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[ 2 ] September 28, 2012 |

Happy Friday fellow beer lovers!   If you didn’t get the memo, today is National Drink Beer Day and I’m already wasted!  Whoo hoo!  Just kidding.  I’m drunk with emotion, really.  As my diet doesn’t really allow for drinking beer until I pass out.  And, well..let’s be honest.  I haven’t gotten “wake up on your floor with a cracker in your mouth in a gorilla suit drunk” in forevs.  Nonetheless, I will be having a couple sippy-sips of my faves tonight in honor of this fabulous holiday and in memory of my wild and crazy youth.  Here’s 5 things I’m inspired by today:

RARE Recycled Beer Bottle Glasses made from Lips of Faith Tart Lychee and Le Terroir Beer Bottles by New Belgium Brewing:  Ladies.  There is no reason to be a savage when we are gettin’ our drink on.  These glasses make you feel like a sophisticated lush, which s totally acceptable Monday – Friday.    Find it:  here (for $30 bucks)






Six Pack of Beer  / Hipster Beer Sugar Cookies with Buttercream Frosting:  As if I wouldn’t include sweet sugary cookies in this list.  These beer bottle-shaped cookies are perfect for late night noshing.  And, they are shaped like beer, so it’s like you never stopped drinking.    Find yours: here (for $30 bucks)







porter beer-rings:  These.  Are. Awesome.  I hope the great pumpkin brings me 14 pairs for Halloween.  LOVE (oh, and they’re made from recycled beer bottle caps…) Sa-weeeeeeet!  Find em’:  here (for $20 bucks)






Periodic Table Element Black Beer Neoprene Can Cozy:  Contrary to popular belief, nerds, do in fact enjoy a libation hither and fro.  No seriously.  Nerds drink their faces off.  This is the perfect cozy for YOU, Mr. and/or Mrs. smarty pants.  Find it:  here (for $8 bucks)





BEER CAP FLOWER – “Bloom…” – Mixed Media Assemblage on Salvaged Wood (approx 5 1/4″ X 6″):  Um, who doesn’t love flowers and inspirational quotes made out of beer caps? Drink some Sam Adams while repeating the quote 5 times fast?  Drinking game.  Boom.  Find it:  here (for $24 bucks)






Drink responsibly my awesome loves!  Which means,  don’t even think about friending your ex-boss on Facebook later.  You’ll thank me in the morning.  Beer RULES!


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[ 0 ] September 11, 2012 |

Ladies!  Totally awesome jewelry alert comin’ your way.  But first things first.  I have the COOLEST hubby on the planet.  Who, by the way, is also a super-duper awesome gift giver (and about to have a birthday in a couple days, so I got my work cut out for me).  I hope, hope, hope that your man is just as good at gift givin’.  But, if he’s not, throw a net over his head and get him in front of this post, ASAP.

Boys, pay attention, cuz I’m about to crack open the vault and share my man’s secrets of awesome gift giving.  Keep your eyes peeled, ladies.  I got some secrets of my own, that just might help the cause…  Ready, set, go.

In all of 4 years, I’ve never received a single thing from my man that I didn’t like, no scratch that, really like a whole lot and/or love like crazy.  And, I’m not saying that because there is a 99.9 percent chance he’s reading this (you better be reading this babe!).  It really is true and here’s why:  He pays attention. Wait, what?  Boys pay attention?

Yes.  Totally.  Especially when you write the names and websites of the stuff you want across your boobs.  JUST kidding.   You don’t have to write it on your boobs.  You just have to say it out loud in your “hey look at my boobs voice” so they can imagine what it looks like spelled out on those lovely lady lumps of yours. When I say something is cool, or gush-on about a thing I need to have, he puts it in his memory bank (aka, written across boobs) and breaks that baby out just in time to make me swoon.  I’m sure this lil’ blog helps a ton too.  But, mostly, he just pays attention to what I like, and remembers it, because he visualizes it with something he likes (you know, the “B” word). It’s that simple.

Moral of the story?  Girls use your boob voice.  Dudes, pay attention.  Happiness had by all.

And, now on to the real star of this post – introducing, FringLore.  I mentioned this fab lil’ shop in a post a bazillion years ago (so long ago, I can’t find it).  And, Mr. Wonderful read that post, and put it in the boob bank.  Happy Birthday to me!  I got a 3-month surprise earring subscription!

I was 150% stoked to get the first set of earrings. These Steampunk Antique Elgin Watch Plate Earrings were DOPE!  I loved the contrast of the old watch plates combined with the black Swarovski Crystals.  This girl (Miss Julie Morris) is an ace at keeping with the theme right down to the that lil’ pointy thing that goes in your ear.

