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[ 0 ] September 24, 2012 |

Guess who’s doin more awesome stuff in October?  Anatomy Naturals baby!  For those of you that don’t know, Anatomy Naturals is an absolutely awesome company that provides natural gourmet skin care to super cool peeps like you and me.  We met several months ago by chance and have been soul sistas ever since!  Oh, and they are also my first official Sponsor (see ad to the right…over there———> and treat your wallet to a 15% discount).  Your skin will probably high-five you a hundred times in a row for doin’ it.  Fo-shizzle!

So, in addition to being in KLUTCHclub this month, Anatomy Naturals will also be including a sample of their revitalizing dead sea mud mask  in the October Goodebox!  Hooray!  Two of my faves unite -super fab face mud and a killer subscription box.  It’s like heaven without any angels floating around.

Everything you need to know about the mud mask is in my previous post right here.  And, the deets on Goodebox (which is on my list to try) are below.  Happy shopping and congrats to my pal Kelly at Anatomy Naturals for another great partnership.

(image via Goodebox)


Goodebox is a members only service providing trial sized healthy, eco-sensitive, innovative & effective beauty and personal care products, along with occasional samples of natural & organic health and wellness products.


  • You get 6-7 (occasionally more) trial sized products, expertly curated



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[ 5 ] May 31, 2012 |

So, here’s the thing.  Bloggin’ is freaking awesome.  Not only do I get to hemorrhage my thoughts and views and weirdness onto innocent strangers, but I also get to meet some truly talented artists, entrepreneurs, and all around kick-ass people.  Cue, Anatomy Naturals (the company that produces the all-time best facial cleanser this face has ever used!)

Recently, I had an AWESOME opportunity to hook up with Kelly Green for a super-duper fun interview/chit-chat.  Kelly is the insanely talented and totally cool woman behind the Anatomy Naturals brand.  Obviously, she’s not a “vampire” as the title of this blog post insinuates.  Come on people…I mean, vampires only live in Transylvania and Forks, Washington (holla Twilight fans!).

In all honesty, I just couldn’t resist the whole “Interview with a vampire” thing as the title, since this is the first official interview I’ve ever done in my life and I needed it to actually sound “official”.  Oh, and also since Kelly has some pretty mind-blowing altered art that kinda-sorta fits the title. What’s that mean?

Well, before our official interview, I had to get all Barbara-Waltersy and do some diggin’.  One of the coolest things I found was that the designs on all of the Anatomy Naturals products are Kelly Green originals.  And, I’m telling you, that the talent doesn’t stop at her off-the-hoooook skin care products and packaging.  Her personal art is thought-provoking, engaging, unique, naughty, raw and cutting edge, but more on that later. Above all, I realized that we were kindred spirits and couldn’t wait to hear more about how this emerging product line was born.

I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to gush about her fab products, her deliciously macabre personal art, an off the chain limited time gift certificate offer, and your chance to win an amazing prize package put together by Anatomy Naturals and yours truly.  Hope you enjoy it and show a lil’ love and support to one, super cool chick, her art and her growing brand. Ready, set, go.

 You might remember my first post about Anatomy Naturals a couple of months ago in my “It’s Time  for a Super-Sized List of Awesome Beauty Stuff” 5-list.  Well, two really cool things happened:


My hubby saw that I wanted to try the Anatomy Naturals Facial Cleanser, and ordered it for my birthday.  Yeah, I hit the jackpot with that guy.


Almost simultaneously, I received an email from Kelly, thanking me for featuring her in my blog!

As an extension of the written “thank you” she wanted to send me a free bottle of the cleanser.  Um, how cool is that?  Long story, short (and after a small internal melt-down from the hub, who was dealing with like, the third gift I was receiving in duplicate this year) he connected with Kelly and as a result of their master plan, I not only got to try the facial cleanser, but Kelly sent me a package filled with even more samples to try!  Weeeeeeeeeeee!

