The Story of New Standard

The tale of New Standard began with the vision of revolutionizing the cannabis industry through a commitment to quality, safety, and an incomparable customer experience. Since its inception, New Standard has represented a beacon of excellence within this thriving market.

Revolutionizing Cannabis Retail Experience

Our company’s unparalleled dedication has led to the creation of state-of-art Cannabis Provisioning Centers. These venues are much more than mere retail outlets – they embody a safe, welcoming environment where consumers can explore, learn, and feel comfortable about their cannabis journey.

The New Standard Promise

Through education, transparency, and exceptional service, New Standard is continuously setting the bar higher within the cannabis retail market. Striving towards crafting a new narrative for cannabis users, we also have a deep commitment to giving back to our local communities. Ultimately, the story of New Standard is one of constant growth, setting the benchmark for modern cannabis culture to the highest standards.