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[ 0 ] July 8, 2013 |

Happy first day back to work after having 4 glorious days off!

I’m sorry.  That’s insensitive.  If it makes you feel any better, I have two new friends taking residence on my ass after all of the vacation desserting – I call them pound 1 and pound 2.  They’re stupid and so is the end of vacation.  The only thing NOT stupid about this ploopy day are these awesome dishes.  I mean…it doesn’t get much better than cute lil’ animals shouting naughty words from your dessert plate.

Besides Dying Turtle PlateI’ll be honest.  It’s unclear to me what inspired this fancy china (designed by My Only Regret (besides dying)) – All I know is that it reminds me of my youth – you know, when you’re about 7 years old and think you are the awesomest for saying the word “poop” in the library above whisper level.  And, that my friends…makes me happy. Here’s a couple of my faves.  Feel free to stalk your heart out and offend your house guests!


Savanna Style Dirty Dishes (set of 4 mugs) – These lil’ African creatures are just cussing away about lady & man parts (click on the gallery below to see the R rated version).  Find em’:  here (for $43 bucks).  

Savanna Style Dirty Dishes

Dirty Dishes G rated Beer Steins (set of 4) – See what I’m saying?  I don’t think there will ever be a time in my life when the word “wiener” doesn’t make me break into hysterical fits of laughter.  Find em’:  here (for $54 bucks).Dirty Dishes Rated G Beer Steins

Dinosaur Dirty Dishes Coaster Set of 4:  These dinosaurs are super in trouble for saying these words. That said, these could be pretty cool floating around the bar in your dudes man cave.  Find em’:  here (for $23 bucks)

Dinosaurs Coasters

Ok, I feel dirty now.  Must shower.

Love these.





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[ 0 ] July 3, 2013 |

Hand Picked WordsUm, how cool is that that there are subscription’s out there for just about every person, hobby and lifestyle?  Pretty cool.  Pretty darn cool, darn it.  I recently had the opportunity to test out the Hand Picked Words Book Lover’s Box!  Well, it’s not really a “box” since the books arrive to you via email, buuuuut you get what feels like a “box” of goodies in your inbox, so it’s kinda-sorta the same thing right?  Either way, it’s an awesome concept, and yey for saving lots of trees!

Fellow librarians, bookworms, and…well, any ol’ peep that likes a good read, meet your new online book subscription bestie:

Hand-Picked Words


Hand-Picked Words is a monthly box for book lovers. A feast of delicious poems, short stories, letterpress art, books, and more will arrive at your door (or your inbox) every month. This is what publishing looks like when it’s envisioned and curated by writers: generous, artisanal, and equally supportive of both writers and readers .


  • You get four exciting shorter pieces and two fascinating, fun-to-read books, sent right to your email.
  • All are sent in epub format, so you can pop them right into the ereader of your choice


  • $ 15 bucks a month for the general-interest book box
  • Be on the look-out for new genres coming soon (including Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Culinary/Foodie/Romance/Chick Lit, etc)


COUPON! Get $15 off your first order!  Just enter coupon code 5STYLEHIGH at checkout.




THE DANNY:  “‘The Danny’ is a remarkable collection of short stories that span the rainbow from a zombie apocalypse to a coming-of-age summer. Brand Gamblin visits a series of reliable old tropes and turns each of them on its head, in surprising, funny, and often heart-warming ways.”  You had me at “Zombies”.

Hand Picked Words The Danny

BUTTER YOURSELF UP:  JOYFUL MEAL PLANNING FOR BUSY PEOPLE:  This one is written by the girl behind the Hand Picked Words subscription, Miss Danica Stone!   “The book starts out with a short guide explaining how to save time, money, and have more fun with your food; adds a ton of fun facts (did you know that both lard and olive oil are extremely high in antioxidants?); and closes with 52 handy week-long worksheets that let the reader plan their own meals quickly and easily.”

Hand Picked Words Butter Yourself Up

RUBEN’S LUCK:  “‘Ruben’s Luck’ is a quirky look at the way the daily grind can wear us down, and the simple changes in perspective that make it better.” Can’t wait to read this one!

Hand Picked Words Ruben's Luck

I also got, “Until Mount Etna Speaks”, a poem by David Rounds, a memoir-in-progress from Jennifer Derilo, and “I Am So Alone by letterpress artist Matt Runkle, which speaks to his “warped look at celebrity, pop culture, and ice cream”.

All in all, a diverse “box” of reads, perfect for a day hangin’ in the sun or curled up in a blanky. Time to start reading and save some beauty-ful trees! Be sure to check out the Insanely Huge Directory of Subscription Boxes before you leave. Weeeeeeeeeeeee!

Financial compensation was not received for this post.  A sample product was gifted from Hand Picked Words. The opinions provided in this post are solely our own.  For questions or concerns about these products, please contact the product provider directly.  See additional disclaimers.



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[ 0 ] May 20, 2013 |

Yeeeeeee haw!  I’m back in the saddle from Seattle!  Did you miss me?  Didja?  Didja?  I hope so, because I missed you ever so much…

I have to say that the  awesomest thing about coming back from vacation is the tower of packages that were patiently waiting for my sticky lil’ fingers to tear them open.  The worst part? Realizing that the second I stepped foot into my house again, my fabulous vacation away from big-kid life was over.  Wah-wah.