Gentle Facial Cleanser: I already mentioned that the facial cleanser is literally the best I’ve ever used.  I’m not lying.  Nor did Kelly send me a box full of Ben Franklins to say that (although I likely wouldn’t have turned that down if I’m bein’ honest).  Seriously, though…it really is that good.  I have Rosacea and if you know anything about Rosacea you know that it is nearly impossible to find products that don’t make you look like someone took a blow torch to your skin.  Well, I found it.  It smells great, feels great and does not dry out my insanely desert like skin.  I’ve been using it for a couple of months now and have noticed an incredible difference in the look and feel of my face – No more dryness, and reduced redness.  I almost can’t believe it myself.  I’ve spent YEARS trying to find something, ANYTHING that would help me.  Finally, thanks to Anatomy Naturals, I did.  No seriously, I’m prepared to stalk them until I’m dead.  And, then I’ll probably haunt them (find yours:  here for $24 bucks)

The rest of the package included the samples below, all of which were just as first-rate as the cleanser.  Oh, and when you get a package from Anatomy Naturals, you feel like you are getting a gift from a friend.  Presentation means a ton to me and what you see in the pics is truly whatcha get:

My other fave was the Tangerine & Grapefruit Body Scrub – the grapefruity/citrus aroma is intoxicating.  So intoxicating, I nearly passed out in the shower and came out slurring my words.  Bonus:  My skin was silky smooth afterwards.  Like butta.

(find yours:  here for $26 bucks)



The Anti-Aging Eye Serum is equally out of this universe.  Use a dab of this at night and you’ll look like a newborn when you wake up.  I did.  I had to double check to make sure I still had boobs.

(find yours:  here for $28 bucks)




The Healing Hydration Hand Cream works good for other body parts too (heels, elbows and even cheeks!)  It has the texture of a salve which makes it a true stand out to other hydrating creams.  I loved it so much I slept with mine the first night.  It almost broke up my marriage, but it was totally worth it (just kiddin’ love….or, am I?).

(find yours:  here for $26 bucks)


I haven’t tried the Botanical Facial Toner yet (she sent that too), but am on that like white on rice (find yours:  here for $28 bucks).  I also have the Honey Lemon face polish on my radar too, which can be found here with the rest of this sensational line of products.

Yeah, I did too.  Here’s what I found out:

So, what made you develop this awesome skincare line?  I was drawn to developing Anatomy Naturals as a result of my grandmother’s use of Aloe, Vitamin E & Honey as part of her home remedies while I was growing up.  I was fascinated by it and always carried that with me.  When I asked her what her favorite home remedy is, she replied with one word – “Aloe”.  Thanks Grandma!

How did you learn to make everything?  It seems like you need to be a master chef or scientist or something…Actually, I am completely self-trained.  I did a lot of research online and read a lot of books!  FYI, all of the products from the Anatomy Naturals line are 100% natural.  These “gourmet” skin care products are “handmade in small batches using only pure, simple, and nourishing ingredients”.  They are free of synthetic ingredients, chemicals, parabens, artificial preservatives, colors and fragrances.  And, they are gluten-free, vegetarian and cruelty free – Perfection (read more here).

Do you make it in your kitchen?  It must take forever to make all of this stuff! (laughs)  I have a designated room in the house.  The scrubs take the longest as they have to set and “marinate” before packing and shipping.  I bet her house smells scrump-dittley-umptious!

Any new products you’re getting ready to try? Maybe a mens line that would include shaving oils and after shaves.  I also have a newer product that I made specifically for woman, called “Slip”.  It’s a soothing feminine lube and moisture cream made with a slippery blend of organic coconut oil, aloe vera butter, olive oil, organic sunflower oil and vitamin E (find it:  here).

Bananas or Peaches?  Peaches! Don’t ask. I’m weird.

