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[ 0 ] December 13, 2012 |

Today would be a much happier day if it wasn’t Wednesday.  Oh wait, it’s Thursday.  THANK GOD.  I mean, it’s not like Wednesday is actually a bad day or anything.  In fact I felt fabulous yesterday!  It’s just that I really hate spelling the word “Wednesd….”.  Ew.  BLAH!  Why can’t it just be spelled like it sounds.  Why???

Anyway – not like this has anything to do with what I’ve been babbling about- here ya go!  I promised that there would be 5-lists for the rest of the week, and for today, I’m keepin’ that promise.  Here’s some pretty rad conversation pieces for your homestead - five of em’.  YEY!


Vintage Book Clocks  Find em’: here   (for $20 bucks & up):  Seriously check out this store. Whether your a slutty librarian, a regular librarian, or just your average person who has read a book or two, there are like, a ba-zillion varieties of book clocks waiting to be sold.  They are the awesomest.

Electric Blue Hippo Planter (find it:  here for $20 bucks).  There is no good reason why I find this so fascinating.  Hippos, although sorta-kinda cute in that “chubby baby” sorta way, are rather vicious creatures (thanks hot animal dude Dave Salmoni).  And, history suggests that I have never successfully grown a plant in my whole entire life.  Either way, I kinda-sorta need to have this like, yesterday.

Black Birdcage Lamp with Ceramic Socket (find it:  here for $45 bucks):  I am in love with this lighting and you can’t make me say anything more than that.  So there.  Buy this light (for me…).

Distortion Candlesticks (find em’:  here for $24 bucks ea.) These are so fun.  Alice & Wonderland meets Dr. Seuss and then they light a couple of candles and get all smoochy-like. Disco.

City Plates Collection / New Orleans, Las Vegas, Washington, D.C. & Dubai (find it: here for $180 bucks).  Holy cow, I love these plates.  The only problem is that they are like $45 bucks a plate.  And, unless I’m rich and totally forgot that I’m rich, I don’t see myself buying one or more $45 dollar plates anytime in the near future.  That doesn’t mean that you can’t buy them for me though.  And, when I say “you” I mean you Santa.  You are totally rich (and also quite handsome, I might add).

Ok, so that’s what I got.

Knock em’ dead!

See ya later.

Okay, bye.


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[ 0 ] September 24, 2012 |

Just kidding.  There is not a fly in my soup.  But, there could be an octopus in my coffee, thanks to the cutest and coolest cup making person-shop ever born, ever.


These absatootly adorable Creature Cups were born amid a bunch of Brooklyn area based designers (Holla to Brooklyn for producing some of my favoritest things, P.S). Anyway,  apparently these lil’ dudes were “crawling around” in their heads for quite some time until finally, one of them learned how to speak English and said “Hey awesome Brooklyn designer?  Please put me in a cup.”.  And, that was that.

OCTOPUS CREATURE CUP for around $15 bucks

Meet the Octopus. Creeping along the bottom of your cup, the Octopus is up to noooo good. He’ll be a little startled if you catch him, and who knows what he’s doing if you don’t.

I would like to catch him.  Under my Thanksgivingmas turkey or Christmas tree.

Find it:  here


CROCODILE CREATURE CUP for around $15 bucks

Meet the Crocodile. Lurking beneath the surface he silently emerges. Watch out. He snaps.

Ya know? This thing is so damn cute, I might let it bite my face off “just cuz”.

Find it:  here



They also have a super cute Sea Otter and Lobsta (available here).  And, if you can’t decide?  You can always by a set of 2 or the full set of 4 right here.

I can’t wait for Turkey Santa or regular Santa to bring these to me!  Yey!




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[ 12 ] September 20, 2012 |

Yey!  It’s snickity-snackity time!

Oh, sweet, crunchy, healthies delivered to my doorstep in a box.  Thanks to NatureBox, I got to try 5 new snacks for FREE this month.  P.S. they were SO good, I just signed up for a subscription myself.  But, before I blab about how lucky my belly is right now, I’ll give ya’ the scoop on this fab health-foodie box, so you can hook yourself up too:


NatureBox is a subscription service that offers the ability to discover and enjoy healthy snacks on a monthly basis.”  You get 4-6 full size all-natural snacks that are “made from wholesome ingredients and are Nutritionist-approved. We abide by our strict quality standards: No High Fructose Corn Syrup, No Partially Hydrogenated Oils, No Trans Fats, No Artificial Sweeteners, No Artificial Flavors, No Artificial Colors.”

And, in an effort to help feed over 14 million hungry children in America, NatureBox donates 1 meal for every box sent out! 


  • You get the box for $19.95 a month (including shipping)
  • Gift (or get) a 3-month, 6-month or 12-month subscription!


