Super Duper Subscription Box Coupons, News & Winner Announcement!

[ 2 ] July 11, 2013 |

Yey!  It’s that time of the week where subscription boxes rule.  AND, today (in addition to some sweet coups & news) I am announcing the winner of the June Glossybox American Beauty Box.  Ready?  The winner name is going to be announced in 3…2……1……boom.

June Glossy Box WinnerAnd now for more of the good stuff:

Subscription Box Exclusives

Speaking of Glossybox…How awesome is this Limited Edition Wedding Box?  Wedding season has officially arrived & this box would be a totally sweet addition.  Click here to get your weddin’ box, packed with $120 worth of beauty products for only $40 bucks!  Keep browsing below for a Glossybox coupon…

Glossybox Wedding Box_July 11Oh, and “this just in” – I’ve got an awesome box review (and Giveaway) coming your way next week-ish via the Goodies Co.!

goodiescoI am STOKED to hook you up with an UBER exclusive sneak peek of the Goodies Co.’s August Kids Tasters’ Box – the snack subscription service’s newest box!

The hub and I are very happy subscribers of the big kid version and even though we don’t have any little kidlings running around yet, I’m happy to share the Goodies Co. Kids Tasters’ Box with all my fave mama’s out there!

Stay tuned.  And, feel free to read all about the grown up Goodies Co. Tasters’ Box here via my Insanely Huge Directory of Subscription Boxes.  It’s only $7 bucks a month including shipping.  Every month we get lots of FULL SIZE products to taste.  You won’t be disappointed.  Pinky-prom.  Stalking assistance below:


Other box reviews heading your way next week include the Tackle Grab (via a subscription based online fishing retailer) and a brand new all-natural snack box called Munchit!  Can’t wait.  In the meantime here’s some box-a-licious codes

Green Kids Crafts: Save 20% on fun and educational activities this summer!

August’s Around the World Discovery Box is shaping up to be one of (their) best yet with three projects that take little ones to Australia to create their very own Rock Art, China to design beautiful New Year’s Kites, and Guatemala to assemble Worry Dolls.

Save 20% on fun & educational activity kits from Green Kid Crafts!

Expires 8/31/13. Click here to grab it – No coupon code needed! Yey for adventure!!! Whooooo hooo!

Escape Monthly:  This new box seems super fancy, and I must have it at once!  Sign up for this boxity and you’ll get a care package in the mail every month, designed specifically to help you De-stress and escape for the chaos of every day life.  SIGN. ME. UP.  Best part?  The first 100 subscribers will get 20% off (FOR LIFE!) by entering coupon code YOURESCAPE at check out. Click here to snag it!  I’m on this like white on rice.  Stay tuned for a product review (and giveaway) in the next month or so!!escapemonthly


hello freshHelloFresh:  Only a couple days left of the HelloFresh $20 buck off deal!

Click here to order and use code AHELLOSUMMER to get your $20 bucks off.

Expires 7-15-13.

Hurry hurry for deliciousness!





Last but certainly not least, we’ve got Glossybox. More awesome.

My faves over at Glossybox have a sweet gift with purchase promotion!

Now through July 29th, first time subscribers will get a bonus nail polish by using the code SUMMER at checkout.

Just click the image to the right to hook yourself up.



Aaaaaaaand, that’s all folks! For now.  I have some super nifty non-subscription box related stuff I’ll be posting in the beginning of next week so stay tuned!  Happy Friday!


Financial compensation was not received for this post.  The opinions provided in this post are solely our own.  For questions or concerns about these products, please contact the product providers directly. This post contains affiliate links.  See additional disclaimers.

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[ 0 ] July 3, 2013 |

Hippity, happity day I hate to spell!  I have a bunch of boxes to post about today as I have been completely backed up on product reviews. Links are below for your readin’ pleasure…

I hope your week is awesome, so far!  I’m looking forward to celebrating the fourth with friends, a couple-a tasty beverages and some sunshine (please don’t rain, Boston).  Be safe and enjoy this awesomely long weekend celebrating the U.S. of A.  Hooray!

subscriptionboxreviews&reveals Bro Box


Glossy Box May & June Box Reveals

Glossy Box Year Of Beauty

Hot Spot T-Shirts


Hand-Picked Words Book Lover’s Box

Hand Picked Words

Bespoke Post April & May Box Reveal

Bespoke Post Cue

See additional disclaimers.