So, what’s the deal, right? Well, if you follow my blog, you know I’m in serious love with subscription boxes of all kinds (read about that here, here and here).  Well, how stoked do you think I was to hear that Anatomy Naturals has been asked to be in not one, but TWO subscription boxes, putting these wicket-ossum products in the hands of over 8,000 households nationwide.  Sounds phenomenal right?  Well, it is.  But, it is no small undertaking (or expense).  So, Kelly created a fantastic Win-Win Promotional Opportunity for peeps like you and I, and here’s the skinny:

For a limited time, you pay $50 for a $70 gift certificate and $100 for a $150 gift certificate!  I mean, that’s like a bazillion bottles of cleanser, serum, scrubs, and what not, at a gigundo discount – Just enough to experience these magical products and help a fellow sista’ grow her dream.   As I mentioned, this is an exclusive, limited time opportunity.  All gift certificate purchases must be purchased by June 30th, 2012 so hurry up and don’t miss out!  Check out the full deets here and don’t forget to sign up for her newsletter while you are there:)

Oh, and make sure you check in next week, for the announcement of our awesome giveaway – Kelly and I are putting together a prize package valued at over $150 for one (1) lucky winner.  It’s gonna be legit.

No need to panic, it’s right here! When you have a spare moment, check out The Kelly Green Gallery to see more of her provocative pieces. Now, on to the finale’ of my Barbara-Walters-ing:

So, what’s the obsession with human anatomy? I always wanted to be a surgeon, but I didn’t really want to go to medical school. So, I worked my butt off in art school instead.  While at school, I ended up taking an anatomy class and found it fascinating.

What do the birds in your pieces represent? I really don’t like birds.  Actually, they are kind of creepy.  I am drawn to vintage bird illustrations though.  The drawings are fascinating and the birds are usually very expressive.

Some of your stuff seems a bit naughty…what inspires you? I’m totally inspired by my “photographic first love” Joel-Peter Witkin.  When I first saw his work my head blew up.  I loved the idea that the subject matter could be pushed that far and still be so beautiful.  Being a photographer, I like the form of the naked human body – clothing dates people.  It’s not as raw. When I asked Kelly how she would describe her art to a blind person, she said she would describe it as a “Morbidly Naughty Feast”.  I couldn’t agree more!  I bet that a lot of aspiring artist’s heads “blow up” just looking at her stuff.  I love the way things come full circle in life.

Fishnets or Knee Highs? I love both!

If you won a bazillion dollars in the lotto, what would you do with all of that money?  Give it to me? She laughed, uncomfortably.  No.  I would not give it to you. (what???)  I’d move to the beach or plan the greatest beach vacation ever.  I’m an “ocean person”.  I think I was a mermaid in my past life. I mean, I was serious.  I kinda thought that since we were new besties that she would give it to me…but I guess mermaids don’t share with awesome bloggers. Wah.  

And, that was that.

Kelly loves Lana Del Rey, Florence & the Machine (me too!), Counting Crows (me too!) and Tori Amos (me too!).  When she’s not busy raising her boys,  and making everyone’s faces, bodies, babies and lady parts better with Anatomy Naturals, you can find her watchin’ American Horror Story or Best Ink (and for the next million days, making lots of product samples for those 8,000+ households).  I encourage you to stalk her at all of the below (and don’t forget to check back next week to enter our awesome giveaway!)  Tootles!




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[ 8 ] April 6, 2012 |

ohhhhhhhhhh, yeah.  This is gonna be a good one.  First, I must wish you a hip-hoppity Good Friday.  Hopefully, you are off from work like moi.  Although I wish I was layin’ around all day being a total sloth, I must finish packing up my abode for the big move of twenty-12 which is just 7 days away.

The day started off a little shaky – the only thing I wanted to do was sleep in, but the fluff-child had different plans for me.  We spent from 7am-9am laying in bed.  Me, trying to sleep, while she obsessively licked my eyelid and “touched” my face.  If you’re a cat person, you’ll get exactly what I mean.  If you hate cats, well, this will just make you hate them more.  Finally, I decided that sleep was NOT on the agenda for the a.m. so I turned on the Tube and was accosted by another heart breaking SPCA video, that made me pretty  much want to slit my wrists.

But, not to worry – the day is lookin’ good now:  I got the movie Selena bumpin’ in the background and I’m sippin on some coffee in my jam-jams.  Even better (as if it could get better than the movie Selena), I’m about to blow your freaking mind with a SUPER Sized list of awesomes.   I mean, it’s a holiday.  It’s the least I can do.  Enjoy.

