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[ 0 ] August 15, 2013 |

BestowedHello.  My name is Jenny and I’m a snack-a-holic. It’s been 265 days since my last confession….Thank god for subscription box companies like Bestowed – without their healthy snacks, I’d probably weigh about 4,000 pounds.  True.  Story.

I have to say I was really stoked to get this box and I love that you can purchase some of the products directly from their online store.  Even better?  All of the products in each box are hand selected by Heather Bauera nationally recognized nutrition expert, author and entrepreneur – who, I might add, has been on like, a ton of prime time shows like GMA, The Talk, Access Hollywood, etc. So, you can be confident that your snacks are approved by a registered dietician.  That’s pretty awesome, right?

Here’s the deets:



Get an assortment of healthy and delicious food, snacks, and beverages — delivered to your door every month. All products are carefully selected by celebrity nutritionist and author Heather Bauer and every box is loaded with insider tips, recipes, and more


  • You get 5-7 curated food and lifestyle products each month.


  •  $19 bucks a month (including shipping)


COUPON!!!  Get $5 bucks off your monthly or annual subscription when they use the code 5OFFBSTOWED01 at checkout.


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Here’s what I got in my box:


DSC_0018Gluten Free Balance Bar Dark Chocolate Coconut:  It’s as if Bestowed read my mind.  If it has chocolate and coconut, I’m all over it.  Love.DSC_0027Sea Snax:  I was probably least excited about these guys – probably because I’m not a huge fan of them (I’ve tried them in other boxes).  The hubby seems to like em’ though, so it was a win!


Hemp Hearts!  I swear by these and will sprinkle them on just about anything including cereal and salad.  Although I typically get the organic version, these babies are perfect to take on the road with us when visiting the fam.


We got some California Olive Ranch EVOO samples and some Acai Berry Nut Butter by Artisana.  I would marry olive oil if I could so we used these right away.  We put the nut butter in our sample drawer in our pantry – it’s always fun to make some toast on a Saturday and grab a new treat to spread.

DSC_0032And, my fave in the box (other than the chocolate coconut dream) were these Way Better sweet chili tortilla chips.  I’m a sucker for chips of all shapes and sizes.  I absolutely do not descriminate….Its hard to believe I didn’t devour these before taking a pic.

DSC_0028The final consensus?  My belly was pleased with this box, fo-sho.  Be sure to hook yourself up with a subscription by clicking here – $19 bucks for some healthy snack present every month?  Totally worth it.  Totes.  Totes-y.

Financial compensation was not received for this post.  A sample product was gifted from Bestowed.  The opinions provided in this post are solely our own.  For questions or concerns about these products, please contact the product provider directly. This post contains affiliate links.  See additional disclaimers.

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[ 0 ] July 18, 2013 |

Munchit ReviewThis box has the best name ever.  Munchit.  Loveit.  But besides the killer name, it also has a totally sweet concept – weekly portion-controlled snack deliveries.  If you are anything like 99% of the universe, portion control is like, the hardest part of eating.  Sure, I can eat something healthy…but, then I eat 52 servings of it (oh, hello 9,000 calories!).

The awesome thing about this box is that they take the guess work out of your healthy snack time by providing weekly boxes of goodies, each of which include a couple of organic treats and a 180-calorie serving of their custom Munchit mix  (such as Banana Split, Blind Date & Sas Squash).  Ha ha.  Love that one!

You create an online account and select your faves.  The Munchit team chooses the mix, treat(s) & tea and sends that baby to your doorstep. Here’s the scoop:



Munchit aims to help consumers snack smarter by delivering all-natural, portion-controlled snacks through the mail (delivered weekly).


  • You get a recycle box, hand-packed with 1 of 10 custom Munchit mixes, an organic treat, a piece of organic chewing gum & a hot or cold brew tea bag


  •  $3.58 a week (including shipping)
  • NOTE:  They currently only deliver to Delaware, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington DC and West Virginia.  But, they are working on opening up delivery to the full US check back often!


Since this box is brand new, the first 300 people to sign up for Munchit will receive a FREE box!  The Munchit team will let you know if you are eligible for a FREE box.

Oh, and also – In promoting a natural way of eating, Munchit also seeks to inspire others to leave a positive impact on the world around them.  They aim to keep waste & pollution to a minimum, carefully portioning out snacks and using a minimal amount of packaging and processing.


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Here’s what came in my box!

2013-07-11 16.57.46All the goods came packaged snugly in a tiny lil’ box.

2013-07-11 16.58.06I got to try the Route 66 mix which included cranberries, golden-flax seeds, golden raisins & whole almonds.  I’m a huge nut & seed fan, so this mix hit the spot for me.

2013-07-11 16.58.59

As I unpacked the box, I noticed the little personal touches throughout – like the recycled lining (a napkin to use while snacking!) and the special note letting me know that Tim (one of the co-founders) had packaged my snack for me.

2013-07-11 16.59.50For my bevvy, I received a cold brewed iced tea.  I’m not a huge fan of peach, but the husby will totally gulp this down.

2013-07-11 16.59.10Last but not least, some sugar-free Glee gum & and an organic piece of hard candy.

2013-07-11 16.59.20Oh, and I forgot.  Um, how cute is their card?  It has a bite out of it….like a little creature was munching on it…ha ha .  Munchit. Get it?  Get it?  Love.

2013-07-11 16.59.372013-07-11 17.00.04

Yey!  Start munchin’ people!


Financial compensation was not received for this post.  A sample product was gifted from Munchit. The opinions provided in this post are solely our own.  For questions or concerns about these products, please contact the product provider directly.  See additional disclaimers.

