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[ 0 ] July 1, 2013 |

Funeral for my FatUm, yeah.  So, I woke up this morning feeling like an Oompa Loompa.  I swear this theme song was playing (feel free to click on the link and listen along while you read…hilarious).  Anyway – I had an AWESOME weekend hanging with my husby and some friends – and when I say “awesome”, I mean I ate a disgusting amount of food.  Disgusting.

Mexican Dinner on Friday, followed by lunch on Saturday in Beacon Hill, followed by a huge Italian dinner at Monicas in the North End.  Oh, and in between those lovely feeding frenzies we had a Robert Downey Jr. sighting.  Yes ladies.  Ironman.  Walking his baby.  Not gonna lie – I probably could’ve eatin’ him (and his baby) too – but luckily I had just devoured lunch so it was gonna be tough to fit anything else in my belly.  I needed at least 7 minutes before I was to feed again.  And, by that time, he and his offspring had gone.

When all was said and done, the hub and I polished off a box (no, not 1, but a BOX) of Italian cookies from my fave North End bakery…Bovas. It’s as if the fat cells in my body were screaming for me to give em’ the goods – and, me (not wanting to see them suffer), obliged with lots of white bread and sugar. I’m gross-y Jocie.

Worse? It’s not even like I starve myself during the week…So I’m not sure why I couldn’t control myself this weekend. I eat healthy/work out all week and give myself 1 day (usually Saturday) to eat whatever my heart desires.  You know, 37 donuts, 18 cupcakes, a whole entire bag of Oreos…whatevs.   Either way, I awoke to the songs of my people (you know, the Oompa Loompas) and realized it was time to jump, I mean “roll” back into the action.


When I’m not stuffing my weekend-face, I’ve been addicted (and I mean ADDICTED) to the POPSUGAR Fitness channel on youtube.  Not only are the videos a-w-e-s-o-m-e, but they are F-R-E-E free and that’s pretty sweet for people like me who can’t stay motivated without variety. I’m such a 5 year old.

Anyway, while they have some 45 minute videos, most are 10 minutes so you can mix and match.  And, let me tell you – these chicks make you work for it in those shorty seshions.  Here’s a sampling of what I did today -

In addition to the Bootie Burning Workout from Sarah Jessica Parker’s trainer (above), I also did an Upper Body Workout and Flat Belly Workout - total of around 30 minutes.  I’ll be finishing it off with a lil’ power walk after work.  And, that’s how it’s done.

Moral of the story?  These work outs are awesome. Try em’.  You’ll like em’.

Let’s have a moment of silence…for my fat rolls.

Oh, and P.S.  I’ve decided that I need to be a dog owner, like pronto-saurus-rex. I’m ready for dog slobber and poop bags.  So, if you see this dog over the holidays, please let him know I want to be his best friend, like…yesterday.  Please & Thank you. Okay, bye.

Blue Sunglasses

Awesome dog in sunglasses image (via(disclaimers)

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STUFF THAT’S AWESOME FOR GUYS {manly stapler remover}

[ 0 ] January 15, 2013 |

Okay, I know what you’re thinking.  Manly Stapler remover?  Really?  Yes, really.

I personally think this is freaking awesome.  If I were a single lady and I went into my hot male co-workers office and he was removing staples with one of these, my pants would probably fall off. Oh….um, ONLY if that hot male co-worker was my hubby.  Duh.

Seriously though, with all of the girly office supplies out there, it’s about time we hook up the male sector with somethin’ wicket ossum.

Introducing the manliest stapler removers ever made, ever:

Thanks to Jac Zagoory Designs (every time I type that I want to say Zac Jagoory) – anyway, thanks to Jac Zagoory, every dude in the universe can have a kick-ass stapler remover.  Wanna know what screams “I’m an international man of mystery”? A T-Rex head gnawing the staples from your TPS report.  Wanna make sure everyone knows you’re a tough guy?  Then you should get the Snake Bite.  It says “I’m not scared of snakes.  Just look at my Snake Bite Stapler Remover”.  And, well the gator puts you right up there with the legendary Mick Dundee. Genius.  (Find em:  here for $78 bucks a pop).

These staple-monsters are pretty sweet. I only wish I knew four years ago that all I needed was one of these devices to get her pants off – it woulda saved me a lot of time and money!

I think my fave is the T-rex head. It’d be the souvenir I’d get on my trip to that island off the coast of Costa Rica.  And, it’d look menacing and tough enough to keep the other nerds away from my lab bench.

But I’ve got one bone to pick with you babe. There are plenty of tough guys that don’t like snakes.


Sam Jackson.



I think I’ll avoid flying Quantas anytime soon…

And, that would be that my friends.   I believe we learned a couple of things today – stapler removers in the shapes of dinosaurs and alligators assist greatly in removing the pants of a women.  Oh, and my hubby and “Sam” Jackson are so close they are on a nick-name basis.

Over, and out.

Find more stuff that’s awesome for guys here and here.



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[ 0 ] November 21, 2011 |

I’m sorta OCD. Well, it’s never been an official diagnosis, but I tend to develop issues with confusion when things don’t follow a certain path of symmetry or color scheme.  I’m weird.  When me and the Scientist first decided to shack up, it was one of the first things we learned about each other – he is function and I am style (although, the reason for my style is for purposes of being able to function, so I guess I’m function too).  Shhh.. Don’t tell him that.  He’s the guy that has to make sure that if you are reaching for your toothbrush in the bathroom, there is a proper distance from mouth, to hand, to brush.  And, I’m the girl who says, just put it on that shelf, because the toothbrush handle color matches our color scheme so it’ll look purty there.

Take my home office for example (yeah, baby…this is where the magic happens).  Lot’s of containers, “baskety-things” (as he would say) and color coordination (you’ll see why I’m saying that some day when I show pics of the rest of the loft).  This is how I do it.  And, I couldn’t do it without companies like the one I’m about to gush about – who in my big fat opinion should be on the favorite list of every trendy, fab, stylin’ workin girl out there.


This company is the cat’s meow, first-rate, a-plus in my book and super cute ta boot.  Founder/Creative director Holly Bohn came up with the idea of miss Jane (a fictional character) after being frustrated with the drab colors available at the big office supply stores.  Since stylish office supplies were proving tough to find, she created See Jane Work “The Destination for Office Style + Organization” and now you can find all your chic (and functional) office goods here too.  Be sure to click on the “Look” button for inspiration!

Here are a couple of my favs:

Galison Pencil Cup for $7 bucks

These are so fun!  Lovin the pink/orange combo.

Find it:  Here






Skull Crossbones Tray for $20 bucks

I always take my earrings off if I have a conference call.  I need this to set them in, so I stop losin’ em.  This is goin on the wish list.

Find it:  Here





Frog Tape Dispenser for $12 bucks and fitty-cent

Because it’s absolutely imperative to have fun no matter what your job title is.

Find it:  Here







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