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[ 0 ] December 13, 2012 |

Today would be a much happier day if it wasn’t Wednesday.  Oh wait, it’s Thursday.  THANK GOD.  I mean, it’s not like Wednesday is actually a bad day or anything.  In fact I felt fabulous yesterday!  It’s just that I really hate spelling the word “Wednesd….”.  Ew.  BLAH!  Why can’t it just be spelled like it sounds.  Why???

Anyway – not like this has anything to do with what I’ve been babbling about- here ya go!  I promised that there would be 5-lists for the rest of the week, and for today, I’m keepin’ that promise.  Here’s some pretty rad conversation pieces for your homestead - five of em’.  YEY!


Vintage Book Clocks  Find em’: here   (for $20 bucks & up):  Seriously check out this store. Whether your a slutty librarian, a regular librarian, or just your average person who has read a book or two, there are like, a ba-zillion varieties of book clocks waiting to be sold.  They are the awesomest.

Electric Blue Hippo Planter (find it:  here for $20 bucks).  There is no good reason why I find this so fascinating.  Hippos, although sorta-kinda cute in that “chubby baby” sorta way, are rather vicious creatures (thanks hot animal dude Dave Salmoni).  And, history suggests that I have never successfully grown a plant in my whole entire life.  Either way, I kinda-sorta need to have this like, yesterday.

Black Birdcage Lamp with Ceramic Socket (find it:  here for $45 bucks):  I am in love with this lighting and you can’t make me say anything more than that.  So there.  Buy this light (for me…).

Distortion Candlesticks (find em’:  here for $24 bucks ea.) These are so fun.  Alice & Wonderland meets Dr. Seuss and then they light a couple of candles and get all smoochy-like. Disco.

City Plates Collection / New Orleans, Las Vegas, Washington, D.C. & Dubai (find it: here for $180 bucks).  Holy cow, I love these plates.  The only problem is that they are like $45 bucks a plate.  And, unless I’m rich and totally forgot that I’m rich, I don’t see myself buying one or more $45 dollar plates anytime in the near future.  That doesn’t mean that you can’t buy them for me though.  And, when I say “you” I mean you Santa.  You are totally rich (and also quite handsome, I might add).

Ok, so that’s what I got.

Knock em’ dead!

See ya later.

Okay, bye.


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[ 2 ] September 28, 2012 |

Happy Friday fellow beer lovers!   If you didn’t get the memo, today is National Drink Beer Day and I’m already wasted!  Whoo hoo!  Just kidding.  I’m drunk with emotion, really.  As my diet doesn’t really allow for drinking beer until I pass out.  And, well..let’s be honest.  I haven’t gotten “wake up on your floor with a cracker in your mouth in a gorilla suit drunk” in forevs.  Nonetheless, I will be having a couple sippy-sips of my faves tonight in honor of this fabulous holiday and in memory of my wild and crazy youth.  Here’s 5 things I’m inspired by today:

RARE Recycled Beer Bottle Glasses made from Lips of Faith Tart Lychee and Le Terroir Beer Bottles by New Belgium Brewing:  Ladies.  There is no reason to be a savage when we are gettin’ our drink on.  These glasses make you feel like a sophisticated lush, which s totally acceptable Monday – Friday.    Find it:  here (for $30 bucks)






Six Pack of Beer  / Hipster Beer Sugar Cookies with Buttercream Frosting:  As if I wouldn’t include sweet sugary cookies in this list.  These beer bottle-shaped cookies are perfect for late night noshing.  And, they are shaped like beer, so it’s like you never stopped drinking.    Find yours: here (for $30 bucks)







porter beer-rings:  These.  Are. Awesome.  I hope the great pumpkin brings me 14 pairs for Halloween.  LOVE (oh, and they’re made from recycled beer bottle caps…) Sa-weeeeeeet!  Find em’:  here (for $20 bucks)






Periodic Table Element Black Beer Neoprene Can Cozy:  Contrary to popular belief, nerds, do in fact enjoy a libation hither and fro.  No seriously.  Nerds drink their faces off.  This is the perfect cozy for YOU, Mr. and/or Mrs. smarty pants.  Find it:  here (for $8 bucks)





BEER CAP FLOWER – “Bloom…” – Mixed Media Assemblage on Salvaged Wood (approx 5 1/4″ X 6″):  Um, who doesn’t love flowers and inspirational quotes made out of beer caps? Drink some Sam Adams while repeating the quote 5 times fast?  Drinking game.  Boom.  Find it:  here (for $24 bucks)






Drink responsibly my awesome loves!  Which means,  don’t even think about friending your ex-boss on Facebook later.  You’ll thank me in the morning.  Beer RULES!