Number 1:   Art in a Box

Whatcha’ Pay: $50 bucks per month (including shipping); 3-month minimum

Whatcha’ Get:  Kick-butt, high-qual works of art (you pick the medium) from Bay Area artistsUm, how fun is this?  And, how perfect is this for (a) yourself; or (b) you’re art-lovin’ soul-friend who is so hard to buy for.   Frankly, I think this is freaking awesome.

Find it:  here

Number 2:  Beauty Army

Whatcha’ Pay: $12 bucks per month (including shipping); 3, 6 or 12 month subscriptions available; currently SOLD OUT, but you can get on a list.

Whatcha’ Get:  6 beauty samples, hand-picked by YOU each month.  Woazers!  These guys are claiming to be “the only subscription service that gives you the option to choose“.  LOVE it.  Will maybe send them a love note. Find it: here

Number 3:   Turntable Kitchen

Whatcha’ Pay: $25 bucks per month (including shipping), plus tax; recurring subscription

Whatcha’ Get:  “A curated food and music discovery experience, delivered to your door.”  I’m crushin’ on this box.  Totally genius idea to pair food & music.  If I had one of these boxes, I’d probably dance with it.  Then, maybe eat it.  Find it: here   (photo via theKitchn)

Number 4:  Umba Box

Whatcha’ Pay:$26 bucks per month (including shipping); available in 3, 6 or 12 month subscriptions

Whatcha’ Get:  “A monthly delivery of curated handmade product(s) that is sure to please.” I like that whatcha’ get each month is a surprise – one month you might get something for your house and the next, something for your mouse to jazz up your outfit.  Just throwin’ it out there, but if anyone is thinkin’ about getting me something “just because”, this would probably suffice.  Find it: here         (photo via Subcriptionboxes.com)

Number Five:  Manpacks

Whatcha’ Pay:$TBD; depends upon what’s picked for the pack

Whatcha’ Get:   This service is a bit different then your average “of-the-month”, as it’s designed so that guys don’t have to shop for the basics.  Apparently, someone caught on to the fact that a guy will wear holy socks & skivvies until they basically fall off.  This service, sends them the package (with option to change up) every 3-months.   What does this do?  It gives them “More time to slay dragons” (that’s Manpack’s tagline by the way).  Genius.  

Find it: here       (photo via Hall of the Black Dragon; Online Magazine for the Modern Gentleman )

Number 6:  Conscious Box

Whatcha’ Pay:$12 per month (plus $7/month for shipping); or $33 bucks (plus shipping) for 3 months; or $54 bucks (plush shipping) for 6 months.

Whatcha’ Get:   With a focus on “sustainability, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility”, you’ll get 1 themed box per month filled with anything from vegan food to organic beauty and more.   From what I hear (yeah, I’m kind of a big deal), these boxes come pretty packed with stuff, and so therefore they are awesome.

Find it: here


Number 7:  Bark Box

Whatcha’ Pay: As low as $17 per month, including shipping.

Whatcha’ Get:  First of all, if you have a dog to buy this for, I’m jealous and I hate you.  Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, here’s the skinny: Each box comes with 4+ awesomes for your pup (treats, shampoos, bones, new cool dog-stuff, etc).  BONUS:  A portion of the proceeds for each box go to help “doggies-in-need.”  Holla! Woof.    Find it: here

(photo via Style It:  Where the Fashion Nerd meets the Pop Culture Obsessed)

Number 7:  Best Friend Box

Whatcha’ Pay: $25 per month for the Tasting Box, $35 per month for the Classic Box or $45 per month for the Premium

Whatcha’ Get:  Yeah, yeah.  I know.  Two pet boxes in a row.  And, by the way, I still hate you if you have a dog, but I’m slowing warming up to the idear.  Anyway, I’m bananas over this box because you can get it for your kitty-cat or your pup.  Boxes are personalized and 10% of the proceeds are donated to help animals in need.  Done and done.