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[ 0 ] July 1, 2013 |

Funeral for my FatUm, yeah.  So, I woke up this morning feeling like an Oompa Loompa.  I swear this theme song was playing (feel free to click on the link and listen along while you read…hilarious).  Anyway – I had an AWESOME weekend hanging with my husby and some friends – and when I say “awesome”, I mean I ate a disgusting amount of food.  Disgusting.

Mexican Dinner on Friday, followed by lunch on Saturday in Beacon Hill, followed by a huge Italian dinner at Monicas in the North End.  Oh, and in between those lovely feeding frenzies we had a Robert Downey Jr. sighting.  Yes ladies.  Ironman.  Walking his baby.  Not gonna lie – I probably could’ve eatin’ him (and his baby) too – but luckily I had just devoured lunch so it was gonna be tough to fit anything else in my belly.  I needed at least 7 minutes before I was to feed again.  And, by that time, he and his offspring had gone.

When all was said and done, the hub and I polished off a box (no, not 1, but a BOX) of Italian cookies from my fave North End bakery…Bovas. It’s as if the fat cells in my body were screaming for me to give em’ the goods – and, me (not wanting to see them suffer), obliged with lots of white bread and sugar. I’m gross-y Jocie.

Worse? It’s not even like I starve myself during the week…So I’m not sure why I couldn’t control myself this weekend. I eat healthy/work out all week and give myself 1 day (usually Saturday) to eat whatever my heart desires.  You know, 37 donuts, 18 cupcakes, a whole entire bag of Oreos…whatevs.   Either way, I awoke to the songs of my people (you know, the Oompa Loompas) and realized it was time to jump, I mean “roll” back into the action.


When I’m not stuffing my weekend-face, I’ve been addicted (and I mean ADDICTED) to the POPSUGAR Fitness channel on youtube.  Not only are the videos a-w-e-s-o-m-e, but they are F-R-E-E free and that’s pretty sweet for people like me who can’t stay motivated without variety. I’m such a 5 year old.

Anyway, while they have some 45 minute videos, most are 10 minutes so you can mix and match.  And, let me tell you – these chicks make you work for it in those shorty seshions.  Here’s a sampling of what I did today -

In addition to the Bootie Burning Workout from Sarah Jessica Parker’s trainer (above), I also did an Upper Body Workout and Flat Belly Workout - total of around 30 minutes.  I’ll be finishing it off with a lil’ power walk after work.  And, that’s how it’s done.

Moral of the story?  These work outs are awesome. Try em’.  You’ll like em’.

Let’s have a moment of silence…for my fat rolls.

Oh, and P.S.  I’ve decided that I need to be a dog owner, like pronto-saurus-rex. I’m ready for dog slobber and poop bags.  So, if you see this dog over the holidays, please let him know I want to be his best friend, like…yesterday.  Please & Thank you. Okay, bye.

Blue Sunglasses

Awesome dog in sunglasses image (via(disclaimers)

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[ 0 ] June 18, 2013 |

Do you love popcorn?  I love popcorn.  There have been times in my life when I’ve wanted to date popcorn…even marry it. It’s a torrid poppity love affair I never wish to end.  Pipsnacks?  You-da-man.


Pipcorn is the awesomest because it’s the brainchild of bro & sis team Jen & Jeff  (Jen’s digestive issues were the catalyst behind these mini-popcorn delights).  Each 1/2 size popcorn bite is gluten-free and vegan. And, my BFF Oprah featured these cuties on her fave things episode one year, so you know they are legit.  I was lucky enough to taste them in one my subscription boxes, and can’t wait to order a bunch more soon.  Here’s a couple that have caught my eye (feel free to stalk away!).


KETTLE PIPCORN: Kettle Pipcorn is a take on a classic. With blended light brown sugar, sea salt and a touch of cinnamon. You had me at “brown sugar”.  Find your 3 pack here (for $18 bucks).

pipcorn kettle

 ROSEMARY PIPCORNRosemary Pipcorn is the most popular flavor. It is seasoned with homemade rosemary sea salt.  Yes, yes, yes.  Find your 3 pk here (for $18 bucks)

pipcorn rosemaryWHITE TRUFFLE PIPCORNWhite Truffle is a delicious new addition to the flavors at Pipcorn. It is decadent and utterly irresistable.  This was the flavor I had the opportunity to try (which consequently resulted in said torrid love affair).  Find your 3 pk here (for $18 buckaroonis).

pipcorn white truffle




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[ 2 ] January 17, 2013 |

…speaking of water…I’m a sucker for any product that supports a good cause.  And Faucet Face does that, while also being so darn cute.

Faucet Face is a super cool company that wants to bring back tap water’s dignity via their glass drinking bottles.  Why?  Cuz’ everything tastes awesomer in glass!  Oh, and because glass doesn’t have the same nasty stuff you find in many of the plastic water bottles you can buy at the store – it’s BPA free, reusable (saving you over $300 bucks a year) and it doesn’t leach chemicals.  Ew…leaches.

Anyway – In their pursuit to make tap water be way cooler than bottled water, they’ve also teamed up with TMA.  Guess what that means?  5% of the profits from each bottle sold goes toward building BioSand filters for people in rural India.  They really need it.  Read all about that here.

I’m not sure if I’m 100% ready to go tap.  I don’t buy bottled usually, but I do filter at home.  And, I’d be happy to transfer my home filtered water (& my Sassy Water!) to these fancy lil’ glass bottles until I get the skinny on my local water (check out your local water here).  Plus, I’ll be helping out some peeps that need it AND keeping those nasty chemicals outta my bad bod. Win-Win-Wincycle.  Find yours:  here (for $15 bucks each).  Oh, and get discounts by purchasing more! Oh, man…I’m so thirsty now.



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