Get 25% off your first box!  Just enter Promocode: APPLE25  at checkout. Note:  25% discount is only applicable to the month-to-month subscription.  The 6-month subscriptions receive 1 month free & 12-month subscriptions receive 3 months free.

Also:  Be on the lookout for special NatureBoxes that address dietary needs & personal prefs.  If you’re lookin’ for some Gluten-Free, Nut-Free, Vegan or Low-Sugar snacks, send an email to info@naturebox.com to be added to the mailing list & be notified once the custom boxes launch.

STALK EM:   WebsiteFacebookTwitter - PinterestBlog

Here’s a sneaky-peeky of what kinda stuff ya’ get:

1. Umami Roasted Nuts:  These nuts are a fab source of heart-healthy fats, and super-doop Umami (that means “yummy” for my non-Japanese readers).

2. Pistachio Power Clusters: It took everything I had not to eat this whole entire sweet & savory bag without letting the hub have a taste.  But since I’m not a total B-word, I saved him a couple.

3. Toasted Sesame Stix:  I’m eating these calcium rich sessy-stix as I type.  They’re fab.  Enough said.

4.Big Island Pineapple: When I opened the bag, that remake of “Somewhere over the Rainbow” by that Hawaiian guy with the insanely long name started playing.  Then, I unexplainabley began to hula-dance.  Aloha!

5.  Apple Orchards Granola:  I truly saved the very best for last.  I have never tasted granola that was as soft & chewy as an apple pie.  NatureBox?  Let’s start a serious relationship.  Like, yesterday.

Wanna try awesome NatureBox snackies too?  Of course you do!  Thankfully, they are giving away a future box to one lucky 5-style-high reader!  Who-hoo!  Be sure to get forty million, bazillion entries & spread the word via the Rafflecopter entry form below.    My the force be with you…ha-ha.  I have no clue why I just said that.  Good luck!

This Giveaway has ended.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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[ 0 ] September 14, 2012 |

Happy Birthday to my hubby!  In honor of his birth, I thought I’d write a post about stuff boys like.  All in all, boys are pretty cool.   It’s hit or miss on the smells.  They either bathe in cologne, or forget how to shower.  But, for the most part, they’re pretty awesome.   Lately, I’ve been getting some pretty great feedback from the opposite sex regarding my hot bod…just kidding…about my blog – but it all has the same sorta theme:  “I could do without the girly products and stuff, but I laughed my ass of when you wrote about….”.  I feel honored!   So, I figured today was as good a day as any to show em’ a lil’ lovin’ back by poppin’ off a couple of awesomes that are fit for dudes of all shapes, sizes, races, colors and creeds (what the H is a “creed” anyway?).  Don’t worry girlfriends.  Normal, girl-ish stuff coming back on Monday.

Number-o One:  Werd

Werd is pretty awesome if you have man parts.  Or, if you have lady parts, but wanna get the coolest gift ever (like these Guinness Brownies) for your fave guy.  Werd showcases the “best new gear for men”, which is broken down for you gerber-style in categories (like tech, gear, wear, host, media, ride, space, groom, sport & escape).  Say that 5 times fast.  You can also peruse it in blog format if your handy on the internets  like my hubby. I for one, plan on buying these brownies  to celebrate my man’s birthday.  Of course I’ll  be wasted after the face-stuffing, so there will be no time to wallow in my fat-misery (just kidding, diet).  Find it:  here.

Numeral II:  Bespoke Post “Box of Awesome” (no seriously.  That’s what it’s called!)

Okay men.  Let’s not pretend that you aren’t majorly jealous of all the subscription boxes out there for the ladies.  Well, sirs..be jealous no longer.  As far as boxes for dudes go,  this one is pretty cool.  Unlike most of the lady subscription boxes, the Box of Awesome from Bespoke Post hooks you up with stuff “you’ve never heard of” made by emerging craftsmen and designers and such.  Best part? You don’t have to commit.  BINGO!  Each month they tell you what’s comin’ your way, and you can choose to take it, or skip it.  For $45 bucks a month, this is a pretty good deal.  Check out August’s “Alchemy” box (pictured above) filled with everything you need for your man-cave-bar-thingy.  Find it:  here

Numba 3 Skinny Fatties

If you haven’t heard, skinny is the new fatty – ONLY when it comes to ties.  Otherwise, all, shapes, sizes and curves are in, FYI.  Thanks to the peeps at PureWOW for bringing this genius/company service into my life. If you are in to rockin’ the skinny tie and have a bunch of largies you’re lookin’ to thinify, Skinny Fatties is your new best guy friend. Do guys even say that?  $30 buck investment.  Do it.  Find em’:  here.

