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STUFF THAT’S AWESOME FOR GUYS! {Manly Cupcakes from the Butch Bakery}

[ 0 ] February 12, 2013 |

It’s time for Stuff That’s Awesome For Guys! 

Ladies – Valentine’s day is like 4 seconds away.  Did you get something awesome for your man yet?  If not, please, oh please, hook him up with a “man-cake” from the Butch Bakery.  I’m pretty sure if you get him these cupcakes he’ll agree to be your man-slave for life.

I have been stalking this freaking AWESOME bakery for like, a hundred years.  Well, not really a hundred years (I’m only 21…duh) – The point is, that I found this joint a while back, then they disappeared, and now they are back in full effect.  Thank god.  I can finally brag about them.

NOTE:  It looks like these cupcakes are only shipping within NY right now, which makes me sad. Wah! Maybe if you keep reading below and send them 1 million emails per day begging them to deliver nationwide they will.  No seriously, don’t send them a million emails.  Just one would be groovy.

Oh, and also I’m a complete bi-atch and forgot to ask my hubby for the “he says” portion of this post!  So, you’ll have to take my word for it – The kid would eat the hell outta these babies.

Get ready to swoon:



David Arrick decided it was time to add some masculinity to the traditionally cutey-patooty ladycake – basically, he wanted to “butch” that shit up, and so he created the Butch Bakery.

Butch Bakery is the place where “Butch meets Buttercream“.  The place where cliche’ “golf tee” and “baseball” inspired manly sweets take a back seat to something way awesomer. I mean, check out these flavors (listed below) .   Even I’d down one or one million of these babies, and I’m a sophisticated lady.

Oh and P.S. – David is a former Wall Street attorney, so don’t get any funny ideas.  He’ll probably beat you up and sue you if you don’t buy his freaking awesome dude-cakes.

Being sued is lame, so you know…you should buy these.


So, um yeah.  Butch Bakery cupcakes are available in 12 different flavors, like THE DRILLER – a maple cake topped with crumbled bacon and loaded up with milk-chocolate buttercream.

If brandy is your man’s thang, you should hook him up with THE SIDECAR  – a brandy soaked cake featuring an orange brandy buttercream.  I can barely breathe.

If he’s a fancy lush who likes to drink in the summer, hook him up with the MOJITO – a rum soaked lime cake with lime mint buttercream.

Oh, and the BEER RUN cupcake is perfect for your average “joe” – a chocolate beer cake with beer infused buttercream, topped with crushed pretzels.

Did you just get wasted?  Yeah, so did I.  Click here to scope out the rest of the flavors offered.

Oh, and all of the cakes come with a “decorative chocolate disc” available in 6 different styles – Woodland Camo (shown above), Wood Grain, Houndstooth, Plaid, Checkerboard or Marble.   You can either pick your fave(s) or they will mix em’ up for you.


  • The Dry Round features one each of the Driller, Home Run, Campout, Jack Hammer, Big Papi & the Tail Gate – for $25.50
  • The Full Round includes the B-52, Rum & Coke, Sidecar, Old Fashioned, Mojito & Beer Run for $25.50 each
  • Sample the full 12-flavor line via the Butch Box - for $48 bucks
  • Order custom bite-sized versions too!  Mini-Mates are $22 bucks per dozen (minimum of 3 dozen)

You lucky New Yorkers.  I can’t believe I just wrote this entire post and can’t even order any for my own husby.  Dear Butch Bakery, please deliver to Boston, starting in 5 minutes. Love, a former New Yorker.  Please, and thank you.  You’re the bestest.





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[ 0 ] February 10, 2013 |

Feelin’ full of love on this beautiful Sunday.  Is it weird that I’m counting down the hours to Walking Dead? Here’s some lovey-dovey-smooshy stuff in honor of this week’s holiday.

(Find it:  here for $32 bucks)

(find it:  here)

(Find it:  here)

(find it:  here for $3.50)

(find it:  here)

(find it:  here)

(find it:  here for $10 bucks)


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[ 2 ] February 7, 2013 |

I admit, that “growing stuff” has never been my strong suit.  Let’s set the scene:

Girl walks into room that has a beautifully flourishing plant.

Plant screams & dies.

Plants in surrounding towns, villages and cities also bite the dust.

The end.

I’m a plant murderer.


