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[ 1 ] December 9, 2011 |

It’s that time of year when you have to give gifts to those you love, and well let’s be honest, to those that somehow made it on your list b/c they are your neighbor or cubicle bud, or otherwise.  I think gift-giving should be an experience.  After all,  the contents of that little blue box or envelope you give says one of two things:

“I know you so well, I got you something unique & amazing that represents your love for Smurfs, therefore I am the bomb”; or

“I don’t give a poop about you, here’s something I got last year that sucked.  I’m still the bomb, just an asshole.”

I think that everyone should make an effort (at least try, even though it’s sometimes painful) to be the first of the two examples above, by putting a little effort and thought into what you are giving someone, regardless of if you want to gift them, or have to gift them.  If the receiver doesn’t like it, well then, they suck and you’re still awesome.

Below are 5 of my favorite online places to go when I’m looking for a gift that’s a lil’ outside of the box:

ONE (Number 1, numba uno)  This one’s for the ladies…

I browse this blog every single day it’s so awesome.  Outblush is a “blog for girls that love to shop” and I’m so thankful I found this site a couple of years ago (keep reading and you’ll find out how).  I use it religiously for gifting to others, and gifting to myself  which is probably the best part of shopping for presents if you asked me.  They find the coolest stuff around – from clothing, to books, to unique kitchen-y tools and jewelry and the list goes on and on.  They also do something really fun called “Personal Shopper” and here’s how it works – a subscriber writes in (for example):

Dear Outblush,

My wedding theme was originally “Blush and Bashful” but now I need to make it a “shotgun wedding”.  Please find me a dress that will hide my lovely lady lump.


getting fatter by the minute.

Outblush then writes back with a list of products that fit the bill, along with links to the sites, prices and pictures.  LOVE-ING this.  Chickity-check it out.

TWO  (It’s the new number one.  Just kidding.  It’s not):  This one’s for your man-child and every other guy you know.

Finally, I can reveal how I found out about Outblush.  So, a year or so ago I was looking for a gift idea blog to find a gift for my man and stumbled upon Uncrate, which for me is still THE best site I’ve found to date to get your man-gifting on.  They were so awesome, I did a google search for “sites like Uncrate” and there I met their lovely twin sister Outblush.  And then, a choir of angels literally crept out from behind a cloud and sang “Hallalujah”.  That was a good day.  Anyway – Uncrate is the “Digital Magazine for Guys who love stuff“  and so worth checking out daily too to keep the creative juices flowin’.  They post 5 new things every day – from electronics to hover crafts.  HOVER CRAFTS, I kid you not.   My dude loves stuff, and he loves Uncrate.  Find the perfect guy gift here for every man in your life.  Did i just say “my dude” a couple sentances ago? wow.

THREE:  Wanna know what to buy for your Metrosexual half-cousin?

It’s no surprise (get it, ha ha) that this website is pretty darn impressive and made my list.  This guy has been around quite a while (over 10 years!), and I’m not sure why every person in American hasn’t caught on yet.  The folks at Surprise.com pick gifts from merchants across the interwebs and categorize them on their site, so it’s virtually impossible not to find the perfect gift for just about anyone.  Has your Grandma ever stuck a whoopee cushion under grandpa’s chair in church?  Select “Unusual Sense of Humor” and you can find “clever gifts for funny people” like granny.  Are pictures of “Fee-Fee” spattered across your secretaries desk?  Find the perfect Festivus gift for her in the “Loves Their Pet” section.  You can sort everything by price, set event reminders and even sub-categorize by recipient, personality, lifestyle and more.  Christmas is in like, 5 seconds.  What are you waiting for? I mean, after you finish reading of course.

FOUR, score and seven years ago:  Is the President of the United States your uncle?

If the pres is your uncle, you better have the best ever gift or else he could totally throw you in jail or make you pay lots of taxes and stuff.  No seriously, he could do it.  Luckily, I’m here to offer a little help.  Go to GiftStumped.com and click on the “Celebrity Gifts” category. Here, you will find a chart that lists the Celebrity, The gift and the “Eye Candy” (which is a pic of the gift, duh) – you can also view other ideas via their home page and “Best Gift Ever” category. I’m sure that this will get your creative juices flowing for that special recipient.  You should probably visit them before someone else gets your president uncle a better gift. P.S. I really love that their logo is a tree stump and their tag line  is “Helping You Un-stump your brain and find the perfect gift“.  I just giggled.

5:  Presents for all!

I’m a fan of this handy-dandy site too and have been for quite some time (since the nineties).  Like others (which shall go unnamed since i’m focusing on FindGift.com right now), this site provides a bazillion categories that you can click on to customize your search – I have found this site most useful when looking for unique gifts to send to out of towners, such as gift baskets, of the month clubs, etc.  Although they really do provide a category and group of gifts for just about any gift-giving need a girl has (or boy, boys shop too) .  Be sure to check out the “Deal of the Week” on Mondays to see what the experts have picked.  Now go shopping to your heart’s content and be the awesomest gift-giver ever.


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