Find em’: here for $36 bucks





Set #2 were equally awesome.  Like the first set, these earrings get a lot of action – people are always asking me where I got them and begging for the hook up.  They are so unique!

Sterling Wired Steampunk Earrings for $42 bucks

Find em’:  here






For whatever reason, I didn’t get my last pair right away.  Naturally, I wanted to stomp around like a 3-year-old and cry, but instead, I sent a little note to Julie and we realized that they had somehow not gotten to me due to my address change.   So, because it took a bit longer than expected to get them, Julie did me a solid.  She sent me the awesome set shown right (similar to these guys for $32 bucks) AND this really cool Romantic Artifact Necklace pictured below for FREE (available here for $66 bucks).   Although I didn’t expect the extra at all, it was so cool and thoughtful of her to send it to me for my troubles.

What’s the meaning of FringeLore?

(in Julie’s words)

“For as long as I can recall, I’ve had a fascination with old things. They seem to embody tales and stories of previous lives, of people since past and because of this provide a sense of connectedness with generations past. I like to think of the tales and lore carried in these items as being on the fringe; the fringe of memory, the fringe of society, the consciousness…about to blow off in the wind and be lost forever.”

I’m so happy to be on the Fringe with you Julie!  Thanks to you (and my awesome hubby) for such a great birthday gift.  Who’s in?



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[ 0 ] March 7, 2012 |

Guess what?  Today I cooked scrambled egg whites all by myself for the very first time.  It’s not just that I made egg whites for the first time.  This was the first time in all of my life that I ever made an egg in any fashion, and I was awesome at it.  Well, except for the part when I almost blew up the kitchen starting up the burner – click, click…whoooosh!  You know, that sound that happens when the gas leaks out and doesn’t light, but then it does and it’s basically a ball of fire speeding towards your face.  That was the only hiccup.  Not too shabby.  Hubby thought it was a comedy show…but, I guess for him it was as special a moment as watching your baby crawl for the first time.    Ahhhh…I’m growing up.  Sweet Jesus.

Anyways…in honor of my achievement, I wanted to share something that, well…sorta fits.  Giddy-up.


I’m totes loving this lil’ piece of the internet.  Horsefeathers is an adorable online jewelry shop  that was founded by a Momma and her baby girl  (well, not like an infant or anything) and is based in rural Western Kentucky (I love saying the word Kentucky by the way…just try it…Kentucky..Ken-tuuuuuuck-e…tucky).  They provide “heirloom quality, vintage items that are budget friendly.”  They also have some fun t-shirts and other accessories for your homestead.  Did I mention that these bracelets they carry were the “official gifts of the 2012 Oscars”?  Mint.

This ones my fave for 2 reasons.  Noom-Er-O 1:  I just went ahead and was a legend this morning when I made my scrambled egg whites; and Number 2:  My daddy used to call me “Calamity” and that makes me smile…

This particular piece made by Lenny and Eva is out of stock at the moment, but when it’s back in stock, you can snag it for $22 shillings.  You can get it in brass or silver..but you’ll need to get the part that wraps around your wrist on your own – couple-a leather straps from the ol’ horse stable will do.  Ok.  I know…this western theme I’m going with is totally lame.  My bad.

Here’s a bunch more of these really cool wrist thingys.  Find em’:  Here

These Katy Swarovski Crystal Earrings earrings are bright and cheery, representing exactly what I was not feeling while doing the Chest & Back P90X video this am. But, ever since I rocked out in the kitchen after said suck-ass workout, I am bright and cheery, which means they are perfectly fitting. Just pull out your wallet and twenty-four crispy dollar bills and your ears will be like, “hey man..thanks. Thanks a bunch.”.

  Yey for the letter “A”!    I need to have this now (hint, hint to the Birthday fairies) – This Oxidized Vintage Wax Seal pendent is made from recycled silver, and is also AWESOME.  All it will cost YOU to give it to ME (for my birthday) is $42 bucks.  that’s it.  You don’t even need to get a second job or anything.  Love .

Be sure to stalk horsefeathers like it’s your job.  They really do have great stuff for good prices.  Oh – and if you’d like an in-home demonstration on how to make the bestest scrambled egg-whites ever on the planet, just send me a cashiers check for 3 thousand dollars.


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[ 1 ] December 15, 2011 |

I have something  grand to share with you (well, 5 somethings, duh.).  So, I was on the “T” yesterday thinking of what I was going to write for today’s list of 5 awesomes and I realized that I am really annoyed with people who play their music on their iPods without headphones and gyrate in the aisle way.  It’s basically the 11′s version of having a giant boombox on your shoulder like they did back in the 80′s.  I mean, come on guy – get some headphones or ear buds or something please.  I’m pretty sure you can get them anywhere these days…you can get ones shaped like skulls, or bunnys, or really whatever you want.  And if you don’t do that, please next time just borrow your grandpa’ boombox and bring that instead.  At least that would be fun to watch!