But, I think my luck might be changing. Something interesting has happened recently and I’m not sure how it’s humanly possible.   I, the queen assasinator of greens, has grown something.  The fancy flower pictured above is the very first ever plant that I have successfully cultivated and (gasp) watched bloom. Not once, but twice!  I’m such an overachiever.

Seriously though – I grew the thing, watered it sparingly, taunted it a little, it bloomed, then died, and somehow resurrected, and it just bloomed again.  Four obnoxiously gorgeous red flowers. I’m kinda a big deal these days so naturally, I’ve become obsessed with terrariums.

Cue, Face of the Earth.

Holy Terrarium awesomeness!  I’m not even sure how to take care of one of these, but I think I need the Valentine’s day gnome to hook me up with one, like A-SAP.

Here’s what’s on my love-list…

VALENTINE’S TERRARIUM:  LITTLE NOM NOM MONSTER:  I have no clue who this little monster guy is, but he is freaking cuuuuuuuuuutttttte!  And, this terrarium looks like it’s made for a “novice gardener” like myself, so I’m thinkin’ it’s a perfect fit.  Find it:  here (for $50 bucks)

MOVIE MINIATURES: SCALE MODEL BEATLEJUICE TERRARIUM:  Oh my god, I love this movie. I’m pretty sure that if I got this terrarium I’d finally have the opportunity to meet Beatlejuice for reals.  You can start calling me Lydia Deetz from here on out.  Beatlejuice!  Beatlejuice!  Beatlej….just kidding.  I mean, I know what saying “Beatlejuice” three times means….oh, crap. Find it:  here for ($250 bucks)

For my dude…

MOVIE MINIATURES: BAG END HOBBIT TERRARIUM, LORD OF THE RINGS:  Funny story about The Hobbit.  A couple of months ago the man and I were at the “thee-ay-ter” and saw the previews for The Hobbit movie.  I, casually and confidently whispered “I remember this movie!” thinking I would (a) impress him with my typically non-existent knowledge and care for nerd flicks; and (b) prove that I do in fact pay attention to those weird movies when they are on in my house.  He, laughed rather hysterically prior to informing me that it was a brand new movie, therefore rendering me a stupid idiot.  Whatever, there’s like 4,000 of them. I don’t know how you people keep this shit straight.  Find it:  here (for $250 bucks)

BIGFOOT OPEN TERRARIUM:  HIKER VS. SASQUATCH:  Don’t mind me.  Just doin’ a lil’ squatchin. I’m pretty sure if we got this, the dudes from “Finding Bigfoot” would show up at our house with the whole team to shoot an episode. I mean our little love-nest in the city is the perfect habitat for a big foot.  Find it:  here for ($90 bucks)



It began with a hike in the woods when I was fairly new to this planet, and grew to a study of art, into a business of making others happy while making myself happy too.”

Rachel Bishop is the talented lady behind these super fun terrariums.  She’s got quite the arsenal of artistic talent in addition to her fab terrarium work.  Visit her website to scope out her Illustrations, Graphic Design, Jewelry & Fiberwork.  Feel free to stalk her like your life depended on it.  It probably does.



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[ 0 ] February 6, 2013 |

Hippity, happity day my awesome friends!  In case you didn’t know, subscription boxes kinda-sorta rock my world.  And, they are even better with a fancy lil’ coupon code. Oh, man…I love a good sale.

Anyway, since I subscribe to like, 40 million different boxes, I get lots of fancy mail in my inbox telling me all about what’s good in subscription box land.  So, naturally I want to share the sweetness with my bestest friends…for a steep price, duh.

Feel free to pay me in kittens.  Really fluffy ones.

Happy Subscription-boxing!

Get 25% off!

Naturebox is the rockinest box ever! For $20 bucks a month, they will deliver healthy snacks right to your doorstep.  Hook yourself’ up with some Naturebox action and snack your face off without the guilt.

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Get a $5 Starbucks Gift Card!

Love with Food helps you discover “gourmet bites” for just $10 bucks a  month (Read more, here)!

Even better?  They donate a hungry meal to a child for every box they send out.

Bonus? Now through 2/14/13, they’ll give you a $5 Starbucks gift card for every gift subscription you purchase.  Order here! Hooray!

Time to get pretty!

Beauty must-haves delivered to your door every month – Subscriptions under $12.

