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Happy Friiiiiiidaaaaaay!  It’s time for 5 aweeeeeesooooooommmmmmmmes!  I won’t lie – I kinda feel like Oprah when I say that.  Could you imagine your life if you were Oprah?  I mean, you would be Oprah.  You’d be a super snazzy talk show lady who interviews the coolest and weirdest people in the whole universe.  You would have a piece of side candy named Stedman and a best friend named Gayle.  You would be the awesomest.  Oprah?  You’re the awesomest.

Anyway – um, shopping.  I love to shop!  In my magestical travels through the internets, I’ve stumbled upon quite a few pretty awesome websites for which you (oh, and ME!) can buy awesome / cool / unique stuff.  So, I’m going to present it to you.  In a list of 5 awesomes.


I always wanted to say that.

STORENVY lets you “shop the world’s most creative businesses” (there’s like 32,000 of them!) using super easy categories like Women, Kids, Music, Books & Media, Food, Speciality, etc.  All products are curated by the peeps, for the peeps – so it’s pretty likely the stuff you’re searching is going to be on trend. And, when you make a purchase you’re buying directly from the awesome seller.   Love it.  Find it:  here

LUULLA:  For whatever reason, I have the hardest time spelling that word. It means “to believe and to imagine” in Finnish.  I believe and imagine I can’t spell it.  But I’m weird.  What’s not weird is Luulla.  It’s the “place for people who heart handmade & talk handmade”.  Not only can you buy/sell handmade stuff, but you can talk about it and share idears too.  Shop using one of many categories (like edibles, paper crafts & everything else) or pick from what’s trending.  It rocks.  Find it:  here.

SOCIETY6:  The artwork on Society 6 is created by hundreds of thousands of artists from around the world.  If you want art, they’ve got art.  Shop via categories like Framed Art Prints , Stretched Canvas, T-Shirts, Totes, etc. And, they even have gift cards.  All products are produced when you order them which helps to keep Society6 “waste free & sustainable”.   Seems awesome.  Find it:  here

SUPERMARKET:  Supermarket makes it easy to buy great design“.  You can say that again! They have 4 simple categories – Wear + Carry, Space + Place, Paper + Prints, & Everything. And, each category is broken down into subcategories so you don’t miss a thang. Oh,  you can also shop by designer, which is super-dope feature.  Go there.  Shop your face off.  Find it:  here.

PAPERSNITCH:  Love, love, love this site.  “Papersnitch is an online exhibition space that was created to promote talented artists, designers, and makers selling handmade goods”.  Click on the “Gallery” button and you can shop from a variety of categories.  Feeling fancy?  Click on “Current Exhibitors” and scope out the goods by designer. I’m obsessed.  Find it:  here

So, um…yeah.  I’m going to go shop until I pass out now.  Feel free to do the same.  Just make sure there is someone sexy close by to resuscitate you.



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Happy Monday ladies and gentle ladies (oh, and you too manly men.) I have recently stumbled upon a new and fabulous portal of awesome stuff on the interwebs (thanks to my super dope husby, holla!) and I’ve been bursting at the seams in excitement to share it with my best friendships.

I feel like this website just launched yesterday (since that is pretty much the first time I ever heard of it) but it’s probably been around for a million years and I’m just a late bloomer.  Either way, it rocks my socks.  P.S – That means that you should proactively check-in to rehab, because you are about to get addicted.

Fancy is the awesomest because you can find cool stuff that other people post, add it to your lists (which I’ll explain in further details in a second…) and, even buy.  Basically, I just recapped the fab image I snagged from the Fancy website (above), but you get the gist.


Sign up and create your profile.  You can always opt to stalk it anonymously too if you wish, but if you do it that way, you can’t save your awesome finds, so you should just sign up here.

Once you’ve signed up, you can create custom lists on your profile and start “fancying” stuff like this…

And this…

Oh, and this…

You can search for the perfect gift for yourself  (or someone else) by price, color or via the “Gift Guide”.  And, you can browse via your “feed” or use the handy-dandy browse feature and search stuff by category.  I posted a picture below just in case you have never seen a category in your life.

Like Pinterest, you have a “fancy it” button that you can put in your toolbar so that you can add stuff to your profile from other sites if you think it’s…well, you know.  Fancy.  It’s all pretty self-explanatory.  I’m confident you can figure out the rest from there.

Oh, and I forgot to mention - Fancy is also super awesome because you can have access to awesome merchant deals and they will give you credits to buy stuff if you share with your friends and they sign up with Fancy too.  Yey, rewards!!

Feel free to stalk away below.  Tell your friends, spread the word, be the fanciest.  Love always, me.




This post contains referral links.







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PA-PA POACH IT…PA-PA-PA POACH IT {Your new shopping sidekick!}

[ 0 ] January 28, 2013 |

Oh, hi.  It’s me.  Remember me?  I hope so.  I’ve been a terrible blogger the past week –  I really hope you forgive me?  If not, I’ve got the skinny on something that will totally redeem my jerk-face-ness and ensure our rekindled best-friendship. Have you heard of PoachIt yet?

Whether you are a savvy internet shopper, or a wavering enthusiast, PoachIt (aka “Your Shopping Sidekick”) seems to be pretty legit.  I haven’t tried it out myself yet, but it boasts total awesomeness in the online shopping department.

