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I’M BAAAACK {Oh, and I also made a human}

[ 0 ] November 3, 2014 |

Holy poop. I can’t even believe I’m writing a post today! It has been just shy of 1,000 years since I posted last, but I promise I have a very, very good reason for being M.I.A .

I’ve been busy. Not like, “I had to wash my hair, clean my house and run errands” busy. No, no. More like, I had to make a human, nourish and house a human in my belly, and (gasp) bring that human into the world without dying. It’s been crazy. Crazy awesome. But crazy.

The Human I MadeI found out I was preggers July 25th and it was the most miraculous, wondrous day of my life. Not only because I found out I was pregnant with our first baby, but because I found out I was pregnant with our first baby after 2 years of negatives.  Two years of “trying”, 3 IUI’s, 1 round of IVF and, lastly, a frozen embryo transfer. Wait. Did I just say that out loud? Yes. Yes, I did. Because I can now. But more on that later.

I wish I could say pregnancy was a “joy” but it was THE WORST (in the bestest way possible of course). I felt like I was on a boat 97% of our little lady’s 39 week gestation. I wish I could say I felt like I was on a fabulous cruise boat. But the boat I was on was more like a busted up dingy floating in an algae infested frog pond. Ew. But more on that later too.

Anywho – my new found preggers made it nearly impossible to blog about food (since most foods made me ill for the first 7 months). I was depleted of all energy, and saved my sense of humor for my poor hubby, family & friends – who probably wanted to murder me by week 12. I saved every other free moment in pure awe, feeling my belly friend wiggle around as my belly grew to gargantuan proportions. By the time I felt better I was way too busy eating 25 donuts for dinner. No really, I ate 25 donuts for dinner more than once in the third trimester. It was fabulous.

On March 28th, after THREE very long days of labor (more on THAT later, fo-sho), the stork dropped off the most beauty-ful, itty-bitty, 6 lb., 3oz miracle. And, the rest was history….

I’ve spent the last 7 months fumbling through motherhood and getting to know my new bestie. But the time has returned to fumble through the blog-o-verse and reacquaint myself with Y-O-U. I miss you. I miss this blog…I miss sharing…and I have SO much more to share considering I’m a MILF now (just go with it).

You might notice a little rebranding (remember when this blog was called five-style-high?). And, lots more mama, baby, and parent related awesomes (including products, embarrassing stories, tips I’ve learned along the way, and embarrassing stories.  Wait, did I already say that?). For the most part, everything we shared together before will be the same – sprinkled with a whole lotta’ baby lovin’, mama-workin’ awesomeness. You know….the Mama Goods. I can’t wait. Can you?

Please “excuse the mess” as I can continue to transition five-style-high into the fabulous new and improved Mama Goods.  If you find links are not working or things look weird, it’ll just be temporary.  Promise.

Welcome back.

You’ve been missed.


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[ 0 ] January 13, 2013 |

Some positive vibes to start off the week!

These quotes…

(via and via)

 This rediculously awesome & thoughtful proposal…

This freaking thing…


 Have an awesome week!

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OH, TANENBAUM…OH, TANENBAUM. Ha-Ha. That’s a funny word.

[ 0 ] December 10, 2012 |

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[ 2 ] September 26, 2012 |

It all started a couple of days ago when I noticed a “bruised” feeling in my right heel.  Desperate to learn the cause of the stabbing pain, I made a list of what it could be:

  • Flesh eating disease?
  • Blood clot?
  • Brown Recluse bite?

Ew. I mean, there is no possible way that I injured it while exercising or something simple like that.  It has to be an incurable lady fungus. Amputation?  probably inevitable.  If only I had something to ease my mind…

What the Fu..yuck? Did ya ever have one of those moments when a choir of angels came down from the sky singing that “Hallelujah!” song?  Yeah, me neither.  But it should have happened when I found this book.  It’s pretty much the answer to my prayers.  And, well…let’s face it – the answer to the prayers of anyone that has ever had to deal with my various “ailments” over the years (parents, husband, siblings, co-workers, friends)

What the Yuck?:  The Freaky and Fabulous Truth About Your Body, is a book that I need to have in my possession pronto-saures-rex.  I mean, I’m not sure about the “fabulous truth” part, but it carries some much needed “truths” no doubt.  Thanks to Dr. Raj (Dr. Roshini Rajapaksa, if you’re feelin’ proper-like)  all of your embarrassing lady questions are answered, so that you don’t have to feel like you’re a weirdo because one boob is a millimeter bigger than the other.  And so you don’t have to wonder if you’ve caught the birdy-flu after that bird pooped on your head.  I mean, I’ve always wondered.  Haven’t you?