Find it: here

Number 8:  Paleo Pax

Whatcha’ Pay: From $28 bucks per month, including shipping

Whatcha’ Get:  K.  I’m not gonna lie.  I had NO CLUE what “Paleo” meant, until I read all about this “real” food diet here.  But, if YOU know all about it, you are going to LOVE this tasting box subscription, because it was made just for you (and a whole bunch of other Paleo-peeps, but whose counting).  Enjoy 5 or so snacks each month – all of which will help you stay on track while on the go, or at home.  Sounds nifty!

Find it:  here 

Number 9:  Babesta Tee of the Month

Whatcha’ Pay: From $75 bucks for 3 months, $150 for 6 months and $290 for a year

Whatcha’ Get:  Each month, your love-child will get a new snap button snaptee, or regular tee (depending upon his/her size and age).  I mean, if you want a trend-setting babe, this is where it’s at.   I’m getting the “party at my crib” one for my cat.  She’s bound to love it.

Find it: here

Number 10: Lovely Box

Whatcha’ Pay: From $14 bucks per month, with options to add on for personalization

Whatcha’ Get:  I’m sorry, but I HAD to save this one for last.  Once I found it, I absolutely could not keep this off the list.  Gentle-dudes, take a back seat.  This one is for the ladies only (unless you also suffer from PMS and monthly visits from Aunt Flo-rence).  This box.  These guys provide a “little sunshine, at a time that is normally gray and blah”.  You’ll get anything from aromatherapy, tea and chocolate.  All the things that help to ease your inner-bitch (you, know the one that ONLY visits once a month).

Find it: here

And, that’s all I have to say about that.  Happy monthly-gift recievin’ and or givin’!

Oh, if you wanna see more subscriptons or cool of the months, click here and here.

Jenny, out.



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[ 1 ] March 29, 2012 |

Greetings and Salutations (quick, what movie is that from??).   Sorry for the recent high-aye-tus.  Get it.  HIGH…hiatus….five-style-high….forget it.  I’m lame.  I’ve been off with the hubby buying a lil’ piece of property.  Also known as “buying our first home” which is both stressful and exhilarating at he same time.  Thankfully, we just got our final approval and are now moving.  In 2 weeks.  Yeah.   You might not hear too much from me until that beast is put to bed and we are comfy in our new digs.

Anyway, I’m way behind in my monthly awesome box of nifty delivery updates so I’m just gonna basically blast you with 3 back to back.  We’ll start with my fiance’ the Birchbox.

Anything and everything you need to know about this phenomenally packaged beauty box subscription is found in some previous posts written by yours truly:

The Love Story Continues…

Yes, Birchbox.  I will Marry You.

 If you wanna get a monthly Birchbox subscription for only $10 per month, which would make you just as awesome as me and about 5 bazillion other lucky ladies, click here. It’s totally fun and totally worth it.  Totally.  Totes.  Now on to the goodies from February and March:

Benta Berry (G-1 Moisturizing Face Cream):  Haven’t tried this yet.  Packaging is nifty.  I like the font.  Find it:  here

Colorescience pro (glow and go Travel Puff):  I’m in love we these lil’ travel packets.  These went straight to the purse.  Find it:  here

Eye Rock (Designer Liner):  These are so fun, although I’m waiting to rock em’ until I have a trendy event to attend..or Halloween.  Whichever comes first.  Find it:  here

LA Fresh (Eco-Beauty Waterproof Makeup Remover):  More fun packets!  Love em’.  In my pocket-book, my satchel and my knapsack.  Just kidding.  They are in my purse.  Find it:  here

The Lifestyle Extra for Feb.  was a cute, heart-shaped nail file.  They also threw in a Birchbox Digital Download for 6 free Green River Ordinance songs.  I’ll be honest, I didn’t listen to the songs until, well now.  I’m listening as I type.  If you dig emo-esque indie rock, these guys are right up your ally.  I’m “in-like” with them.  Not quite love…but we could possibly get there with time.

I have to say I was the most excited for my March box, so far.  When I opened it, it had so many fun goodies!  Here’s what my “Spring Training” box included:

Deborah Lippman (The Stripper to Go):  Um.  Yes.  Double Yes to another awesome packet of “on the go” beauty must have’s for my purse.  LOVE. Find it:  here.