The truth about PoachIt is that I’m not 100 % sure how it works since it’s in beta right now.  But,  I think it goes somethin’ like this (don’t quote me):  you sign in and browse around to find an item you like (I think, like anywhere on the internet?).  Then, PoachIt finds working coupons for you so that you don’t have to spend 9 million years (and open 14 tabs) to find a reliable coupon code.  Seems awesome! And, if you aren’t ready to pull the trigger and spend the dough, they will track the product for you and send you an email once it goes on sale.

I’m stoked to give these guys a try, and have signed up on their site to get the official invite once PoachIt-peeps are ready to go live. You should totally do it too!  Wonder when I’ll get my invite…tick, tock….tickety, tick-tock.

Feel free to stalk away via the links below. Oh, and P.S. –  props to whoever told me about PoachIt.  I seriously can’t remember – so here’s a blanket shout out – Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaankkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu (you know who you are…I hope?).  If Y-O-U are reading this, please email me and I’ll link up to your awesomeness.

Ta-ta for now!



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[ 0 ] November 19, 2012 |

Wanelo.  Just say it.  It’s SO fun to say. Wanaloooooooooooooooo.  Wannnnnaaaaaloooooooooo. I’m delerious.  Probably because I just stumbled across Wanelo and I wanna, you know…lo.  I wanna lo.  No seriously.  This website is fab.  Ultra fab.  Fabalicious.

So, what is it and why is it SO awesome?   I’m gonna tell ya – 3, 2, 1 – Go!  Wanelo stands for Want, Need, Love.  Members post stuff on the site and you can pretty much buy just about everything you see. Everything is organized for you in a purty lil’ catalog of products. You (the member) downloads the fancy lil’ “Wanelo bookmarklet” (another great word, by the way).  Then, you surf the net and add the products to your profil-e-o.  Super-duper easy, peasy.

Wanna see what other people Wanelo?  Head on over to the site and search awesome stuff by what’s trending, top collections and more!  It’s the kitty-cats jam jams.

Note that I’ve officially lost it.  Must be that it’s almost ThanksJesus (Thanksgiving/Christmas combo).  The holidays always bring out my inner nerd-child.  Anyway, here’s what I Wanelo.

Mint Green Ring Lord of the Rings Inspired Antique Brass Ring Vintage Filigree Ring Cameo Ring Cabochon Ring – Linskevia (find it:  here for $10 bucks)

Love Text Print Tights Grey & Black- Designer Tights (find em:  here for $30 bucks)

Mid-Century Bucket Swivel Chair Re-Fashioned in a Vintage Black Suzani With Vibrant Embroidery (find it:  here for $595 bucks)

FRENCH FRY Printable Wall Art by theparchmentplace on Etsy (find it:  here for $ihavenoclue)

Dessert Bowls – Handwritten Chalkboard Painted – LOVE IS SWEET – Set of 2 (find em: here for $30 bucks)

What do you Wanelo?  Tell me!  Tell me!


Okay.  Arividerchi!


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[ 2 ] September 28, 2012 |

Happy Friday fellow beer lovers!   If you didn’t get the memo, today is National Drink Beer Day and I’m already wasted!  Whoo hoo!  Just kidding.  I’m drunk with emotion, really.  As my diet doesn’t really allow for drinking beer until I pass out.  And, well..let’s be honest.  I haven’t gotten “wake up on your floor with a cracker in your mouth in a gorilla suit drunk” in forevs.  Nonetheless, I will be having a couple sippy-sips of my faves tonight in honor of this fabulous holiday and in memory of my wild and crazy youth.  Here’s 5 things I’m inspired by today:

RARE Recycled Beer Bottle Glasses made from Lips of Faith Tart Lychee and Le Terroir Beer Bottles by New Belgium Brewing:  Ladies.  There is no reason to be a savage when we are gettin’ our drink on.  These glasses make you feel like a sophisticated lush, which s totally acceptable Monday – Friday.    Find it:  here (for $30 bucks)






Six Pack of Beer  / Hipster Beer Sugar Cookies with Buttercream Frosting:  As if I wouldn’t include sweet sugary cookies in this list.  These beer bottle-shaped cookies are perfect for late night noshing.  And, they are shaped like beer, so it’s like you never stopped drinking.    Find yours: here (for $30 bucks)







porter beer-rings:  These.  Are. Awesome.  I hope the great pumpkin brings me 14 pairs for Halloween.  LOVE (oh, and they’re made from recycled beer bottle caps…) Sa-weeeeeeet!  Find em’:  here (for $20 bucks)






Periodic Table Element Black Beer Neoprene Can Cozy:  Contrary to popular belief, nerds, do in fact enjoy a libation hither and fro.  No seriously.  Nerds drink their faces off.  This is the perfect cozy for YOU, Mr. and/or Mrs. smarty pants.  Find it:  here (for $8 bucks)





BEER CAP FLOWER – “Bloom…” – Mixed Media Assemblage on Salvaged Wood (approx 5 1/4″ X 6″):  Um, who doesn’t love flowers and inspirational quotes made out of beer caps? Drink some Sam Adams while repeating the quote 5 times fast?  Drinking game.  Boom.  Find it:  here (for $24 bucks)






Drink responsibly my awesome loves!  Which means,  don’t even think about friending your ex-boss on Facebook later.  You’ll thank me in the morning.  Beer RULES!


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