Sponsor a Giveaway


I would welcome the opportunity to host a giveaway, featuring your product(s) as a prize in addition to or instead of a product review.  Giveaways are super-fun and a great way to get lots of people talkin” about your company/products.

All of my giveaways are structured to encourage social network sharing:  In addition to receiving standard entries for following and liking our websites and pages, entrants who are willing to share, receive “bonus entries” by re-tweeting the giveaway post and/or sharing the giveaway post with their friends via as many social networks possible.

Let the sharing begin!


You get a whole lotta’ exposure via the additional advertising that comes with a giveaway.

You create brand recognition/awareness, while encouraging customer retention and growing new business

You save thousands of dollars.  Believe me, I’m a Promotions Manager at a promotional administration company  in my “big-kid job” and it is not cheap to run a sweepstakes.

This leads to the BONUS:  You benefit from my 9+ years of experience administering promotions for some of the largest brands throughout the country.  I’m not going to put my name on anything that will get either of us into hot water.


 My readers stick around, my fan base grows, and my traffic numbers go up.

I become super famous and continue to pay it forward to YOU.


If you are interested in sponsoring a giveaway, please send an email to 5stylehigh at gmail dot com.  Please type the word “Giveaway Request” in the subject line, so I know you mean business.  Be sure to include a link to your website and (if not available via the link), one or two images of the product(s) you’d like me to giveaway.

Providing the product fits with the Mama Goods theme, you will donate the product(s) to be given away.  Once we have a winner, you will ship the prize(s) to them direct, which means you cover all of the shipping/handling costs.

Standard giveaway launch time is approximately two (2) – six (6) weeks or less from the date in which we first communicate.  If this time-frame becomes unreasonable for any reason, I’ll letcha’ know.

Note:  Giveaway posts are short & sweet (unless partnered with a product review). Once the giveaway post is published, I’ll send you the link so you can check it out and share the heck out of it.  Although I realize you’ll be super anxious to see it before it goes live, posts are not subject to review prior to posting.  If you submit a product for a giveaway, you trust that I will represent your brand with honesty and integrity (sprinkled with a lil’ bit of my sarcastic & silly sense of humor).  Note that posts are not subject to change once they are published (unless the change is a result of a typographical error or my horrible spelling).

Wanna incorporate a product review too?  If so, click here for deets.


**If you are in need of assistance with a non-blog giveaway, contest or scratch off game, I’d be happy to help!  Non-blog giveaways must be contracted through the company I work for, subject to administration fees.  Feel free to email me at 5stylehigh at gmail dot com and we’ll discuss how to connect through by company.