not that crazy of a stalker…or, am I?).

I stumble upon it on the internets, and also read about it in print or hear about it on TV or radio.

The short answer (or, long. But who’s counting?) – It comes from everywhere I can find it.


Click here and start reading.  If you are interested in something particular, you can find it fast by clicking on the individual categories in the sidebar.  If you want this to be super easy for you, give me your email address (in the “Subscribe” section over there—–>) and you’ll get notified every time I post something incredibly awesome.  It’s that simple.

Please don’t forget to give feedback!  Tell me if it’s awesome by sharing it, liking it, leaving a comment about it, etc.  Let me know when I’m a jerkface and you’re mad at me by saying nothing and pretending you like me anyway.  Ok, fine.  You can tell me when you think something I say (or do) is dumb and stupid or whatever it is that makes your blood boil. Although, that will likely never ever, ever, ever happen, infinity, never ever, squared. Seriously, it won’t.

In a nutshell (a really, really big one), ya, neva, eva know what the CEOA (Chief Editor of Awesome – me, Jenny) might do to surprise you.  Ha ha.  That title is so ridiculous.

YEY! Ok, bye.