Back to work, back to being an “adult” (well, kinda sorta), and back to all of those lovely grown up responsibilities that were also piling up for me while I was away.  The only natural thing I could do was drink wine.  So, I drank wine.  Lots of it.

Oh, aaaaaaaaaaaaand, thanks to FunSlurp I had some sweet imbibing-goodies.  Unique gift givers and fellow prank-product lovers?  Meet your new friendship.

 Yey !!!  So, who the heck is FunSlurp???

HERE’S WHAT THEY SAY (in a nutshell):  “ offers awesome Unique Products, Gag Gifts, and Pranks”.

HERE’S WHAT I SAY:  This place seriously has some unique stuff.  And, it’s not just gag gifts and prank stuff (although I find those products ridiculously fabulous and totes wanna cause trouble).  No, no.  They have stuff for EVERYONE:

  • Facial hair lovers who like to drink cold beverages?  Hook yourself up with a Mustache Ice Cube Tray.
  • Wanna make sure your neighbors know you brought the steaks to the block party?  Better get the BBQ Branding Iron.
  • Oh, lady cupcake bakers?  How about measuring out those fancy ingredients with your beauty-ful Flower Measuring Cups?

Life is crazy as it is.  I say, why not add a lil’ spice to it (in the form of unique stuff from FunSlurp, duh).  Feel free to take a peek at what they hooked me up with, and stalk your prankster heart out:


WINE CADDY:  I mean, what says “drink me” more than a bottle of liquid fancy dressed in Lederhosen?  Find yours:  here (for $12.49)

funslurp wine caddy

MUSTACHE COASTERS:  When I opened these up I LOL’d a little bit.  Every coaster is a different mustache shape – including this one (my fave) – Kinda makes me wanna call up the Mariachi brothers and make a total fool of myself.  Si Senor…Si. Find yours:  here (for $ bucks).

funslurp coaster 1

funslurp coaster 2

And, last but certainly NOT least is the BACON BALM.  Bacon lips?  Meet your new bestie. It’s as if this lip balm was made for me.  Seriously, if you love bacon, this balm (I hate that word, but this balm is the bomb!) is too legit to quit. I can’t believe how true to taste it was.  Sue-weeeeeeeeeeee!   Find yours:  here (for $ bucks).

funslurp bacon balm

Hope you are having a FABULOUS Monday.

Time for me to obsessively apply and lick off my bacon balm.

It’s gonna be disgusting.

PEACE, LOVE and FunSlurp!



Financial compensation was not received for this post.  Sample products were gifted from FunSlurp. The opinions provided in this post are solely our own.  For questions or concerns about these products, please contact the product provider directly.   This post contains affiliate links.  See additional disclaimers.

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OH, DON’T MIND ME…JUST HANGIN’ TOUGH WITH {boy band sentiments}

[ 0 ] March 14, 2013 |

Boy Band Sentiments Std

Oh, the days.  The days when I danced around the house in my hammer pants and bum equipment sweatshirt swoonin’ over Donnie Wahlburg.  My moves were undeniable.  My bangs?  At least 10 inches high.  It was the year I broke up with my boyfriend because he had a funny haircut.  Besides, it was only a matter of time before Donnie came to my junior high school and professed his love.   Step by Step, oooohhhh baby.  Really wantcha in my wor-er-er-er-ald.  Yes, Donnie.  I accept. 

Cue screeching record and calendar rapidly flipping (ahem) twenty-three years (P.S. I just barfed), and the boys are back!  In celebration of their return, I’d like all of my birthday cards to come from these peeps:

BOY BAND SENTIMENTS “Hang Tough”.  Still to this day I have no clue what “Hangin Tough” means.  But, I’m totally going to start saying it as a throwback to my youth (find it: here for $3.50).

Hang Tough Boy Band Sentiments

….My fave?  BOY BAND SENTIMENTS ”The Right Stuff (4pk)”.  I’ve totally got the right stuff!  Don’t be jelly of my status.  Furthermore, since my birthday is a multi-day affair, these cards would probably be the most suitable pick to honor and celebrate my existance (Find em’:  here for $8 bucks).

NKOTB Boy Band Sentiments

New Kids not your thang?  Boy Band Sentiments has you covered.  Check out these other great “boy band” cards and generously stalk this killer Etsy shop:


Let’s party.

(NKOTB image via)

See additional disclaimers.

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[ 2 ] February 27, 2013 |

Guuuummmmmy bears!! Bouncing here and there and every-wheeeerrrre…..Oh sorry.  I’m not sure if you have been introduced to the giant gummy bear yet, but I’m pretty sure this is the awesomest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.  My birthday is coming up and it would be pretty sweet to get one of these.  I’d then lock myself in a closet and stuff my grill for…I don’t know…27 days or so?

Prepare to drool:

convinced it couldn’t get any better than a giant gummy bear? Think again:  


ha.ha.ha. Thank you Vat19 gifts for such awesomness.

Happy “day I hate to spell”

P.S. If you’re not yet familiar with my loathing of spelling the word “Wednes…” (ew) click here)

P.S.S.  Gummy Snake.



This post contains affiliate links.

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