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CUE’ & REFRESH {Some Kick-Ass Bespoke Post Box Reveals}

[ 0 ] July 3, 2013 |

shesays littleYee-haw!  It’s another post co-written by my man.

Here’s the husby’s take on his April Bespoke Post delivery – Cue‘. This box was most-def a win for both of us, P.S.  I also included the pics from the May Refresh Box (below).  It came just in time for some work travel.

If you wanna hook yourself (or your fave man-dude) up with this box, visit the Men’s Subscription Boxes section of the Insanely Huge Directory of Subscription Boxes. Otherwise, feast your eyes on these babies (in the words of da’ man):

hesaysIf Bespoke was a chick, it would totally be winning me over. First some slick duds to class up my dress attire from the Threaded box.

And now a treasure trove of barbequing delight. Ohh Bespoke… its like you’ve known me for years… wait. Have you been watching me this whole time? Creepy.

This next installment from Bespoke pulls together a bunch of grilling stuff that will make you a Chopped Champion or an Iron Chef …well it’ll definitely maybe make your burgers better at least.

Here’s what came in the box:

Bespoke Post Cue

Get your plank on! No true bbq master should be without a set of these Hickory, Cedar & Alder Grill Planks via Outdoor Gourmet. I already had a set, except, I was rushing one day and didn’t soak them thoroughly – so yeah, I had a set. Good news is the wifey mandates we have fire extinguishers everywhere.

DSC_0494Bespoke also pulled together a generous set of gourmet bbq spice rubs (Chipotle & Honey Rub, Moroccan Harissa Rub & Chimichurri Seasoning via Whole Spice), a jar of Summer Southern Honey (via TruBee Honey), and a whole grinders-worth of Wynad Single-Estate Peppercorn from India (via Salt Traders). Personally, I think all a good steak needs is some salt, pepper, olive oil and a great sear, but im looking forward to trying the assorted dry rubs.




A glob of Sir Kensington’s Gourmet Classic Scooping ketchup or Tin’s Whole Grain Artisan Mustard pair perfectly with some nicely charred dogs or brats. But never together. Ketchup AND mustard? That’s just gross.


DSC_0498And if that wasn’t enough, a couple bags of Food Should Taste Good Jalapeno and Blue Corn chips to stoke your hunger while you slow smoke that rack of luscious ribs.


Barbeque Awesomeness.  Next on the list?  The Refresh box – filled with all the stuff a dude needs to stay stylin’ while out on the open road:

Bespoke Refresh

This box included a ton of stuff.  Click on any of the links below to scope em’ out for yourself.  Click on the gallery pics to get a closer look…

DOPP KIT via Blue Claw Co. / Double Hitter 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner + Reformer Matte Finish Texturizer via MITCH by Paul Mitchell/ Handmade Gold Moss Soap via Sasquatch Soap Co. / Face Wash via Cremo Company / Lotion + Body Powder via Gold Bond / Mint Toothpaste via Marvis / Drinker’s Multivitamin via Drinkwel

See why this box is so awesome?  Yeah, we do too.  Hook yourself up here ($45 bucks / month including shipping).


This post contains affiliate links.  All Bespoke Post boxes have been provided via referral credits.  See additional disclaimers.


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[ 0 ] July 3, 2013 |

Hand Picked WordsUm, how cool is that that there are subscription’s out there for just about every person, hobby and lifestyle?  Pretty cool.  Pretty darn cool, darn it.  I recently had the opportunity to test out the Hand Picked Words Book Lover’s Box!  Well, it’s not really a “box” since the books arrive to you via email, buuuuut you get what feels like a “box” of goodies in your inbox, so it’s kinda-sorta the same thing right?  Either way, it’s an awesome concept, and yey for saving lots of trees!

Fellow librarians, bookworms, and…well, any ol’ peep that likes a good read, meet your new online book subscription bestie:

Hand-Picked Words


Hand-Picked Words is a monthly box for book lovers. A feast of delicious poems, short stories, letterpress art, books, and more will arrive at your door (or your inbox) every month. This is what publishing looks like when it’s envisioned and curated by writers: generous, artisanal, and equally supportive of both writers and readers .