Miss Jessie’s Original (Quick Curls):  So this was the most exciting to me because it was a really good size sample (I would consider it a full size if there wasn’t an actual “full-size” version).  Sadly, it didn’t work too well in my hair.  I mean, if I was goin’ for the dreadlocks look, I’d be irie-mon.  I will give it another try again and maybe not use as much.  I just personally thought it was sticky and the next morning when I woke up, I was a dread-head.  poop.  Find it:  here.

One Love Organics (Skin Savior Waterless Beauty Balm):  There’s that word I hate again.  Balm.  I f-ing HATE that word, but this product is absolutely scrumptious. Well, it’s not like I ate it or anything, but it’s so darn cute, I almost couldn’t resist from giving it a lick.  It’s actually a 2-in-1 cleanser/moisturizer.  I have no idea how to use it.  Not sure if it’s for my face, foot, hot-bod or what.  But, I’m most-def gonna give er’ a go and let you know what I think.  Find it: here  UPDATE:  Here’s why I’m an idiot.  I just happened to actually read the write-up that Birchbox provides at point of purchase for their products and there are the handy-dandy directions for how to apply and what it’s for.  Ha!  Who-da-thunk-it.

Peter Thomas Roth (Anti-aging Cleansing Gel):  Unfortch, I won’t be using this product. Only because I have recently found the BEST, hands down, cleanser that I’ve ever used in my life.  Don’t worry, I’m going to be totally bragging about it super-duper soon.  In the meantime, I’ll give you a hint, just in case your feelin’ Inspector-gadgety:  It’s in this post.  For those of you that want to know more about the Peter Thomas Roth Cleanser, find it: here.

Last, but certainly not least…we have the Stila (Smoky Eye Card):  Yippee!  Who doesn’t like a good, smokey-eye.  I know, that I do.  I particularly like when cards like this make it into my birchy-box because it gives me a little tutorial, which is a huge plus, since I’m oh-so-very cosmetically challenged.  I haven’t given this guy a try yet either – but I’m stoked to do so.  Love the color names:  Kitten (hee hee), Diamond lil and Ebony.  Find it (the full-size trio that is):  here.

Oh yes – the Lifestyle Extra in the March box, was Tea!  I loved the way the box smelled when I opened it up, thanks to Kusmi Tea (Detox Tea), which is a detoxifying blend of mate (what the?), Green tea, and Lemongrass.  yummy.  Find it: here.  The packaging is to die for cute!

P.S. I have been listening to the Green River Ordinance while typin’ away and went from “in-like” to “totally-diggin”.  Hooray!


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[ 51 ] February 22, 2012 |

Yey!  Back by popular demand is the “Keep on Givin’ {again}” Giveaway, sponsored by yours truly!  Since I’m a psycho for all things “monthly subscription” and “of the month“, I decided to host another giveaway so that I could give one (1) lucky winner something I love so very much!

It’s super-easy to enter.  Just use the handy-dandy Rafflecopter form below to get your entries.  Yes, I said entries (plural!) – you can get up to six chances to win, just by stalking me via the internets and telling your pals.

OH, YEAH, Here’s what you can win (your choice of one (1) of the following):

A one (1) year subscription to Eco-Emi OR


A one (1) year subscription to Birchbox OR


A six (6) month subscription to Foodzie OR



A $150 AMEX gift card to use however the heck ya’ want.

Can’t wait to see who wins and what they pick!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Starts at 12:01 a.m. ET on 2/22/12 and ends at 12:01 a.m. ET on 2/29/12. Open to legal residents of the 50 US and DC, 18 years or older at time of entry. Subject to official rules here. Void where prohibited or restricted by law. This sweepstakes is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by Facebook®, Google™, or Twitter®, or the prize manufacturers. You understand that you are providing your information to the blog five-style-high and not to Facebook®, Google™ or Twitter®, or the prize manufacturers. The information you provide will be used SOLELY for the purposes of selecting and notifying a prize winner, after which the information will be permanently deleted.


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