“All 205 questions come from real women; they cover everyday health concerns and thoroughly modern conundrums, such as H1N1 (Swine Flu), celebrity diets, and mobile phone dangers.”

I’m on it like, asap. Hopefully I get it in time to save my foot.  I mean, there’s nothing worse than amputating your own foot in haste. Find yours:  here for $14 bucks.  Happy healin’!


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KARMA IS SO KOOKIE {mmmm..cookies}

[ 0 ] September 18, 2012 |

Here’s where I’m at today:

Keep readin’ to find out why it’s totally NOT a bitch…

If you are anything like me, you have two little devils on your shoulder.  One, that is telling you to stuff your face with everything your heart desires, good or bad.  And, the other? He’s sprinkling chocolate chips directly into your mouth, while singing the “I like big butts” song.

You know it’s wrong.  You know that a millisecond on the lips is like, 40 bazillion years on your hips (and everything in between).  But, you do it anyway, because that Angel who is supposed to be on your other shoulder helping you through this, is nowhere to be found.  She does eventually come around though -  right about the same time Karma does.  And then the vicious circle continues to repeat:  Start diet.  Fall off wagon.  Start diet (karma).  Fall off wagon..baby got back, infinity (karma, ew).

Recently, I’ve decided to tell the vicious circle (and the stupid diet) to shove it, by living a healthier life.  I realize that this is really just a diet in disguise, but by changin’ the rules a lil’ bit, it feels a whole lot better (and my bod is whippin into shape!) Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a ravenous food whore, BUT, I’m exercising 6 out of 7 days a week, while paying attention to my portions and more importantly, the ingredients within.  I’ve learned that living like a shipwreck survivor does not work with my wacked personality.  I need options and I need good, ol’ fashion rewards.  Cue, my new, sweet, intoxicating “Karma”

I feel so lucky  (or was it fate?) that I received one of these fiercely magnificent cookies  in my Sprig Box this month (I will be blabbin’ about Sprig later this week, P.S.).

Anyway, last night the hub and I decided that it was “reward” time, and decided to split our vegan, gluten free, high protein, no soy, low-glycemic, low net carbs Holistic Chocolate Chip Kookie.  Is your tongue twisted from saying that out loud?  Yeah, mine too, and I LOVE it.

The Kookie itself was euphoric.  Wonderous.   So delicious, I wished there were 500 more falling from the heavens directly into my belly (that’s the devil talking, obviously).  The angel… she is super-stoked about what’s inside this fancy lil’ cookie treat (see awesome ingredients list below).  And, I personally love the brand messaging:

When you make the right choice – take the higher road – even when nobody else is around and/or nobody else notices, the Universe still rewards you in ways you may not even realize.”

You can thank founder, Juli Novotny for that awesome quote.  And you can thank the whole Kookie Karma team for these awesome snacka-doodles to add to your shoppin’ list:

HOLISTIC CHOCOLATE CHIP (12 Kookies for $30 bucks)

These are one their best-sellers and I know why.  I’ll take 4,000 of these please.  Find em’:  here

INGREDIENTS: Holistic Dry Mix [Almond Meal, Xylitol, Coconut*, Brown Rice*, Psyllium, Rice Protein*, Sea Salt], Almond Butter, Agave Nectar*, Chocolate Chips* (non dairy), Chia Seeds    * =  Organic

P.S.  They have 8 flavors total (including Raw Banana Bread, Cherry Cashew & Lemon Fig) so you might wanna try the Sampler Pack (find it: here for $30 bucks)

BONUS (as if it couldn’t get any better), they also make Krackers, Krunchies & Kokos.  I suggest you stalk em’ to get the full scoop:


Yey snacks!



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