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URBAN OFFICE {it’s a giveaway!}

[ 0 ] September 27, 2012 |

Sorry! THIS GIVEAWAY IS OVER.  Click here to see my current giveaways! 

I am a SUCKER for any kind of office product that makes my work environment feel like a chic playground.  And, Urban Office has everything we (you and me) need to make that happen.  Wait.  You haven’t met Urban Office yet?  No prob!  Let me introduce you:

Urban Office is brand spankin’ new in 2012, and they “offer unique, stylish, yet functional office supplies online”.   Score!  They “help you stay organized, prioritized and 100% efficient through the work day”. Double Score!

I have been all over their site, through and through, and I really love their style.  These fancy office goodies are easy to select by color or category (including desktop, paper and notebookstools and supplies, etc).  And, they make it super easy to pull it all together by providing Vintage, Modern and Garden Style Office Inspiration.  Annnnnnnd, if you sign up for their newsletter, you’ll get 10% off your first purchase. Yeah, baby!

Wanna know the best part?   They are giving one lucky 5-style reader a prize package, which includes the fab-a-licious products pictured above (Thomas Paul Ornithology Mousepad, set of 5 Retro Pens & Self Important Sticky Note Set).  All ya gotta do is enter via Rafflecopter below.  Don’t forget to tell your peeps about it to get lots of extra entries!   Woooot!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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[ 2 ] September 26, 2012 |

It all started a couple of days ago when I noticed a “bruised” feeling in my right heel.  Desperate to learn the cause of the stabbing pain, I made a list of what it could be:

  • Flesh eating disease?
  • Blood clot?
  • Brown Recluse bite?

Ew. I mean, there is no possible way that I injured it while exercising or something simple like that.  It has to be an incurable lady fungus. Amputation?  probably inevitable.  If only I had something to ease my mind…

What the Fu..yuck? Did ya ever have one of those moments when a choir of angels came down from the sky singing that “Hallelujah!” song?  Yeah, me neither.  But it should have happened when I found this book.  It’s pretty much the answer to my prayers.  And, well…let’s face it – the answer to the prayers of anyone that has ever had to deal with my various “ailments” over the years (parents, husband, siblings, co-workers, friends)

What the Yuck?:  The Freaky and Fabulous Truth About Your Body, is a book that I need to have in my possession pronto-saures-rex.  I mean, I’m not sure about the “fabulous truth” part, but it carries some much needed “truths” no doubt.  Thanks to Dr. Raj (Dr. Roshini Rajapaksa, if you’re feelin’ proper-like)  all of your embarrassing lady questions are answered, so that you don’t have to feel like you’re a weirdo because one boob is a millimeter bigger than the other.  And so you don’t have to wonder if you’ve caught the birdy-flu after that bird pooped on your head.  I mean, I’ve always wondered.  Haven’t you?

“All 205 questions come from real women; they cover everyday health concerns and thoroughly modern conundrums, such as H1N1 (Swine Flu), celebrity diets, and mobile phone dangers.”

I’m on it like, asap. Hopefully I get it in time to save my foot.  I mean, there’s nothing worse than amputating your own foot in haste. Find yours:  here for $14 bucks.  Happy healin’!


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[ 0 ] September 24, 2012 |

Just kidding.  There is not a fly in my soup.  But, there could be an octopus in my coffee, thanks to the cutest and coolest cup making person-shop ever born, ever.


These absatootly adorable Creature Cups were born amid a bunch of Brooklyn area based designers (Holla to Brooklyn for producing some of my favoritest things, P.S). Anyway,  apparently these lil’ dudes were “crawling around” in their heads for quite some time until finally, one of them learned how to speak English and said “Hey awesome Brooklyn designer?  Please put me in a cup.”.  And, that was that.

OCTOPUS CREATURE CUP for around $15 bucks

Meet the Octopus. Creeping along the bottom of your cup, the Octopus is up to noooo good. He’ll be a little startled if you catch him, and who knows what he’s doing if you don’t.

I would like to catch him.  Under my Thanksgivingmas turkey or Christmas tree.

Find it:  here


CROCODILE CREATURE CUP for around $15 bucks

Meet the Crocodile. Lurking beneath the surface he silently emerges. Watch out. He snaps.

Ya know? This thing is so damn cute, I might let it bite my face off “just cuz”.

Find it:  here



They also have a super cute Sea Otter and Lobsta (available here).  And, if you can’t decide?  You can always by a set of 2 or the full set of 4 right here.

I can’t wait for Turkey Santa or regular Santa to bring these to me!  Yey!




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