The moral of this story is that while Mr. Gyration was having “Pants-Off-Dance-Off” on the T, I was reminded of 5 awesome of-the-month clubs I needed to share.  It’s been done by me before (see?).  Oh yes.  And it will continue to be done every so often until I run out of them, and then maybe I’ll just come up with my own or something.  I really just want to write every single merchant below and just ask them if I can carve my initials and theirs in a tree with a heart around it.  Hope these newest of picks tickle your fancy like they tickle mine.  Yey, tickle fest!  Ew.  Please stop tickling your cubicle-mate.


Little Pancakes

DO NOT BE ALARMED.   I’m not pushin’ a pancake club here (although, I may not be against doing so in the future, so stay tuned).  This is the cutest lil’ club whereby you (the newest club member) will receive 6 different adorable pieces of Jewelry designed by Melissa (hey, she’s in Boston!).

For 6 months of presents you pay $125 bucks.  That’s only around $20 per piece for the mathematically challenged (don’t feel bad.  I had to pull out the ol’ calculator to figure that one out). If you don’t have $125 bucks on hand right now, you could always try the three-month version here which is a bit cheaper.  She has other cool pieces that you can buy straight out as well.

Really, this is a fantastic price for one-of-a-kind pieces.  I am getting this for myself.  I don’t care if I have to get another job to feed this freaking addition, but I am getting this subscription and you can’t stop me!  Check it out here please and thanks. And, now I want a pancake.  Great.


 Cosmic Bath & BodyI’ve never seen anything like this before.  Soap, that you can both clean with and totally get wasted off of!  Just kidding, I’m sure you are not supposed to lick this or eat this or melt it down and/or drink it.  BUT, you should totally link up with Cosmic Bath & Body and then lather up until you are squeaky clean… This Beer Soap Subscription is $54 for six months.  The website says: “It’s handmade, vegetable based, Rich and Lathery.”  I’m jonesin’ for this in a bad way. And, to top it off, I just realized that in addition to “Corona with Lime” and other flavors, you also get “Arrogant Bastard” (by Stone Brewing Company…one of my faves).  Next steps.  Get this soap subscription for you and your man (or girlie) since this is totally co-ed, and send me a bunch of drunk comments telling me how awesome it is.


Tookies:  This is cake in a jar people.  CAKE IN A JAR!.  I really, quite honestly, don’t know if it gets any better than cake in a freaking jar.  I can barely focus.

When you order the Jar Cake of the Month Gift for $80 bucks you get not one, but TWO Jar Cakes sent to your door.  This includes 1 new flavor each month..I’m pretty sure that the Carrot Buttercreme and Vanilla Vanilla need to get in my belly now.  Look how adorable these things are!  How can you resist?  I know I can’t.  I’m jonesin’ for these guys too.


Make it Good:  Oh yeah.  I did it.  There is a sultry looking woman staring at you right now.  This girl is wearing hand-made, hand-printed undies from “Make it Good” (boys, look back over here. Oh hi!  Welcome back).

So, you can get a 12 Month Subscription for $180 bucks and each month you will get a new design (like, brand new design) from these talented artists from Portland, OR.  Your ass is so important to them, that they sometimes even bring in guest designers to design your monthly knickers.  Coolest part is that if you are super-duper rich, you can get a subscription for you and your mate (maybe try the 3 month or 6 month version?), then you can run around together in your brand new artisan undies when you get em’ each month! I’m in.


Sole Society:  It had to be shoes right?  These paisley “Cecilia Platform Pumps” are breakin’ my heart.  You may have heard of Sole Society.  If you have or if you haven’t you should most definitely look into it further.  This is a little different from the clubs above, and is so worthy of your attention.  Basically, you take a beauty profile quiz (make sure you stick with it), then you create a user/password. Then, the folks at Sole Society create a personal closet for you and you can pick 1 shoe (your fave, heel, flat or bootie) a month for only $49.95.  Have you bought shoes lately?  If so, you will see that this is a freaking steal!  Best part- you have no obligation to get a shoe every month if nothing suits your fancy.  Zero, Zilch obil-gay-see-on.  Just make sure you tell them you’ll take a pass prior to the fifth of the month.   BONUS!  BONUS!  Guess what?  If you refer 3 friends and they buy shoes, you get a pair of free shoes.  Check em’ out here!

All of the clubs above (except for Sole Society since its gotta be different) have other products for sale and other great subscription plans to suit your budget.  Have a blast and let me know which one (or ones) you pick!  Happy Friday…



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