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If you know me (either in “real life” or via blog-o-verse), you know by now my new loves in life are monthly subscriptions of a sorta different kind.  Most of us think of magazines or newspapers when we think of subscriptions.  BUT, what I’m about to share with you is the juiced-up version of what you are probably used to.

I’m a total kid at heart and love getting little packages in the mail – so, obviously I’m obsessed with any company that offers this to me every month for a reasonable subscription fee.  If you keep reading further, I’m going to peer-pressure you into getting presents monthly too.  Come on, do it.  Just keep reading and I’ll totally brainwash…I mean, convince you why monthly subscriptions of the “juiced up” kind are the newest, latest most awesome-ist gift you can give to YOURSELF (and, well others too if you wanna be the party show-off).  And now, in no particular order…


BIRCHBOX:  If you’ve been checking out the rest of this site, you’ve seen a bit here and there about my new marriage with Birchbox.  Don’t worry, I haven’t divorced the scientist.  I’ve just become a polygamist so that I can have the best of all worlds.  Why wouldn’t I?

When you sign up for Birchbox (for just $10 bucks a month) you will receive a wonderfully packaged box of beauty samples handpicked by veteran beauty editors.  Let me tell you that the packaging alone is worth the subscription fee.  They do such a fantastic job, delivering high quality and I would attest to that a million times over.

Once you get your samples and try them, you log in to your profile (which drives some of the samples you get) and you get points for simple reviews.  Once you get 100 points, you get $10 credited to your account to use towards the purchase of the full-size versions of your samples.  You can opt to receive emails, which provide excellent beauty tips, and additional ways to earn more points.  And, when you invite friends, you get 50 points after their first box ships.

I’m not sure why you are still reading this instead of clicking here and signing up to start getting beauty presents.


MAGHOUND:  This dog is on my wish list fo-sho.  I think this is SUCH a cool idea and a great way to become a more well-rounded human being (hypothetically, obviously).   Maghound represents themselves as the “Magazine lovers best friend”.  I just love everything about this site – the concept, the creativity behind the brand, everything.

So basically, you sign up for a membership (either 3 mags a month, 7 mags a month, or more).  You pay one (1) itty-bitty subscription fee a month for ALL your magazines (i.e. $4.95 / month for 3 magazine titles).  Then, you can keep or switch out your titles whenever you want.  Maybe for the first month, you get a style magazine, celebrity gossip mag and something occupation-based.  Maybe the next month, you want to switch out the occupation-based one for a bridal mag because you’re helping to plan your BFF’s wedding shower.  All ya do is log in and change it out.  It really is that simple.  Check em’ out here.


It’s time for some food.   Another amigo of mine is Foodzie (aka “Christmas for my belly”) as noted here and hereFoodzie has actually changed a little since my last post.  I touched upon it there, but now I actually understand what is happening so here’s the deal:  The “Foodzie Tasting Box” is now $29.95 per month and it really is so worth it if you are a food-love-a like me and my fat belly.  You get to choose the type of Tasting Box you’d like each month – for example – the December options are:  “2011 Stocking Stuffer Favorites”,  “Holiday Cookies”, “Bacon & Bourbon” or “Talk Jerky to Me”.

For the extra $10 / month (it used to be $19.00 /month) – this is really worth it as you don’t get teensy-weensy tastes.  Last month’s box (which was in the new $29.95 format and essentially monstrous compared to my first box) had full size products in it.  SO worth it.  Bonus is that when you find stuff you like, you can buy the products via the Foodzie marketplace.  SO worth it.

(P.S. I know I said “So Worth it” several times here.  That’s because it is.  So very worth it.)

Number 4: 

I’m gonna stick on the food kick for a second longer to talk about Freshology.  If I was a little bit richer, I would sign up for this in a HEARTBEAT.  But, I’m not, so it’s goin’ on my wish list.  Even though it will make me totally jealous, I do still want to share this site with you, so that if you happen to be richer than I, you can test this out and rub it in my face.

You might have already heard of this since it’s been all over the media due to it’s celebrity endorsement and usage by the dancers on Dancing with the Stars.  I would basically sell my car to raise enough dough to try this program.  Ok, I lied. I don’t even have a car since I live in Boston.  BUT, if I did, I’d totally sell it so I could try this out.

Freshology is “gourmet home diet delivery to your door”.  Yeah.  To your f-ing door!  I feel like this is something that so many people have always wished they could have (“if i was a celebrity, I’d have a personal chef to make all my healthy meals and then I’d be skinnier”) but never thought they could.  Well, for as little as $35.95 per day YOU can (not me though, cause’ you are richer than me).   You have to sign up for a minimum of 2 weeks.  In that, you get a gourmet menu to choose from that includes brake-fast, lunch, din-din and a dessert.  Everything is made with all natural proteins, and with the $35.95 package it’s delivered 1 time per week by FedEx (since it’s frozen).  If you are super loaded, you can opt for fresh meals which start at around $49.95  per day.

I am BEGGING someone to try this and report back to see if it’s everything I dream it to be.  Please, oh please make me envy you.


I couldn’t leave my fellow organic/eco-awesome friends out of this fantastic mix of presents.  Eco-Emi looks totally cool and is on my radar to try next.  For $15 ducks a month (well – dollars, not really ducks) you get 5-10 “natural, organic, green, eco-friendly or Fair-Trade product” samples.  These packages look so cute and seem like a great solution for someone like me, who is trying to learn more about going-green and natural but doesn’t know a whole lot about it.  It looks like, all the links to buy the full size versions are supplied on her website too.  I promise to provide an update once I’ve signed up and received my first box.  Or if you do it first, then you tell me about it.  Win-win, either way.


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