4-score and seven years ago…(four, duh): Dollar Shave Club

Dolla, dolla shave ya’ll.  “Like most good ideas, Dollar Shave Club started with two guys who were pissed off about something and decided to do something about it…“  Any company that has an “about” section that starts with that sentence is pimpdiddy pimp in my eyes!  Whether you’re a wooly mammoth, or just your average dude that has to shave every now and then, do your ladies delicate skin a favor and hook yourself up with Dollar Shave Club.  For as little as one doll-hair ($1) per month, you can get super awesome razors to shave your man hairs, and you won’t have to put sticky notes all over your house to remember to buy more.  Done, and done.  Find it:  here (if anything, just check out the video on their home page.  Hilarious.) Oh, yeah.  Almost forgot.  Thanks to my friend Sesquille for the hook up on this one.  He is in fact an international man of mystery and leisure, so I wouldn’t expect anything less.

Last, but not leastly (5): Imaginary Foundation

Who doesn’t like a good T-shirt?  Especially boys. Just look at Simon Cowell.  That guy has two outfits.  Casual, which includes an all white T-shirt and jeans, and fancy-pants which includes an all black tee and jeans.   Anyway, my hubby just purchased 2 T-shirts from these peeps (shown above), so naturally I had to include them today since it’s his birthday and all.  You probably have to get a PhD to understand what these t-shirts even mean. Thankfully, they have shirts with swear words for us peasants.   Find yours:  here.


Happy Friday!!


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[ 0 ] September 11, 2012 |

Ladies!  Totally awesome jewelry alert comin’ your way.  But first things first.  I have the COOLEST hubby on the planet.  Who, by the way, is also a super-duper awesome gift giver (and about to have a birthday in a couple days, so I got my work cut out for me).  I hope, hope, hope that your man is just as good at gift givin’.  But, if he’s not, throw a net over his head and get him in front of this post, ASAP.

Boys, pay attention, cuz I’m about to crack open the vault and share my man’s secrets of awesome gift giving.  Keep your eyes peeled, ladies.  I got some secrets of my own, that just might help the cause…  Ready, set, go.

In all of 4 years, I’ve never received a single thing from my man that I didn’t like, no scratch that, really like a whole lot and/or love like crazy.  And, I’m not saying that because there is a 99.9 percent chance he’s reading this (you better be reading this babe!).  It really is true and here’s why:  He pays attention. Wait, what?  Boys pay attention?

Yes.  Totally.  Especially when you write the names and websites of the stuff you want across your boobs.  JUST kidding.   You don’t have to write it on your boobs.  You just have to say it out loud in your “hey look at my boobs voice” so they can imagine what it looks like spelled out on those lovely lady lumps of yours. When I say something is cool, or gush-on about a thing I need to have, he puts it in his memory bank (aka, written across boobs) and breaks that baby out just in time to make me swoon.  I’m sure this lil’ blog helps a ton too.  But, mostly, he just pays attention to what I like, and remembers it, because he visualizes it with something he likes (you know, the “B” word). It’s that simple.

Moral of the story?  Girls use your boob voice.  Dudes, pay attention.  Happiness had by all.

And, now on to the real star of this post – introducing, FringLore.  I mentioned this fab lil’ shop in a post a bazillion years ago (so long ago, I can’t find it).  And, Mr. Wonderful read that post, and put it in the boob bank.  Happy Birthday to me!  I got a 3-month surprise earring subscription!

I was 150% stoked to get the first set of earrings. These Steampunk Antique Elgin Watch Plate Earrings were DOPE!  I loved the contrast of the old watch plates combined with the black Swarovski Crystals.  This girl (Miss Julie Morris) is an ace at keeping with the theme right down to the that lil’ pointy thing that goes in your ear.

Find em’: here for $36 bucks





Set #2 were equally awesome.  Like the first set, these earrings get a lot of action – people are always asking me where I got them and begging for the hook up.  They are so unique!

Sterling Wired Steampunk Earrings for $42 bucks

Find em’:  here






For whatever reason, I didn’t get my last pair right away.  Naturally, I wanted to stomp around like a 3-year-old and cry, but instead, I sent a little note to Julie and we realized that they had somehow not gotten to me due to my address change.   So, because it took a bit longer than expected to get them, Julie did me a solid.  She sent me the awesome set shown right (similar to these guys for $32 bucks) AND this really cool Romantic Artifact Necklace pictured below for FREE (available here for $66 bucks).   Although I didn’t expect the extra at all, it was so cool and thoughtful of her to send it to me for my troubles.

What’s the meaning of FringeLore?

(in Julie’s words)

“For as long as I can recall, I’ve had a fascination with old things. They seem to embody tales and stories of previous lives, of people since past and because of this provide a sense of connectedness with generations past. I like to think of the tales and lore carried in these items as being on the fringe; the fringe of memory, the fringe of society, the consciousness…about to blow off in the wind and be lost forever.”

I’m so happy to be on the Fringe with you Julie!  Thanks to you (and my awesome hubby) for such a great birthday gift.  Who’s in?



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