Sounds like the perfect gift for your purty Valentine.  Get the box here!

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These awesome dude boxes are sellin’ like hotcakes!  Hook your man up with a “box of awesome” (or a bunch of boxes of awesome) from Bespoke Post.  This month’s box is the WEEKENDER II.  Check it out here!

Oh, and it’s only $45 bucks / month.  Do it!

Want more Subscription boxes for guys?    Here they are!


Get healthy baby!

The February KLUTCHclub Women’s Immunity Box is “packed with 9 awesome products to keep your body strong, cleansed and packed with the right vitamins, minerals and nutrients to flight bacteria on your behalf like a friggen’ ninja”.  Oh my god.

A regular subscription costs around $18 bucks / month (including shipping!) and it’s always packed with healthy-fit-awesome.  Oh, and they have Men’s boxes too.  Yeah.  I said it.  Click here for the full deets on KLUTCHclub & other Health/Fitness subscription boxes.

Love it up my healthy lil’ buttercup!


Speaking of bay-behs…

Let’s not forget the little people.  Kiwi crate is the cutest lil’ box of exploration & fun.  Each themed box comes packed with all sorts of hands-on project materials!  Arts & crafts,  science activities, imaginative play, and more.  Even better?  It’s only around $20 bucks / month (including shipping!)

Holy kiwi crate Batman…That made no sense.  Just go with it. Click here to get your crafty-crate-on.  Your favorite little human will thank you, like big time.

Oh, and clickity-click here for the full scoop on kiwi crate & other awesome boxes for babies/kids!

Hungry for more awesome subscription boxes?   Um, yeah!

Just click the ginormous black and yellow button below and party your face off.  Peace out!



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[ 2 ] February 4, 2013 |

I’m in the moooood for looooooove!  Ten days until Valentines Day my little love-muffins!  I’ve been suffering from a lethal case of “writer’s block” recently, but am finding myself uber-dee-duber inspired this lovely Monday.  So much so that I apparently just said “uber-dee-duber”…whatever that means. Anyway, in honor of the most disgustingly sweet “holiday” of the year, I thought it fitting to share some gift ideas for your love popsicle’s belly.  Prepare to buy like 40 million of each.

GIANT HEART SLUTTY BROWNIE via Bake All the Things:  Dear fantastic maker of slutty brownies: If you require I become a disgusting slut in order  to  indulge in your JUMBO Chocolate Chip Cookie Oreo Chocolate Fudge brownie bar, I’m totally in.  Love always & forever until eternity, me.  Find it:  here (for $60 bucks) or hook yourself up with the “mini” version (4 large brownies here for $16 bucks)!

LOVEBIRDS & HEARTS Iced Sugar Cookies via Old Time Favorites:  I couldn’t be more in love with any other birdie shaped cookie.  These are the sweetest, itty-bitty lil’ sugar cookies I’ve ever seen ever.  I’ll be ordering 17 dozen to myself, with a note that says “You’re the skinniest person on the planet, and can totally eat all 204 of these cookies without gaining one single pound“.  Yup.  That’s gonna happen.  Find yours:  here (3 dozen for $17.95).

MY HEART BEATS FOR YOU Brownie Truffles by Q’s Goodies: It’s not on the one.  It’s not the mambo.  It’s a feeling; a heartbeat.  Oh, Johnny Castle , I would gladly stop my own heart if you promise to resuscitate me with these truffles.  Find em:  here (1 dozen for $16 bucks).

HOT PINK RASPBERRY White Chocolate Ganache French Macarone via Le Bonbon, Los Angeles:  In case you were wondering, I lose all morals and etiquette when faced with a French Macarone.  They render me stupid and, well, gross (if we’re being honest).   Macarones are kinda like, really awesome.  Find these ones:  here (1 dozen for $21 bucks).

CHOCOLATE COVERED ESPRESSO BEANS via Apropos Roasters:  Technically, these adorable hand-stamped bags-o-beans are “party favors”, but I say that every day is a party so why not send 10 of these to your fave? He (or she) will thank you sexually, with a nice hug.  Find em:  here (10 baggies for $30 bucks).

Good luck trying not to order 1 of each for yourself too.  And, don’t forget to place your orders, like super soon-ish so your lover-bee doesn’t miss out. Tootles!


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