  • You get four exciting shorter pieces and two fascinating, fun-to-read books, sent right to your email.
  • All are sent in epub format, so you can pop them right into the ereader of your choice


  • $ 15 bucks a month for the general-interest book box
  • Be on the look-out for new genres coming soon (including Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Culinary/Foodie/Romance/Chick Lit, etc)


COUPON! Get $15 off your first order!  Just enter coupon code 5STYLEHIGH at checkout.




THE DANNY:  “‘The Danny’ is a remarkable collection of short stories that span the rainbow from a zombie apocalypse to a coming-of-age summer. Brand Gamblin visits a series of reliable old tropes and turns each of them on its head, in surprising, funny, and often heart-warming ways.”  You had me at “Zombies”.

Hand Picked Words The Danny

BUTTER YOURSELF UP:  JOYFUL MEAL PLANNING FOR BUSY PEOPLE:  This one is written by the girl behind the Hand Picked Words subscription, Miss Danica Stone!   “The book starts out with a short guide explaining how to save time, money, and have more fun with your food; adds a ton of fun facts (did you know that both lard and olive oil are extremely high in antioxidants?); and closes with 52 handy week-long worksheets that let the reader plan their own meals quickly and easily.”

Hand Picked Words Butter Yourself Up

RUBEN’S LUCK:  “‘Ruben’s Luck’ is a quirky look at the way the daily grind can wear us down, and the simple changes in perspective that make it better.” Can’t wait to read this one!

Hand Picked Words Ruben's Luck

I also got, “Until Mount Etna Speaks”, a poem by David Rounds, a memoir-in-progress from Jennifer Derilo, and “I Am So Alone by letterpress artist Matt Runkle, which speaks to his “warped look at celebrity, pop culture, and ice cream”.

All in all, a diverse “box” of reads, perfect for a day hangin’ in the sun or curled up in a blanky. Time to start reading and save some beauty-ful trees! Be sure to check out the Insanely Huge Directory of Subscription Boxes before you leave. Weeeeeeeeeeeee!

Financial compensation was not received for this post.  A sample product was gifted from Hand Picked Words. The opinions provided in this post are solely our own.  For questions or concerns about these products, please contact the product provider directly.  See additional disclaimers.



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[ 0 ] July 3, 2013 |

Here’s a super sweet gift for your mansicle if he likes rockin’ an awesome tee.  Fellow craft brewery and pub lovin’ fools, I present to you…Hot Spot Monthly:HotSpot

I’m pretty sure a dude can never have too many t-shirts in his closet. He needs a t-shirt to work out in, one for under his fancy work outfit, another for watching TV, one for fixin’ stuff, and one for farting in.  Ew.  That’s gross.  But, oh so true.  HotSpot Monthly has come up with a brilliant idear – curating t-shirts from all over the universe that represent some of the hottest spots (see where the name ties in there smarty pants?), popping them in a box and sending them to dudes north, south, east and west.

Here’s the perticulars:



Hot Spot Monthly hand picks T-Shirts from the coolest hot spots from around the country, such as pubs, lounges, microbrewers, recording studios, etc. and sends them directly to your door..


  • You get 1 awesome T-shirt each month


  • $ 20 bucks a month (including shipping)
  • XXL sizes are available for $3 more per month.
  • They can also ship to addresses outside of the US for an extra $6 per month.


It’s awesome!



Here’s a peek at the T-Shirt my man received.  He’ll probably use this one for practicing his ninja moves.



On the backside of this handy lil’ card was a description of the bar: “It’s definately a craft beer crowd at Twenty Tap, though there’s also wine by the glass and a very appealing pear cider on tap.  And there’s a definite hip factor happening.  It’s a place to hang out, sure, but it’s also something of a neighborhood see-and-be-seen place” (says the Indianapolis Star).  Seems legit.


If only we lived in Indianapolis.  Well, at least we look like we’ve been there thanks to HotSpot (and, when I say “we” I mean my hubby since I tried on the T-shirt and it fit me like a maxi dress).  Anyway, hook yourself up with a subscription you T-shirt freak!  Whatcha’ waitin’ for?  Just kidding.  Take your time.  Pushy people are so annoying…

Um….Happy “word I hate to spell day!”.  Ugh, I’m babbling.  Click here for other killer Men’s Subscription Boxes.  Goodbye, then.

Financial compensation was not received for this post.  A sample product was gifted from Hot Spot Monthly. The opinions provided in this post are solely our own.  For questions or concerns about these products, please contact the product provider directly. See additional disclaimers.

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