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[ 3 ] December 13, 2011 |

I’ll start of by mentioning that It’s nearly impossible for me to think straight when my man is watching “Cupcake Wars” in the background.  I keep hearing words like “orange liquor”, “marshmallow and honey frosting” and “chopped maraschino cherry cream cheese filling”.  It’s intoxicating and cupcakes make me melt.

Anyway – since the last post had boy written ALL OVER IT, I thought this time, I’d get back to something for my girlies.  Men – this would be your cue to grab your credit card and get shoppin’ for your lady – you are not completely off the hook just because this post isn’t about manly stuff, like the fab “Mandle“.

Now, put your hands together for a “mix of chic and sweet“….


So, I just stumbled upon this great online store via Little Chief Honeybee (a so super cute blog-you should totally check it out!) and now I have like 40 bajillion things to add to my wish list.  Two reasons why I heart this store:  Their fancy products are hand-picked and/or handmade.  And numero “B” – they have really, really great prices!  I’m a firm believer in splurging where totally necessary.  BUT, great fashion at wallet-friendly prices are sunshine.

Check out a couple of my faves and show Spotted Moth some love!  Don’t be alarmed when you don’t find pages and pages of stuff though.  Stores like this have fewer quality products because they put so much love into finding what’s perfect for you, me, us.

BONUS:  Make sure you enter the code “TWINKLEwhen you check out to get 25% off your entire purchase PLUS free shipping if your order is over $75 (thanks to RetailMeNot!). 


Cable Knit Beanie:  Mustard for $19.99

I hate eating mustard, but I LOVE wearing it!

Find it:  Here





Lovely in Lace Dress:  Wine for $39.99

Christmas party hotness anyone?

Find it: Here






Knitting Class Scarf:  Yellow for $19.99

Need this.  Gotta have it.  Jonesin’ for it.

Find it:  Here








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